Clairvoyance: See Your Path Clearly

Go From Limited to Limitless

Clairvoyance means “clear vision,” and in psychic terms, clairvoyance is the gift of having the ability to “view” or get information about a person, place or event using Extra-Sensory Perception (ESP). I would like to focus on the word, “perception” as a means of helping you understand and use your psychic gifts to your best advantage.

Perception is a kind of filter that affects how we see every single relationship, event  and action. When we feel “stuck,” sometimes it is because of limited perception. For instance, if you took a razor-thin slice of apple and viewed it from the side, you would say it is a red line because that’s all you see of it; you are not seeing the entire apple. But if you turned that slice of apple towards you, you would see a lot more of it, wouldn’t you? It would no longer be just a red line. Your perception is based on what you know, see and are aware of. In the case of the apple slice on it’s side, all you saw was a red line. It was all you knew and all you were aware of.

What if you could have more information before you made decisions? What is every assumption you made was wrong, or what if someone is misleading your in some way?

Do you take the advice of the first person you talk to, or do you like to get different opinions before you make an important decision? In the same way we get second opinions from doctors, shop around for the best deal on a new phone or car, we also often seek out the advice of multiple people, whether they be friends, family or psychics. When choosing a California Psychics reader, I encourage you to use your own intuition to help you decide who to connect with. Note what grabs your attention about one reader. Is it their name? Perhaps they look like someone you know? And after a reading, take some time and weigh the information the psychic gave you.

We are all used to making quick assumptions in our hurried world. We move at a fast pace and do our best with the often-limited information we are required to rely on. However, relying on limited information based on one person’s perception can lead to trouble, especially when you are making a major decision that keeps you up at night.

Like using a sewing machine to make a dress, or a camera to record a happy moment, clairvoyance is another tool that gets the job done. But what is especially unique about this psychic tool is that it not only gets the job done, it also makes your life path more clear.

Let’s get back to perception. Take a moment and think back on all the major lessons you have learned in your life thus far. These lessons were learned based on decisions you made with the (limited) amount of information you had at the time. If you had the full picture or the ability to see the outcomes of the choices you made before you made them, would you have made the same choices?

The lesson of all these choices is to seek clarity FIRST. Get as  much information as you can and make good use of all the talented readers we have on this line. As a reader and a client, I can tell you that knowing the truth is always better than hiding in fear. You may be reluctant (or down-right frightened) to hear the truth, but knowing the truth empowers you to make change happen. By knowing the truth you can reclaim your life and bring yourself back to a full and joyful you. If you need help, I would love to help you!


5 thoughts on “Clairvoyance: See Your Path Clearly

  1. LJ

    Yemaya, I really enjoyed this article – well written with lots of great inspiration and information. (And Gina Rose, you are an awesome and interesting person).

  2. Nora -5891

    Yemaya thanks for such an interesting article

    Gina Rose, how cool that you were on that project! David Morehouse wrote Psychic Warrior, and Joseph McMoneagle authored several books on the Stargate Program, he is supposed to be one of the most talented remote viewers, I have not read all of these books, but they are on my reading list because I find this subject fascinating. I have done the remote viewing “accidentally” during emergencies.

  3. Lorin Card

    To Gina Rose,
    Have you seen the movie Suspect Zero? It is about remote viewing and is very interesting. How did the Government “harness” clairvoyance so well?


  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    The Stargate Project in the latter part of the Twentieth Century was one of several projects by the US Federal Government to investigate the validity and possible strategic deployment for military use of psychic phenomena, especially “remote viewing,” which is a subset of clairvoyant experiences in which some rigor is applied to situation. In remote viewing, a viewer is able to accurately describe a scene that is at a distance.
    ( I know this because I passed the testing back then to work with the Stargate project ).

    A medium is said to be someone who is able to bridge the physical world and the spiritual world to engage in communication with spirits. These may take the form of the spirits of the deceased, spiritual beings such as angels or nature spirits, or gods of some sort.

    Great article, Yemaya !!!!!

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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