Clairvoyant Messenger and Healer

Psychic Jean ext. 5132 is a clairvoyant, empath, spiritual healer, and remote viewer. She was born into a family lineage of psychics, and has even been working with police investigations since the age of 19. She has studied with many masters from many paths throughout her life, and has over 35 years of professional psychic experience.

Psychic Jean tunes in to the caller through their information: “The first thing I get is their name and birth date, and I tap into the tones of their voice. Everybody has a melody. God finds us by our melody, not by our name. By going into their melody, I can tell where their mind is at or where their life is. It can show me the karma(s) that they have created. I’m able to pick up exactly what they’re looking for, and it’s usually a relationship or a job. A lot of the time – but not all the time – the person has an angel or guide that’s with them. When they do have one, we talk. Guides have spoken to me through clairvoyance since the day I was born. I’m 66 now. If they speak to me, then I can give a good reading. If they don’t, then I can go in with remote viewing, listen to their destiny, and help them go forward in developing what they need.”

Jean’s extensive work with the police started when she was about 19. “I started working with them on a murder case,” she relates. “I knew the person had been murdered, and I was able to find them. It was scary, but I wanted to help people. I don’t like doing those things because it gets graphic, and I’m able to close my eyes and actually see what happened to that person.”

She also draws upon an extensive psychic heritage: “We always had to learn a passage from scripture before we could eat,” she says of her family. “We found grounding through that. I’m an ordained minister. My grandfather said we all had to be ministers – and my family is all Clairvoyant. When someone has a great spiritual connection, one appreciates life. It’s like my grandmother said: ‘You can feel that tree out there, you can feel that animal out there, and in that feeling, you will respect it.'”

Psychic Jean later studied with Buddhists, Hindus, Native Americans and masters from many other traditions, following further words of advice from her grandmother: “Never learn from one master. Learn from many.”

“Every human being is a teacher,” she explains. “On our walk of life we get so many teachers. They have taught me the truth of life. I feel very grateful for that.”

“Life is not a game. It’s meant to get the soul to grow. I worked at hospice for twenty-five years, and I would pray for those who were dying. When their angels come for them, very often they turn around and say ‘If only I’d known.'”

“I always say – life is an elevator, what floor do you want to get off on? Everyone gets off on their own level. It’s all made to show us the love and compassion we have in us. Love comes in so many different ways, as [Jean’s teacher and the great yogi] Swami Kriyananda would say.”

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