Psychic Workout: Manifest Your Dream Job

You may have heard the saying that “intent is everything.” This is especially true in today’s job market! If you’re unemployed, or seeking a job change without success, these tips can help you find faith in yourself and steer you into a life-long career.

1. Know Yourself

What do you want to do for a career? Sure, you had the opportunity to ponder over career ideas when you were in high school, but you need a job now. You are desperate, so anything will do… right? Wrong! Perhaps your job loss was an opening for you to create change in your life and guide you towards your true passion. Instead of harboring the bitter attitude that you are down-and-out and unemployed, allow yourself the freedom, without criticism, to focus on what it is that you really want to be doing. This will not only give you the motivation to go out and job hunt, it will narrow your search to a specific field where you can focus all of your intent and provide the passion that will make this a life-long joy as opposed to just a job.

2. Have Faith in Yourself

When you have a belief in a higher power you can call on, and faith in yourself, you have the ability to work miracles (such as landing a fabulous job when employment is at a record high). When you have exhausted all other options, and want to try this new approach to job searching, rediscover the faith in yourself. Take a walk, reminisce about more abundant times in your life, or meditate on bringing forth the memory and feeling of confidence. Now take this energy and craft it into naming your dream job. Go ahead and manifest your job by writing it onto a piece of paper. Don’t forget to include the following specific details: the type of environment, hourly wage, the people you will work with, and the hours. See yourself in this position and allow faith and confidence to be transmitted to the universe and into the reality of your designed job.

3. Banishing and Manifesting

Yes, you can go out and buy all of those nifty spell books, but true magick comes from within, and an understanding of how the energies of the universe function. Become aware of your thought patterns and what types of energy you are responding to or creating around employment. Are you constantly manifesting fear in your thoughts or pushing that emotion away by staying confident and positive by knowing that your new job is just around the corner? For whatever reason, many people have a unconscious belief surrounding money that convinces them that they do not deserve abundance. Be aware of this emotional response and ask yourself, “Am I unconsciously pushing away success ?” Instill your thoughts with the notion that you deserve to find happiness as you become consciously aware of your emotions around money. Push the negative emotions and energies away from you and pull the positive energies towards you through prayer, meditation, and ritual.

4. A Little Magick Never Hurts

Following are some quick money tips that can add an element of fun into your job searching and help you to retain a positive and creative state of mind.

– Every day, “plant” or leave a penny somewhere in a public place where you spread the wealth and show gratitude to the higher power by acknowledging your growing abundance.

– Sprinkle a little cinnamon into your wallet to keep the money flowing and abundance coming into your life.

– Create a “Job Oil” blend by using Almond or Jojoba oil as the base oil, and add essential oil of Benzoin, salt, cloves, and mint. Use the oil to anoint your third eye when preparing your resume, or going to job interviews. You may also use it to lightly dress your resume paper, or “thank you for the interview” card that you send to the potential employer. Do this by dabbing a little onto your pointer finger (your finger of power) and touch the paper. Be careful not to make an oil mark on the paper.

– Concentrate and light a candle for job success. Traditionally, orange or green are the colors that are used. You can decorate your own glass enclosed candle or carve messages of desire into a wax candle, then light it and allow it to burn out to its entirety.

– When handing someone money, always fold the bill, with the folded end towards the recipient, so your riches don’t escape.

– Rub your hands with a little mint before conducting any money making activity.

5. Timing

You may have received the “Thanks-but-no-thanks” letter in the mail, or had a series of disappointments around potential jobs. Perhaps the timing was just a little off, and now that you are approaching your job searching with this new method, the dream job will now become available. When working with moon cycles, the new moon phases to the full moon are best for growing and creating the sense of abundance. This is the time advised for sending out resumes and scheduling job interviews.

As you adopt these new techniques in your job hunting, pay attention to life’s clues and synchronicities that are telling you that you are right on track.

“Opportunity is missed by most people because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work.” – Thomas Edison

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5 thoughts on “Psychic Workout: Manifest Your Dream Job

  1. Izora Burns

    There are more ways to make money than wishing & majic. If you’ve had a good job in the past, I’ll bet you started to collect “things”. Look at them & say do I really NEED this? Have a yard sale and/or get a table at a Flea Mart. It may not pay the mortgage, but it will feed you w the necessaries & you can also meet a lot of people & network. I started my business at a Flea Mart 16 years ago & now have a full fledged business in Vintage Clothing/acessories/costumes. Thank God I don’t have a Mortgage cause it isn’t a great money making venture, but I work for myself, & I’m an actress, so if a movie comes to town I can close & be in it. I can have my cat there, & listen to my own music & visit w people. I’ve also started to sell some of my “things” I’ve collected & I see it gets easier over time. Izora Burns, Eureka CA.

  2. Yas

    I can definitely attest that your own energy makes a great impact on any job interview and job search. Having faith in yourself and knowing your strength, are the best ways to make a positive impression – and has not failed me to date. I will definitely try the other tips to attract abundance (why not?!).-Thanks Marin

  3. devyn5303devyn5303

    This is great advice. The econmic times of the past few years really has been an opportunity for people to reinvent themselves. The Universe is supporting this change and I have seen several people move from a position that they hated into a job that is much more on path with their lives purpose. I agree with Marin that sometimes we unconsiously push away success. Take advantage of this time to get things in order and do those things that you have been putting off. When money is tight and you are worrying about how you are going to pay the bills it is hard to be still and hear your inner voice, but that is exactly what needs to happen. Stop and take the time first thing in the morning to center yourself and really focus in on what you want. Set your intention for the day. At night make sure that you give thanks for the new opportunities that are coming your way!


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