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This is the first full week of Spring, and on Thursday, March 28, the planet Mercury begins to turn and move forward once again. This week, we turn to a fairly new deck entitled the “Divine Dog Wisdom Cards” by Barb Horn and Randy Crutcher. This is a great deck for dog lovers. The authors write, “Dogs are our best friends. Best friends love us unconditionally. They see us when we can’t see ourselves. They don’t care what we wear, drive, or live in; they show up, love, and accept all of who we are.” Let’s jump into Spring with some special Divine Dog Wisdom! The Divine Dog Wisdom guidebook was used for the below.



If You Fetched This Card: It’s time to recognize how vitally important you are in the world you inhabit in terms of place, the people around you, and the times. Just as no two snowflakes are alike, you are unique. Where you are right now is a unique contribution that no one else can make. You are significant and it’s time to make your mark.

Another Bone to Chew On: How do you want to howl, bark, bite, plunge in, run, curl up or serve others today? The world is waiting! Show up and shine your significance for yourself and others.

EVENING: REST – Take a Time-Out

If You Fetched This Card: This card means you have been on the go too much in some area of your life and it’s high time to sit and stay. Running yourself into the ground can take its toll. If you keep it up, you’ll be a dead dog. What’s driving you, anyway? Whatever it is, it is time to give it a rest and allow yourself to recharge and regenerate. It’s also a good time to rest your mind. Think of someone you love or something you are grateful for to rest your mind.

Another Bone to Chew On: Give yourself the gift of self-love through self-care. Make that reservation for a vacation, retreat, or a weekend getaway that you may have been putting off.


DAY: WILD DOG – Answer the Call

If You Fetched This Card: Today, it’s time to unleash your wild side. Perhaps that means roaming wide-open spaces instead of following old rules, or conventions. Somewhere in your life, you are being asked to show up and explore territory beyond your daily routine and comfort zone. Your wild call is a howl that grabs your attention and demands a response. For inner strength, harmony, and integrity to be achieved, your response must be equal to the power of this call. The only satisfying response is the one that comes from the heart.

Another Bone to Chew On: This could be a good time for some space and solitude to gather your thoughts. Or perhaps, it’s time to set off on an adventure that challenges you, or a workshop or vision quest that helps you get greater clarity about your passions and purpose.

EVENING: CLARITY – Right Under Your Nose

If You Fetched This Card: Tonight, this card indicates that maybe you have been digging in the wrong hole. Perhaps things have been blurry or fuzzy for some time. Now it’s time to bring into keener focus where you are, who you are, where you want to go, and what it could look like when you have arrived.

Another Bone to Chew On: Sometimes we don’t see something because it’s right under our nose. To get more perspective, it can be helpful to ask a friend how they view a situation or decision point.


DAY: RESISTANCE – We Resist What Persists

If You Fetched This Card: Today, this card indicates that you are either pulling away from or pushing against something that needs to happen in your life. You may be resisting a shift, a change, or a move that gets you out of your comfort zone or doesn’t make sense from your current perspective. Maintaining resistance devours your life energy. When we acknowledge and explore it, we can begin to unleash the power to navigate change.

Another Bone to Chew On: Take some time to notice where in your body you’re holding tension. Go to that place. Acknowledge the sensation and tell it that you are aware, available, and ready to listen. Just give it some space and time to see what shows up.

EVENING: SHAME – Bad Dog, No Biscuit!

If You Fetched This Card: Tonight, you feel some kind of shame, and it hurts. It’s emotional pain, and it’s every bit as significant as physical pain. Shame makes you feel and believe that something is wrong with you. Shame makes you feel you are broken, flawed, unfixable, not enough. Perhaps you haven’t lived up to an ideal or met a standard, which you believe casts you out of the litter. Shame keeps you silent, hiding behind doors, shut down, and unwilling to come out of your doghouse.

Another Bone to Chew On: Be the lead dog of your sled as you courageously charge down the path of healing your shame and getting more out of life.


