Responding to Psychic Toxins

Negativity can be a serious problem. People who react to their life situation with deep resentment and negativity, and psychically lash out at those around them, can be not only a pain, but also a real threat to happiness and productivity. Yet we all have to deal with them – or are them – at one point or another. It’s important to learn how to deal with negativity and psychic toxins. Here’s a few pointers:

First, see the other person as a mirror. We often find ourselves in experiences that mirror our inner states, and the things going around us can be manifestations of our own karma. In reacting as if you see a reflection of yourself instead of something apart from yourself, you can see clearly and with compassion. It also prevents us from scapegoating others, something which can happen far too easily in any group situation, and which can often occur without us fully realizing it, at very subtle levels.

Next, never see other people as victims or victimizers. Instead, see them as individuals who have come to where they are through their own choices and actions. This honors their innate divinity, and individual responsibility, instead of seeing them as being merely part of a cycle of abuse. You can choose to participate with their behavior, or you can choose not to.

Be patient. If somebody is expressing negativity towards you, first ask yourself if it is a legitimate manifestation of something you are doing that you can take responsibility for and change. If it isn’t, and it is outside of your power to change, then be patient. Refuse to take responsibility for the other person’s negativity, and let them work it out without becoming involved. Protect yourself, but don’t extend yourself into their negativity in order to fix it. Don’t turn it into your fault or your problem. You can change yourself or you can leave the situation, but you can never change another person. This is absolutely key. When we try to fix people, we reinforce the problem. We become involved in their pain, and misery loves company. Instead, see them as equals, neither higher or lower than us, who are responding to life in ways that we can either choose to participate in or not.

Take a break. Go out to nature and enjoy being in balance. Nature can do wonders for repairing our sense of what is actually important and what isn’t. And those negative ions don’t hurt either.

You can also ask your guides (whatever that means to you) or the force of divinity itself to protect you directly. Visualize white light encasing you and protecting you from harmful outside influences.

Finally, when in doubt, respond with love. This is not doormat love – don’t allow people to walk over you – but respect for them as equal beings. When we respond with love, we can prevent spirals of negativity from occurring by responding to attacks with counterattacks.

What are your favorite methods for dealing with negativity and psychic toxins?

7 thoughts on “Responding to Psychic Toxins

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  2. alcyone7alcyone7

    Namaste Carmen-

    I can relate to what you wrote… I could have written it myself. As one empath to another, I have to tell you that BLACK TOURMALINE is your best friend!!! That stone is the ultimate negative energy shield… carrying a crystal or nugget in your pocket or wearing a string of beads will throw a protective field around you that bad vibes just cannot enter. It even returns negativity back to its original source. Black Tourmaline is the “mirror” that the vampire cannot tolerate- the crystal shows the vampire their reflection and as we all know, such people/beings just do *not* want to look at themselves. They really don’t like having to see their own energy thrown back at them and THEY WILL STEP OFF AND GO AWAY on their own volition! It is just that unpleasant for them. And in the meantime, this extra protection gives us extra space-time to develop our own discernment and strength for dealing with negativity. Try it!!! Black Tourmaline in clear quartz aka “tourmalinated (sometimes spelled tourmalated) quartz” also works very well and has some extra benefits to boot. Ebay is a good place to pick up a crystal or a couple strands of beads. Best wishes!

  3. diadriel

    The words of Will Rockingbear “I say to myself – Not me, not today! I want every cell of my body and spirit to hear that the negativity is not mine, that other people’s beliefs, behaviors/actions are not a part of my being”. It has worked wonders for me in the healing process. I’ve used “not me, not today” in speaking to my spirit every time another has pushed their negative thoughts, ideas, etc., whether “victim” or “interrogator/intimidator” energy toward me. It keeps my spirit grounded in my own intent and creation of the moment – what and who I choose to be.

  4. polkadot123

    I absolutely love this article. I use my strength in prayer to help me with a friend feeling so much negativity. I first pray that he/she finds the strength to make the right choices to change their negative behavior. Then I pray for my inner strength and positive energy to direct me in a way that I can be loving, compassionate and helpful. Meditation for me is key.

  5. Jacqueline

    The bottom line here is self-love, what you are willing to accept or not, I think everyone of us has been guilty of this either within love relationship, even friendships I have worked with many clients who just want to know if the relationship is really ever going to change, the hardest decision is knowing when its really time to call it quits.

    Blessings and Big Hugs!
    Jacqueline x9472

  6. lisalisa

    It took me 17 years before I realized that I could not fix the problem! I tried and tried and then realized his addiction was for him to fix not ME!! The Serenity Prayer comes to mind!

    Surrounding myself w/positive people is what I’m trying to do. As my psychic tells me “dont allow yourself to be the lighthouse in a storm for everyone”!!

    Great article!

  7. Carmen Hexe

    Yikes, guilty as charged! I had the “fix them/rescue them” trip for quite a few years. It never worked. I am still struggling with the difference between not allowing people to dump on me/walk over me, and speaking my truth without offending another.

    As for how do I deal with negativity and psychic vampires? I no longer try to fix them, I walk away. And I try my utmost best to not get involved or fall into the role of helper again.

    As an empath, it is very difficult for me to be around psychic vampires, because I take on their emotions. This means that they literally will make me ill. Sometimes emotionally, sometimes psychologically, and other times physically.

    Shielding and no longer allowing certain elements in my life anymore, are the lessons I am currently learning 🙂


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