Psychic Advice: Breaking Through Psychic Blocks

How to Break Through Your Psychic Block

Whether it’s writer’s block, artist’s block or just plain mental block, you can’t think past a certain point. It’s as if you’re shut up in a dark box, and there’s nothing new—no new light and no way out. Or is there?

Getting unstuck starts with understanding how you got blocked in the first place. For those who need to dig deeper and understand the “why,” we explore ways to uncover that as well. Then let’s look at how you can recognize it when it’s happening and either prevent it or remove the block once it’s in place.

How Do We Get Blocked?

Blocks appear when you’re experiencing so much emotion it’s throwing you out of balance. Have you ever been so stressed out by some news that you couldn’t think straight? Can you remember a time when you were so deliriously happy? What happened then? In a sense, you were out of balance.

As Tajah ext. 5732 commented, “We are often blocked because we are not aligned with what we know is the right path. Often times, it’s subconscious self-sabotage. It can also be a way for Spirit Guides to stop us from heading down a poor choice path.”

Aliza ext. 5844 told us, “Everyday stressors and ‘noise’ can distract a person from being able to use their intuition and psychic ability. These distractions can literally cause you to lose focus all together and block your psychic ability. Stress alone can do it too. In addition, we can carry karma and hidden memories from a previous life time which can affect us on subtle emotional, physical or mental levels.”

Finally, Sage ext. 5813 told us, “I think we get blocked by the different energies around us. I also feel if we are ill or stressed, that will also cause us to block the energy from us.” Are you blocked? If you’re ready to move forward again, give Sage ext. 5813 a call to get unblocked!

Why Are You Blocked?

Kim ext. 5512 explained why we get blocked in this manner: “I want to define that a personal block from within one’s self is a behavior. I know of a fabulous subconscious stimulating exercise that can access communication with the block, and one can literally start to hear and sense the intentions behind the blocking behavior. All blocks have positive intentions even if the blocking behavior is negative. For example, many clients want love, but they seem to be blocked. What I see intuitively is what is causing the block. What I have found many times is that one part of the client is wanting to love and allows so many people in their life to the point of being taken advantage of. Another part of the client is focused on creating safety, but they believe the only way to get safety is to push people away. So this creates a duality, power struggle, or in other words, a block. The heart or emotional personality wants love and the mind or logical personality wants safety, and while both sides have positive intentions, they have created a standstill or block because one side allows too many people in to feel love and the other pushes them away to feel safe.”

Tammy ext. 9380 weighed in on this as well stating: “Oh yes, there’s always a reason, but rarely a good one! I can see into a person’s aura to tell where the blockage originated, and where the lines of energy lead me to determine where it came from and how to get rid of it so you can move forward. On rare occasions, our deceased loved ones may block us for reasons we will only see as the future unfolds. These blockages usually cannot be removed as they are intended for our highest good.”

“I have blocked myself when visualizing achieving a goal, and becoming too attached to the outcome of the goal. Nora ext. 5891 told us. “Attachments can actually become blockages. So when you visualize an achievement, you really have to want it and at the exact same time release it and forget about it.”

Maryanne ext. 9146 said the reason why we’re blocks is “to prevent us from taking an action that will be detrimental or by focusing too hard on any one issue and ignoring the rest of our life.”

Overcome Psychic Blocks

There are many ways to break through a block. Here are four of our favorite methods:

1. “To get back in balance, examine where your thoughts have been taking you, accept what is, whatever it may be, and get back to the present.” Claire ext. 5242

2. “Getting back to basics in mind, body and spirit and realigning your energy and freeing all of the energy that needs released.” – Fallon ext. 5218

3. “Blocks are often standoffs between us and reality. Accept that the block is created by you believing things should move forward in a certain sequence, instead of just allowing yourself to go toward it.” – Anya Dawn ext. 9179

4. “Ask, ‘What is bothering me?’ ‘What is consuming me?’ ‘What am I dreaming about?’ Now these can be good and bad things. We may sometimes get blocked by something so wonderful that the inherent, consuming nature of the event or person temporarily blocks our psychic focus. We can self-block to protect and conceal and hide energetically if we feel exposed or manipulated or ashamed or the potential of these things.” – Althea ext. 9582