DAY: CHOICE – Get Off the Fence

If You Fetched This Card: It means that you need to make a decision. You’re the top dog in your own life, and you have the freedom to choose the favor of your highest interest. Are you at a crossroads right now, or in transition?

Another Bone to Chew On: There are many ways to evaluate and make choices. One is just to list the pros and cons. The other is to get clear about what you’re most passionate about, what inspires you and brings you alive, and what’s deeply meaningful. Then ask yourself, “Is this choice going to get me closer to fulfilling one of these passions or take me further away?”

EVENING: BOREDOM – Time to Sit and Stay

If You Fetched This Card: Either you are bored, or you need to experience boredom. What? Yes, you need to sniff out the value of boredom in your life. Boredom can be a key element in the creative process. Boredom turns your mind inward and encourages reflection. Reflection requires asking questions and rethinking your situation about your life.

Another Bone to Chew On: One remedy is to sit, stay, and just let yourself feel bored. Start with five minutes in silence. Ask yourself these questions:

  • What makes me feel alive?
  • What gets me excited and makes me lose track of time?
  • What makes me feel as if I make a difference?

DAY: ANGER – Feel the Heat, Then Turn it Down

If You Fetched This Card: It means a wire has been tripped deep in your brain triggering a feeling of something that is threatening you. It is making you feel like you want to pounce or charge. You may be running headlong into rage or smoldering and simmering with aggravation or irritation. When you have cooled down, you can look at what you thought was making you angry, and question your assumptions around the other person’s misdeeds and intentions.

Another Bone to Chew On: The best anger management is to zero in on what’s behind the anger and what holds it in place.

EVENING: LONELINESS – Longing to Belong

If You Fetched This Card: Tonight, you are longing for a stronger connection, either to others or to parts of yourself that have been whimpering or even howling for attention, love, or affection. We live, learn, and love in close relationships, and when we don’t have that in our lives, we can feel lonely. It’s a good time to discover a new playmate or a new pack that speaks your language and comes at your call.

Another Bone to Chew On: Acknowledge, own, and honor your uniqueness. Give yourself permission to leave the pack that doesn’t “get” you and find the one that does. Know and trust that you are inherently good and worthwhile just for being.


DAY: LUST – Gotta Have It!

If You Fetched This Card: It may be that you are suddenly smitten with a person, place, or thing you have just sighted or sniffed. You may have no idea why. This strong magnetic pull toward something or someone can be fuel for a longer-term desire to be fulfilled.

Another Bone to Chew On: Today it may be okay to follow the maxim, “If it feels good, do it”, if no one will be hurt in the process. Just be clear in your communication and intentions and don’t promise anything you will regret down the road, especially if the road turns out to be a blind alley.


If You Fetched This Card: Contentment is a deeper sense of one’s place in the world. It has the insight that, contrary to popular belief, the world is not under constant attack, but rests within the larger cosmic scheme, where order exists within chaos and not apart from it.

Another Bone to Chew On: It is a good time to get clear about what’s most important to you, and what has the greatest meaning. Working with a counselor or coach, even if for a brief period, can make all the difference. You can also look for a mentor, someone who seems happy, and content with their own life.



If You Fetched This Card: Today is a good day to take care of unfinished business or projects or spring cleaning. It may even be an issue in your personal life that needs cleaning up. Accountability means assuming responsibility for your actions, whatever the consequences or impact you think they may have on others.

Another Bone to Chew On: Ask others how you can make amends and ask yourself these questions:

  • What conversation do you need to have that could change that old pattern?
  • What can you do to improve the situation, no matter what anyone else thinks?
  • What can you do to shake off self-judgments or judgments of others?
  • What might it look like for you to rise to a new level of accountability?


If You Fetched This Card: Something in you is coming alive or about to come alive again. It could be a new understanding or perspective on things. Whatever it was, the point now is to pay attention to your response to this new awareness.

Another Bone to Chew On: Have you made any new observations or had any realizations about your life lately? Write those down. When you have written awhile, ask the question, “What did I mean by that?” and keep writing answers to that question. You may be amazed at what comes out. That’s awakening.

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