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Crystal balls, turbans, flowing robes, fringed drapery, cats, heavy eye makeup: these are some of the stereotypical images that the word “psychic” has always conjured in my head. Think Oda Mae Brown, Whoopi Goldberg’s character in Ghost. Imagine my surprise when I finally had my very first psychic reading and realized how wrong I’ve been.

My friends who consult psychics regularly convinced me to get a reading just for the heck of it, so I paged through the California Psychics listings and landed on London: Psychic London ext. 5308, to be precise. I chose London because she has a kind face and she’s a third-generation psychic. Compassionate, empathetic, experienced – she seemed like the right person to pop my psychic cherry.

London is a warm, friendly woman with a soothing voice. She uses cards as a tool, but I detected no evidence of any Oda Mae-style trappings. Per the “Tips for Your First Reading” on the website, I had a question ready when we started the session. I asked how things would go with my shiny new job, where I’d been working less than a week. London was gracious, but straight away uncovered another topic (a relationship, of course!) that had been bothering me for the past few weeks. When I asked how she knew about the guy, she told me her spirit guides clued her in. Spirit guides, I thought? Oda Mae?

Almost as if she knew what I was thinking, London described my own guides, who sounded exactly like my mother, my aunt, and my father, all of whom are deceased. I was blown away, and so was Oda Mae.

OK, I was listening.

London’s detailed assessment of my situation was startlingly accurate, and she assured me that a series of specific events would unfold within the next few months. I won’t go into what she told me about the guy (in case he sees this post!), but one upcoming event was a short vacation by the water. This was exciting, because I haven’t had a vacation in about 3 years, and a stay by the water sounded like just the ticket.

About an hour after my session, I was given the opportunity for a short stay at a boutique hotel by the beach in Santa Monica, California. I’m going there this weekend.

Oh, and the job? London says it’ll work out just fine.

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  1. psychiclondonext5308

    I am Speechless which doesn’t happen to often lol thank you for Posting This I am very blessed and honored To be apart of such a blessed and truly gifted company as California psychics all of the psychics on this network are amazing and truly gifted thank you miss krystal for your kind words there is no better feeling than being accepted bye your peers and to the person i gave the reading to i thank you for sharing your reading with everybody and to help shed the stereotypical image people have of psychics and help encourage others to get readings it was an honor to read with you and hope you have fun in the sun love London ext 5308


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