Looking for Love in All the Right Places

One of the questions I often answer for people is how and where they will meet their new love. Many of you don’t believe in “bar hopping,” and statistics show that bars aren’t a great place to find a long term relationship, especially if you’re over 28 years old. So where can you go? Well, the answer is in what I “see” in the futures I read!

This changes with the seasons. For the summer, I see many connections happening at parties, barbecues, and outside gatherings like company picnics. Try going with a friend to their family reunion or company baseball game. I have seen some “meetings” happening while somebody is out to a movie or a meal with friends, and runs into somebody new in the process. Then there are the ever-available classes, workshops, and training seminars! I even saw one couple finding each other at a sales meeting where they sell timeshares on the lake front!

The question usually comes back to: “What are you doing to get out there and be exposed to more people so that you can find a connection?” Many of you work a lot, or have busy lives, and just don’t have time for “open ended social events”… my advice is, “Make time.”

There are many online dating services, yet many seem to be overrun with inauthentic individuals using them as “fishing sites” instead of looking for a long term relationship. However, that is not to say that they’re all that way, or to say that it won’t work for some of you. My sister is married to her eHarmony love!

If you’re waiting for someone to come along and inspire you to “get over” someone, that just isn’t going to work. Your heart is already “connected” to someone – you don’t look into people’s eyes; you don’t go out, since you’re “sad” about being alone; you don’t put yourself in situations where it could be awkward for a moment (which is always how it starts); you look down, or away, instead of getting eye contact and encouraging that person to say: “Hello, my name is…”

What do you think – what’s the best way to find somebody new?

4 thoughts on “Looking for Love in All the Right Places

  1. Abdul Jabbar Daudpota

    Actually i have read out every one’s problem that they are finding life partner but no one is found for life as a partner. I am advising to every one should take mary with them for the legal way not for enjoyment.

  2. Psychic Yemaya 5143Psychic Yemaya 5143

    Miss Krystal, you make a really important point!!! I would also add that no matter what you do, it should absolutely be something that is an authentic interest. Which makes me think of the philosophy “If we pretend to be someone different than we are, then the person you attract is looking for THAT type of person…not YOU!” I think that folks who want to be loved for who they are should take caution not to “try” to be someone to attract someone, it usually is very short term, or they get stuck “acting” instead of just “being”.

    Great beach pics! I am delighted to know you enjoy my work, as I am a great fan of yours as well!
    Coreen, Darcy, and Lonnie….good stuff. I can see we are ready to help those of our friends out there who are looking for love. I am getting new ideas right now!

    Ciao, darlinks!

  3. Coreen Trost

    I think the best way or place, is when and where you are doing something that you LOVE! Walking your dog at a dog park; going to a gym; a seminar; an art festival. That is more likely where you will meet someone who has the same interest or passions that you do.

    So find what you love to do; go do it. While you’re there, look aroud. Remember to put yourself in a happy mood (with happy thoughts of course) make eye contact with people, start conversations and above all… Smile!

    You will be amazed at how many possible ‘dates’ you encounter! Good Luck and Have Fun!!

  4. misskrystal

    Nice Yamaya. I also have a philosophy, that seems to work-make time, YES, but still do what you really want to do-go where you FEEL you need to go/want to go. Live how you want to live! ahuh. It works.
    Your tips are also great…can’t go wrong with combining both of our tips…Could be the winning ticket lol
    Cheers, you are terrific. Always enjoy your work.
    Miss Krystal


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