How to Help Someone Who’s Psychically Blocked

Spencer ext. 5643 told us, Well, one of the things we do well as psychics is have the skill to see and assess blocks of all kinds and types. Two, we are in this human experience to grow and evolve into who we truly are as spirits. In doing so, these two things seem to innately bring us face-to-face with challenges. If we do not face the challenge, we block it out. In blocking it out, we get blocked up. The blocks need to be overcome in any number of ways or we sit stifled in our lives. It’s a pretty simple, elegant system if you understand it. And, it can get easier and less stressful if you do, as well.”

Amanda ext. 5605 explains how she handles someone who is blocked: “When I encounter a caller whose energy is blocked, it looks like a blackness or void. I will share with them that energy is blocked. There is absolutely no information available to me. I have learned to trust that we (the caller and I) are not supposed to know more information than we already have. Often times, another reader is meant to be the one to deliver the information to the caller and the caller is supposed to hear it from someone other than myself. Over the years, I have learned to trust this process and not invalidate myself or the caller for having this void in our space. It is all part of higher consciousness, making information available or unavailable to.” 

Blythe ext. 5339 has a different way to help those who are blocked. She told us, “Change their patterns and interfere with the thought patterns that are blocking them. Sometimes, it is a physical change that they need, like juggling, where they cannot think about anything except getting smacked by a ball if they don’t pay attention. It really clears the head for new thoughts to emerge.”

6 thoughts on “Psychic Advice: Breaking Through Psychic Blocks

  1. Rahmona

    So I have been able to experience multiple psychic abilities since I was a child, I have seen, felt, sensed, known things I shouldn’t have been able to know, heard, ect…. Bits of all of them, and then I decided one day I was sick of having it. So somehow I managed to block it. I now once I have dealt with other issues in my life want to properly re-open the link, but am unsure how to go about opening it. It has never been fully closed, I have always still had the senses there in the background, and it has been slowly opening more and more over the past few months, I just want to know how to either open it completely again, or strengthen it as quickly as possible. It is a gift I miss very much, and now realise it is a part of me. Any help offered would be greatly appreciated. Please no negative comments.

  2. Olivia

    So I can see dead people, no I am not lying and no this isn’t a joke but when I was younger I was visited by many spirits and then scared me because they were mean and harmful ones. Now I have a physic block and I can’t get my abilities back I talked to many people and they say I have the ability and talent of being able to see the dead but I guess I blocked it off because of my fears as a child. I am ready to accept my gifts and try to help the dead move on but I need help getting pass the block. Please any advice or assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank You Olivia.

  3. Shane

    Hello there, ok where to start I do not know but…. the only feeling in my heart is I know you can help me ;). But… I hopeing you be willing to ummm can you read me and take all my blocked out of me please. I need your help. Hope to hear back from you 🙂

    Your friend Shane

  4. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    As we all know that our world is driven by negative energy as well as positive energy. Everyone on this globe searches for peace, harmony and positivity because we usually are full of irritation, agitation, disharmony and suffering.
    We not only just disturb ourselves with this negative energy but we keep on distributing these negative things to others as well.
    The way out of this problem is to keep oneself at peace. People try to achieve the harmony and peace with the help of meditation and other various methods.
    Meditation is the way to achieve the harmony within ourselves, to be at peace with oneself and others and eradicate the negative energy in ourselves if any. It teaches us how to live peacefully without disturbing the life of others.

    If we face the negative energy it should be kept in mind that it comes from within us. It can be cleared with a realistic inspection. You need to be honest with your own self, try to find out the reason why you feel the energy blockage. Is it because unwanted things are happening in your life? Wanted things do not happen, or they are blocked by some hurdles.

    What is it which causes tension to you? You need to know the reason of the negative energy inside you. Once you know it you will be in a position to remove this negative energy.

    Meditation, on a regular daily basis , can help a person eliminate those blockages early on ,before they build up to become seemingly imovable mountains of negative energy.

    Blessed Be )O(
    Gina Rose ext.9500


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