The Lover’s Path Tarot: May 17 – 23

The Lover's Path Tarot: May 17-23 | California Psychics

The Power of Tarot

Venus is now retrograde and this means, quite literally, the return of old loves. They may return physically, and simply appear in our environment, or they may appear in our dreams and day-dreams.

All reconnections have something to tell us about the reality of the situation. They are a message to our body, mind, or spirit. An astral visitation from a lover who has passed to the other side is very possible also. It can come in the form of a song, an omen, a symbol, a bird, or a butterfly.

However it manifests for each of us, The Lover’s Path Tarot by Kriss Waldherr gives us insight into the meanings of what we are individually, and collectively, feeling.

Join me this week for a stroll through the earthy, romantic and mythical gardens of May, with the Lover’s Path Tarot as our guide. I wonder who will jump out of the lush, green foliage just to say “Hi!”

May 17 – Sunday

Prince of Coins (Pentacles)

An encounter with an Earth sign man could lead to good things today. This is a person who delivers more than he promises. Because the outer world reflects our inner world, you are expressing this same energy as the suit of Pentacles now. Development in something important to you is slow and solid.

It will involve hard work. Pleasures are promised, though, by taking care of you on the material level. Not taking action responsibly will bring negation, so do the necessary homework and you’ll be glad you did.

May 18 – Monday

Triumph (The World)

The energy of this card is about you getting what you want in all the areas that are important to you right now. This is very good, so go ahead and believe in your vision.

The energy today is of Ariadne and Dionysus, the lovers who connected as the result of Ariadne’s cruel abandonment by her partner. She ended up with the god Dionysius in the end though, and became a goddess forever.

This card says that today you will be supported by the Universe. A successful closure to a cycle of your life will happen. Movement and communications of a joyful nature will increase.

Don’t be afraid. Even if you’re not sure how everything will work out you are moving into a better period of time!

May 19 – Tuesday

Innocence (The Fool)

This card is telling you to trust your heart today. Go ahead and be innocent and draw in a fresh breath, which Aleph, the Fool represents. In the area of love it means to believe that a relationship will work and be beautiful. In the area of career, it says, go on an adventure and try something new, even if there is a risk involved. In a strange way, innocence can protect us from difficulties.

This doesn’t mean to act foolishly, but to quiet the “mind” at times in order to allow the heart to think for you. There will be an opportunity to do just that today.

May 20 – Wednesday

Eight of Staves (Wands)

Communications come suddenly. They move the energy forward and bring a release today. What was unknown is now known. It is making everything in a relationship make sense.

You could hear from a recently silent lover from the past today. This could re-open or close your relationship with them, according to what you choose. Likewise, if you wait for someone else to always reach out, today could be a good time to blast apart the stagnancy by making the first contact. Make sure it is within your vision of the Greatest Good to do so, and then go ahead and reach out.

May 21 – Thursday

Five of Coins (Pentacles)

You may feel impoverished in some area. This could be in friendship, love, acceptance, opportunity, or something material.

You feel lost in a storm and so vulnerable, but don’t miss the light in a nearby window. It’s telling you that help and shelter is nearby.

Ask your guides, angels, and higher power what to do, then follow the guidance. The answers are very close and will reveal that you’re nowhere near as alone as you feel.

May 22 – Friday

Temptation (The Devil)

Paolo and Francesca are the lovers on this card. They symbolize turmoil and obsession. Francesca, loved her husband’s brother, Paolo, and they ran off together to meet a troubled fate. But, she was unable to control her obsession for him, regardless of the consequences.

Paolo tried to tenderly protect her from the trouble that engulfed them, and in Dante’s vision, even extended this into the realm of Hades which they entered together in the legend.

Remember today that no one is perfect, not even you. Give yourself a break for being human. As we accept ourselves as we are, others as they are, and the world as it is, we achieve peace and happiness. That is this card’s message for us today.

May 23 – Saturday

Eight of Cups

Yes, it is time to move on. Today’s card signals transition. You are leaving a location, job, or person; maybe, all three. Remember it will lead to a better, more real, life for you.

Try not to get stuck in doubts. It is better to not be impulsive, it’s true, but you are anything but that. Goodbyes are bittersweet today but they are leading you into a new life.

A Fun Tarot Spread to Try: The Lover’s Spread

This is a five card spread that assesses the strength of a relationship, including where it could go in the future.

Shuffle the deck well and place the cards face down on the table in front of you.

Pull five cards randomly from the deck and lay them out in clockwise fashion, with Card 5 in the center of the “clock”.

So, for example, Card 1 is at 12:00, Card 2 is at 3:00, Card 3 is at 6:00, Card 4 is at 9:00, and Card 5 is in the center.

Visualize the person you hold in your heart, and when you are ready, begin to read the cards. They will tell you through symbolism what you need to know to answer the following questions.

Ask your guides and angels to supply additional information, if needed, and to bless and protect your reading.

Card 1- Body Connection

How much physical chemistry and alchemy do I have with this person?

Card 2- Mind Connection

How strongly is this person interested in my thoughts and ideas?

Card 3- Heart Connection

How do I feel emotionally around this person? Do they make my heart happy?

Card 4- Spirit Connection

Does this person “get” me? Do they allow me to follow my spiritual pathway, even if theirs is different?

Card 5 – Long Term Outlook

Could this connection grow and get stronger in the future?

Thanks for joining me this week.

May the romance angels sprinkle you with glitter, glamour, and sweet, sweet love!

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