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What is a Clairsentient Psychic?

There are many forms of extrasensory perception beyond Clairvoyance and Clairaudience, but only a few are considered primary intuitive modalities – Clairsentience, "clear sensing" or "clear feeling," being one of them. Clairsentient Psychics receive psychic information through sensing and feeling subtle energy. Using their body as a sensory receptor, this type of psychic derives information from the Spirit world and relays it to you through the feelings and impressions they sense.

What’s the difference between an Empath and a Clairsentient Psychic?

Clairsentience is often confused with what Empath Psychics experience as they’re on the same spectrum, but a Clairsentient Psychic actually encompasses an Empath’s abilities. Clairsentient Psychics can read the energy field of a person, place, or object whereas an Empath senses and feels the emotions and energies of sentient beings either in person or remotely. The latter is stepping into the feelings and emotions of another, and the former experiences that aspect as well as the ability to receive psychic information through physical sensation. They’re quite similar, but Clairsentience possesses a much wider field of sensitivities.

How can Clairsentient Psychic Readings help my life?

A Clairsentient Psychic can help in many areas of your life, but you might get the most benefit in seeking out this type of reading when you have questions about relationships with romantic partners, friends, or family. Clairsentient Psychics can perceive your energy field as well as the energy fields of those in your life, and this can provide you with invaluable insight into a situation you are struggling to understand. Usually accompanied with other forms of “clair” abilities, Clairsentience utilizes different modes of psychic impressions to tap into relational situations as well as the inner and possibly hidden emotions you are suffering from at the moment. They will know how best to navigate this sensitive terrain and how to help guide you through highly painful, confusing, or emotionally charged life situations.

How to best prepare for a Clairsentient Psychic reading

As it is with receiving any psychic reading, you will want to center yourself before calling one of our Clairsentient Psychics Because they are tuning into your energy field, you want to be as relaxed as possible. Focus on controlled breath and, if available to you, perhaps listen to meditation music or binaural beats intended to slow down your brain waves and relax the body and mind’s chatter. Approaching your call with this in mind, you’ll have the best chance to deeply and immediately connect with your psychic and have an accurate and enlightening reading.

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