9 Signs You’re Abandoning Your Relationship too Early

Signs You're Abandoning Your Relationship too Early

Is This a Premature End to Your Relationship?

Deciding when to end a relationship is not easy, even though it sometimes seems inevitable. But are you abandoning your relationship sooner than you should? Here are nine signs you could be heading for the door prematurely.

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1. You Had a Heated Argument 

Couples say things they don’t mean during a fight, and if you allow heated words to lead to a breakup, you could be making a mistake. Arguments are a healthy part of any relationship if you follow the rules, which include knowing when it’s time to take a break to cool off before somebody gets hurt. Think about what the argument was really about, and decide if there is something you can learn from it to better understand your partner’s point of view.

2. The Little Things Annoy You

Okay, so your partner smacks their lips when reading a cook book, or they watch reality television like they’re rooting for the Super Bowl. Are these really relevant reasons to abort a relationship? They could be, but first ask yourself if you are expecting too much. Every successful relationship depends on your ability to see past the little, negative things and focus on the big, great things.

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3. Your Goals and Plans Have Changed 

Whenever a couple is compatible enough to have created a list of future plans and goals together, that is a good sign. But if your plans change due to life changes, should you walk out the door? See if you can make compromises and set new goals if you can’t continue with your original plans before you abandon the relationship.

4. You Had Sex too Soon 

There are hundreds of studies and surveys about when a couple should have sex, and the one thing we can conclude is that there is no one right answer to this question. Just because passion overcame your judgment and you slept with someone sooner than you might have liked, it does not mean that your partner will never respect you the way they should. It doesn’t mean you relationship is doomed to fail.

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5. You’re Not Getting All of Your Basic Needs Met

Feeling that zing in a relationship is great, but at the end of a lifetime it is the percentage of basic needs that were met that really matter. Don’t be too quick to throw your relationship away if you’re only getting 70 percent of what you need from your partner. Perhaps a portion of that other 30 percent can be negotiated successfully. And if it is sex related, sometimes all you have to do is ask.

6. Your Partner Refuses to Change

Other than abuse and addiction, change is something that works best when it involves compromise rather than a demand. If you run your relationships purely on your expectations, you will always be disappointed, and your partner will resent you and feel constantly attacked. Are your demands reasonable or are you making excuses to avoid intimacy and a long-term love relationship?

7. You’re Partner is Willing to Change

It’s not a good idea to go into a relationship thinking you can change someone. However, if you’re already there and having problems, and your partner says they are willing to negotiate to make things better, why not give them the chance? Just don’t give them too many, because if they don’t do what they say initially, it is unlikely they ever will.

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8. You Think They Could Do Better 

There is a reason why your partner is with you, and it has something to do with attraction and/or love. If you think your partner could do better, the problem is more you than them. The fear of competition in relationships can cause people to make a lot of mistakes, but none so big as to abandon a good relationship simply because you’re afraid of losing your partner eventually. Rather than see yourself in a beauty competition for your partner’s affection, focus on the value you bring to their life, because that’s what matters the most.

9. You Laugh a Lot

Having fun together is a huge part of finding happiness. Sure, there’s a lot of adult stuff to deal with like finances and chores, but if your relationship seems immature because all you do is laugh together, don’t throw it away. You can learn to handle the adult stuff as it comes, but don’t throw a partner away who makes you laugh!

8 thoughts on “9 Signs You’re Abandoning Your Relationship too Early

  1. Marc from the UK

    I really liked this article. I have learned that it is easier to be slow into a relationship rather than rush it, it also helps to take a deep breath and step back a day when something upsets you. It really does help as the next day things can seem so different. I am lucky that my partner is a professional person who works shifts so it allows space for both of us!

  2. Robert Levangie

    thanks, good advice, I’ve got a girl an Aries, I’m Cancer. shes much fun for me but switches to a very jealous suspicious sort and she goes away mad. We miss each other after a few days, get back have great makeup sex and it goes round again over and over…I can’t leave her but it seems I can’t live with her either and she want to got to sea with me (conservation ship) I’m not sure if I want that. Her wine habit is a problem I don’t like closet drinkers…but still I can’t leave her

  3. Bonita

    everyday i read these psychic readings and they pertain to my situation over and over. I want to follow your wisdom in so many ways. I just can’t grab hold when I’m in that moment it says don’t just read it live it. I’ll try harder

    thank you
    Ms. B

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Eric,

    Nice article. Very good points.

    In this world of instant gratification, your points were well made.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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