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How to Cast Runes | California Psychics

Divining with Runes

Are you ready to learn how to cast runes? Like Tarot and Oracle cards, runes are a great tool for those who are seeking advice or a bit of direction. These tools help channel the energy and power that is already within you. While they can’t give you black and white answers, there are a few different ways to cast them to uncover the answers that you are looking for. With any divination tool, there is a learning curve. Once you master the basics, it is possible to delve into deeper and more intricate practice.

What You’ll Need

While there are many variations of rune sets, the most common (and one of the oldest) is the Elder Futhark. The Elder Futhark runic alphabet contains 24 runes. If you have already read up on our previous article, Runes and Their Meanings, you might already have a homemade set of your own. For the following casts, we will be working with the Elder Futhark runes.

After you get comfortable recognizing and interpreting single rune casts, you can move on to larger layouts. Similar to different card spreads, these casts can give you a stronger insight towards more fine-tuned direction. If you didn’t already have a cloth for rune casting, it can be a great addition to your divination tool kit. Lay your cloth out on a table in front of you, and you are ready to begin! For all of these casts, start out with your runes in your bag, and pick runes with your dominant hand.

The Three Rune Cast

Casting three runes at a time is an easy step up from single rune casts. Select three runes, placing them one at a time on the table. Place the runes in a row from left to right.

Rune 1 represents the overview, or your situation or query.

Rune 2, in the middle, represents a challenge or roadblock in your journey.

Rune 3 represents a possible course of action that could be taken.

The Five Rune Cast

When casting five runes, or performing a Five Rune layout, you will still be selecting runes one by one. Instead of placing them in a row, you can place them in specific patterns.

The first rune you pull goes in the middle; it is the center rune. The next runes you pull will form a cross shape around it. Rune two should go on the left of the center rune. Rune three will go above the center. Rune four will go below, and rune five to the right. It is your choice whether to place them face down like cards or reveal each rune in its place, one by one. If you would like to keep them turned over, it is easy to get the hang of feeling which side of the rune is etched.

Much like the Three Rune layout, the line across the center (runes 2, 1, and 5), represent past, present, and future. The southern rune (4) gives deeper insights as to how the problem or issue can be worked through. The top rune (3) will reveal what can be achieved if this problem is sorted.

The Nine Rune Cast

Once you feel comfortable doing three and five rune casts, you can attempt the Nine Rune cast. This layout is extra special because in Norse mythology, the number nine appears frequently. According to legend, Norse god Odin frequently went on quests for wisdom and knowledge. He partially sacrificed himself at the center of the Nine Worlds and teetered at the veil for nine days. On the ninth night, he was granted the knowledge of ruins and their meanings. This is why the optional 25th blank rune is sometimes called “Odin’s Rune”.

Nine rune casts are great for deciphering where you are on your spiritual path. They can show you what is down the road and places you may use your gifts. During this cast, focus on your spiritual goals. Pick nine ruins, one by one, and place them into your other hand. Meditate on your intentions for a few moments and then scatter the runes onto your cloth.

Whichever rune is in the center holds the strongest tie to your current position, and importance radiates outwards. This means the runes on the furthest edges are less imperative. Take note of which runes are touching and which are spread apart. Closeness may indicate complementing influences. Also take note of which runes are facing down. These runes will unlock possible outside or future influences.

Trust Your Intuition

Remember that as with any divination tool, your intuition is the driving force. There are no strict rules just as there are no black and white answers. It is up to you to interpret the signs. If you would like some help on your spiritual path, we always have guides available no matter where you are in your journey!

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