Cool Ways to Sex Yourself Up

For a lucky few, sexual excitement and adventure seem to be around every corner. For most of us, sexual interest ebbs and flows with the seasons, the emotional temperature of our lives and, sometimes, even depends on the hour of the day. But what if you are finding yourself, month after month, without any zip in your zing?

If your libido is limping, a tune-up of your mind’s eye can reignite your flames. Below are three ways to do just that and sex yourself up:

First, revamp your bed
Are your sheets clean and comfy or is your bed littered with yesterday’s newspaper, dirty clothes and the remote control you can’t find? You have to seduce yourself before you can seduce anyone else. Shake out new sheets. Replace those old pillows. Set the stage for lovemaking because your perfect lover is on the way and your bed had better be ready.

Second, give your heart a different kind of work-out
Love comes in more varieties than simply romantic or sexual. And self-esteem (a key component to feeling sexy) is built by action. So, to give your self-perception (and in turn, your libido) a boost, show someone some love. Buy a fantastic child’s toy and donate it to a shelter or visit an elderly relative that doesn’t expect you at all. Knowing that you have the capacity to bring joy to others can brighten you up as much as exercise or great lingerie – particularly when you’re starting from scratch. After all, a person putting love out there is going to receive it, too.

Third, talk yourself into it
When you think of “you,” do you long for a younger body, a long-gone confidence or anything that takes you out of the moment? Two words – stop it! Sounds harsh, but any voices of negativity or self-pity are libido busters. Adopt this mantra – you are at your sexiest, right now, exactly as you are. And if you want any proof of this, think of the sexiest people you have ever encountered – not in a magazine or on television – but in the actual flesh. Were they all skinny supermodels? Probably not. Everyone has met someone that somehow, someway is always the sexiest person in the room regardless of their appearance. They believed in their own sexiness and pretty soon everyone else believed in it, too. So start believing in yourself, right now.

It takes two to tango, so once you have your mojo going, get some guidance to help find the person who can share your life – and your libido. A compatibility reading can help you figure out what you’re really looking for. The biggest gift the universe can ever give is clarity.

True sexual connection is a lot more than aesthetics. Start with your bed, bring joy to others and clean out your mind. Find out who you are looking for and pretty soon you’ll be tangled up in those nice, clean sheets giving your new libido a workout!

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