Psychic Workout: Kabbalah Meditation

Kabbalah means “to receive” in Hebrew. More specifically, it means to receive a specific method of teaching and understanding to enrich our lives. Kabbalah is not a religion, not a person, and not a book, but rather a philosophy. Although it is a mystical branch of Judaism, it is not necessary to be Jewish to understand and accept the principles of Kabbalah. As we seek an understanding of our concept of God and our reason for existence, many have discovered that Kabbalah’s teachings offer answers.

In Kabbalah, Hebrew words and letters are not merely means of communication, but concentrations of energy, each producing a different vibration and frequency. When a Kabbalist speaks a divine letter or word, they believe that it holds various degrees of energy and power.

The first letter in the Hebrew alphabet is the letter Aleph. It is associated with a numerical value of one, and refers to the biblical notion that “God is one.” Not surprisingly, the Ten Commandments begin with the letter Aleph.

Aleph is best understood as the deep breath, the life force that God inhaled just before uttering the beginning of creation and our existence. Aleph reminds us of our creation, and that we have the means to become closer to God through the intonation of this sacred letter.

Do you want to become closer to God? Do you seek a deeper, more fulfilled existence and know that a deeper relationship with the Divine is the source? That is what Kabbalah offers: A connection with the divine by drawing closer to God in each moment of our lives. In so doing, we can change mundane moments into magical ones.

The following is a meditation using the power of the letter Aleph by recognizing that we are at one with God.

1) Find yourself in a comfortable seated posture.

2) Normally at this stage, you would begin taking deep breaths and focus on your breathing to achieve groundedness. For this exercise, instead of focusing on the breathing, capture the moment before your inhale.

3) With an open-mouth deep breath, hear yourself sound “Aleph” as you take in that gasp of air. Focus on the infinite seconds and energy of existence, appreciating the fact that you are alive and that you have been gifted with this life force by God.

4) As you are breathing, think about what God has created by using this same life force. How can you become closer to God and become like God?

5) As your breathing becomes more rhythmical, begin to feel that you are breathing with God. You are emulating his first breath, and the breaths He continues to take as He continues to create.

6) Continue with the exercise for at least five minutes. You may begin feeling dizzy or lightheaded, or you may feel a tingling sensation. Are you becoming like God? Does your perspective of reality change? Do you feel like you are floating in the Heavens?

7) When you have achieved this level of euphoria, you may conclude the exercise.

The real lesson, hidden in this workout, lies in the application of this breathing technique in your day-to-day life. When you are feeling out of balance, stressed, or caught up in the hustle of life, these are the very moments that you have the option to stop. Find stillness and begin to breathe as practiced to connect with God, and become God to transform the situation. It is through this deep connection to God that we have a better sense of self, and how we can live a fully connected life with purpose in our actions. Stress will no longer feel as stressful or as overwhelming — when you invite God into the situation.

After developing this Godlike awareness, it will prove simple to maintain this connection through God’s breath.

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