Fairy Tale Lenormand Tarot: August 23 – 29

Fairy Tale Lenormand Tarot: August 23-29 | California Psychics

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Can I ask you a personal question? I promise that I’ll spill my own secrets in return. Do you identify with any one character in a fairytale? Is it Cinderella, Rose Red, Hansel and Gretel, the Ugly Duckling, or the wolf disguised as a grandmother?

Why do I ask? Because you’ll find yourself somewhere in this deck of cards. Not only are they deeply insightful and allegorical to the situation you are currently immersed in, they will hint at the pathway to freedom.

Since Lenormand cards are read sequentially as a story line, and since the brilliant creators of this deck, Arwen Lynch and Lisa Hunt, called it The Fairytale Lenormand, our world is a mysterious, glistening lake, a beckoning and treacherous forest for now.

Let’s take all of this week’s cards together, to form a complicated theme which we can reduce to a few connecting ideas. That will be the Universe’s message for us all this week!

See you inside.

August 23 – Sunday


This card is dancing into our reading today to remind us of all life’s pleasures. Happiness and joy can be created almost anywhere. Cheer up someone else in your world. Create some magic. Some previously undiscovered joy will be uncovered in your immediate environment. So, dance or smile. Play around with what’s already there. Eat the meal the Universe has dropped through your ceiling and savor every bite.

August 24 – Monday


Avoid putting yourself in harm’s way. Danger can be quick and deep. Stay alert without being paranoid. If something needs to be cut out and removed from your life, do it quickly.

August 25 – Tuesday


Something new and fresh is coming into your life. It could even be a child. Take an open and innocent view of an old situation today. Find the enchantment in your immediate surroundings. Objects, people, and places are alive with their own energies.

August 26 – Wednesday


Someone who’s acting like a bear could also become a friend or protector. Who’s the mama bear with the strong heart in your world? If you are a parent or guardian of someone vulnerable, pay attention to your intuition now. The Bear card is cautionary.

August 27 – Thursday


The future is bright, and an important dream is about to be realized. Fame can be bestowed, but respect must be earned. This is important to remember today in a situation that arises. The right guidance will illuminate your pathway.

August 28 – Friday


Cinderella tends to her cinders, but she is the “lady” on this card. She is the one that the prince is searching high and low to find, with the unique glass slipper that will fit only her. Likewise, you will inspire someone else to be their best self, and draw out their talents. A soulmate of sorts will be finding you today.

August 29 – Saturday


Rapunzel is trapped in a tower because her father “broke the rules” and went into the witch’s garden. But, there is an escape down a window! Be attentive, and when the beast at the bottom is looking the other way, dash for it. By staying alert and paying close attention you’ll make it to safety. Take matters into your own hands.

The Universe’s message for the week: If you cultivate joy in your everyday surroundings (Bouquet), you will have the courage to remove some element (Scythe) that is harming you and make way for something fresh and new to come into your life (Child). You are being protected (Bear) and the future is bright, (Stars) as an important dream is about to be realized! A prince is in search of you (Lady) but restrictions and limitations created by the actions of others (Tower) are the reality, so take matters into your own hands, and play by the rules!

A Fun Spread to Try: The Fan Spread

This is a four-card spread laid out in the shape of a fan. There is one card at the bottom, and three above it fanning outwards. They fill in the details relating to the core issue, which is represented by the bottom card.

Lenormand cards are always read in relation to each other and frequently have a very literal message. This is a good spread to use when you are at a crossroads in a situation, and wonder which road to take.

Let’s say you are wondering whether to stay or go in a relationship that has become stale. Shuffle the deck thoroughly while thinking about your situation and ask simply: Should I stay, or should I go?

Draw four cards randomly from the face-down stack of cards. Card one is placed at the bottom, cards two, three, and four are placed left to right above it.

Example: You draw Fish, Moon, Key, and Lilies, in that order.

Card One- Fish: Will staying or going reveal to me more of what I value and more resources?

Cards two, three, and four form a one sentence answer, as follows:

Card Two- Moon: “If I wait for my current cycle to complete itself,

Card Three- Key: something of extreme value to me will be revealed,

Card Four- Lilies: and I will end up feeling tranquil and at peace with the emerging situation.”

This will give you a quick and to-the-point answer which could be stated in one word: stay.

This spread can be expanded to include several sequences of fans which would elaborate on the details of the first fan’s message.

Remember to be good to yourself! Thanks for joining in this week.

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