Guide to Astrology: Sign Qualities

Before I get into the sign qualities, I need to add one more component. There are 3 signs in each quadrant or quarter of the zodiacal wheel. Just as there are 3 signs or months in each season. This means a beginning, a middle and an ending month. In the study of Western astrology, each month carries with it a particular energy, which will be defined by the sign in each placement within that quadrant or quarter of the wheel.

In what is called a Natural Chart, Aries is located in the first house, Taurus in the second house, etc. So we refer to each of the signs that show up in a natural chart at the beginning of each quadrant (quarter) as Cardinal Signs. Each of the signs that show up in the middle of each quadrant (quarter) are referred to as Fixed Signs. Each of the signs that show up in the last month of each quadrant (quarter) are called Mutable Signs. Because there are 3 primary energetic positions within each quadrant (quarter), we refer to this as a Triplicity.

In a natural chart Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn are in the Cardinal placement. So we consider them to be Cardinal Signs, wherever they are placed. (Which will be determined by birth time.)

In a natural chart Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, Aquarius are in the Fixed placement. So we consider them to be Fixed signs, no matter where these signs are found on the wheel.(Which will be determined by birth time.)

In a natural chart Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces end each quadrant (quarter). So we refer to them as Mutable signs, no matter where these signs show up. (Which is determined by birth time.)

The Cardinal signs begin each season and indicate Action.

The Fixed signs indicate Stability.

The Mutable signs indicate Change.

Note: Imagine a distinct energy coming into fruition with each Cardinal sign which begins each season, then the energy stabilizes and becomes Fixed within the 2nd month period. Finally during the last month of the season this energy diminishes and gradually the new energy of the next season builds. This process takes place within the Mutable 3rd month of each season.

What we see here energetically is each season beginning with a different element.

Spring begins with Aries – fiery, impulsive, life begins, action.

The next month (the middle of the season) belongs to TAURUS – stable, earthy, practical, fixed.

The last month of the quadrant is Gemini – adaptable, mindful, changing, mutable.

Summer begins the second quadrant (quarter), with the energy of Cancer – nurturing, sensitive to environment, active growth.

The next month of the summer season (the middle) is Leo – the Sun, fiery hot, stable and fixed strength, life’s expressions.

The final month of this quadrant (quarter)is represented by Virgo – the harvest, clearing, cleansing, adapting, healing.

This completes the lower hemisphere of the astrological wheel which is focused primarily on the Self. The upper hemisphere begins with Libra. It is no coincidence that Libra initiates the next six signs because Libra is all about relationships which defines the upper hemisphere of the wheel.

It may help to hard copy it and assemble these pages as a guide for future reference. I will continue on to the upper hemisphere beginning with Libra in the following post.

Does anyone have questions? Is anything not clear?

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34 thoughts on “Guide to Astrology: Sign Qualities

  1. marcia

    i read with interest all about the other signs and was getting ready for leo and scorpio, where do i obtai the stability signs.

  2. dian

    Thanks for sharing wonderful news! The Lower Hemisphere, is it North or South on the Wheel? Thanks again. Peace and Pleasure.

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  12. Gabriela Altman

    Great research information, very valuable. When seeing it from this perspective, it is not only amazing but makes total sense.
    I guess that is what you see when the wisdom and talent meet.
    Look forward to be tooned.

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  25. tammy

    my first time reading your column. i am amazed what you shared, and i will energized daily for the next.
    God Bless. TJ-EVNTURA, CA

  26. k shaw

    Thank you for the clear education on a confusing topic. It makes sense when laid out the way you have presented it. It seems that the seasons are changing slightly globally how does this affect each sign?

  27. lucy

    great article – clear and concise – full of pertinent information…this is the first one I’ve received from you – did I miss some previously? Thanks for your committment to making astrology less confusing and mysterious to those of us who have NO IDEA !!!


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