Using Astrology in Your Everyday Life

Using Astrology in Your Everyday Life | California Psychics

The Rise of Astrology

What’s old is new again. And in 2020, there’s a renewed interest in astrology. But did you know that there’s more to astrology than horoscopes and sun signs? Natal chart analysis, synastry (or, in layperson’s terms, compatibility), predictive astrology, and relocation astrology are just a few of the amazing techniques and tools that can provide a better understanding of yourself, your favorite people, and help you make informed choices in your daily life.

Astrological Birth Chart

Let’s begin with natal chart analysis. With your date of birth, birthplace, and time of birth, you can calculate your natal chart at any number of free sites online. For a more in-depth analysis, it’s best to consult with a professional astrologer. In addition to your sun sign, you also have a moon sign. While your sun sign describes your ego expression, your moon sign reveals your internal self. It indicates your nurturing style and how and what you respond to emotionally. There’s your Mercury sign, which describes how you think and communicate. Your Venus sign represents how you love, what you love, and the way you interact in social settings. Your Mars sign describes your sexual style, drive, and how you pursue your desires. These, along with the placements of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, make up your unique cosmic blueprint. A consultation with a California Psychics Astrologer can be invaluable in helping you understand the gifts and challenges represented in your natal chart or the chart of someone you love. You can read more about birth charts on the California Psychics blog here, and if you join Karma Rewards® you will receive your birth chart free!

Zodiac Compatibility

Synastry looks into the connection between two people in a relationship. It can help you better understand how you and your partner relate, or it can give you the inside scoop on someone you’re crushing on. A synastry reading reveals a person’s emotional needs, their communication style, desires, their approach to relationships, and, most importantly, how they interact with you. Synastry can also be used to analyze your connection with your business partner, your boss, a child, or another important figure in your life. The more you know about someone’s astrological makeup, the easier it will be to make a meaningful and lasting connection. It’s like possessing inside information into how someone ticks!

Astrology Predictions

Want to know the astrological forces that are supporting or challenging you during a specified time frame? That’s where predictive astrology comes in. While a horoscope is written to cover everyone born under the same sign, a predictive astrology reading zones in on you specifically using your birth date, birthplace, and exact time of birth. It’s like your own cosmic weather report. If you were planning a special gathering outdoors, you’d check the weather report for the day on which it’s scheduled. If the forecast predicts sunshine, you can proceed according to plan. If it calls for rain, you could reschedule it for another day, or you might decide to rent a tent for your festivities. Predictive astrology works the same way in that it describes the energetic conditions which may have an impact on your plans. It indicates the energies supporting what you want to do as well as those that may present a challenge. It can reveal the best times to look for a job or to launch a big project, and also show periods that are best avoided. It can indicate your most favorable periods for finding love and it can even help you to make crucial decisions such as timing a move.

Making Moves with Astrology

Speaking of moves, relocation astrology can help you to locate the region that’s most attuned to your desires and can help you avoid spots that don’t resonate for you in a positive way. Relocation astrologers use astrocartography maps to reveal your personal hot spots. The maps consist of the planets and the Four Angles, or cardinal points. The cardinal points are the Ascendant (AC), the IC (Imuni Coeli), the Descendant (DC), and the MC (Medi-Coeli). For example, if you’re looking for love, choosing a location on your Venus/DC line would be ideal because harmonious relationships are denoted by this placement. If you’re looking for fame, a city on your sun/MC line would be the spot because it’s where you’re most likely to shine and attract attention. Unless you’re looking for more stress and more responsibilities, it’s wise to avoid places on your Saturn/AC line because these locations bring challenges and karmic lessons. A Mars/DC location is a place to steer clear of if you want to cut down on conflict with your love interest because Mars represents the god of war. It can also be fun and informative to look at places where you previously lived and uncover how the astrology of that location may have impacted your life.

Moon Phases

A glance at any Farmers’ Almanac will tell you that even people who don’t believe in astrology understand the value of following the phases of the moon. The week following the New Moon is energetically quiet and still a bit dark. It’s a time to contemplate how you want to move forward and make a fresh start. The days leading up to the First Quarter Moon are excellent for launching new endeavors. During the week that follows the First Quarter Moon, new activities may encounter their first challenge. Stick with what you started, gather information, and prepare for a culmination around the Full Moon. This is when lunar energy is most potent, so save your most important activities for this time. The Last Quarter Moon brings a yearning for change, but it’s a good idea to persevere with what’s underway. The days leading up to the following New Moon invite you to let go and get ready for another beginning.

Ask an Astrologer

There is so much more to astrology than your sun sign. A reading with a California Psychics Astrologer can help access the information that helps you live your most fulfilled life.

Astrology plays an important role in your day-to-day life. The planets are responsible for your moods, experiences and more, which is why you should get a psychic astrology reading. Our astrology psychics can calculate your natal chart and tell you about the important dates in your life (past, present, and future) that will massively impact you.

Find an astrology psychic or learn more about astrology readings.

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