Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards: January 13 – 19

Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards: January 13 - 19

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Sailing further into 2019, we will refer to Tori Hartman’s Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards. The subtitle of her deck is, “The Complete Spiritual Toolkit for Transforming Your Life.” The deck’s cards are color-coded and correspond to the seven chakras of the body, and each card includes beautiful stories and wisdom. So let’s jump in!

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Day (Wisdom – Green; Sage): “Wisdom is knowing the difference between a calculated risk and stupidity.” Is there some wise counsel that you have sought, only to ignore it? Are you trying to do things alone? A solution may come from those more experienced than yourself. Just stay in the present moment and do not let your thoughts jump ahead.

Evening (Quest – Blue; The Navy Trail): “When I am somewhere else, my life will have meaning.” The story associated with this card is about Mrs. Patriot, the oldest woman in the town of Blue, who decides she is ready to cross the deadly swamp and walk the Navy Trail. A wise child points out that the swamp has vanished, and the path she seeks is already before her. Mrs. Patriot sees that her life is not rooted elsewhere, but is in the here and now. This story suggests that you may be on a quest that is unnecessary. The Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards encourage you to consider the path you have chosen for yourself.


Day (Renewal – Red; Geranium): “This is another beginning.” What appears to be an end may not be one after all, according to the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards. Instead, it may turn into a remarkable opportunity. Trust that whatever is coming is better than what you have known to this point

Evening (Acceptance – Red; Cherry Heart): “When I accept myself, I find love.” Innocence and an inability to see one’s gifts are indicated, as well as the protection of spirit guides, good luck, and an increase in self-esteem and confidence too. Tonight, try to see yourself as complete, just as you are.


Day (Instinct – Neutral; Wolf of White Light): “There is a guide inside us.” Today, as we step into the light, we let go of all senses other than our pure instinct. When unfiltered, it guides us to the high ground and the help of our angels. Therefore, this is a time to be the protector or to be protected, according to the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards. You will know which role you are in.

Evening (Gossip – Green; Charmaine Chartreuse): “I never met a person I didn’t like.” Tonight, this card represents a truly open heart with no personal agenda other than love. But it could also represent the opposite—rebellions and denying our true gifts. Charmaine Chartreuse suggests that appreciating differences is key. This card is a warning that you may lose a valued relationship if you do not appreciate what you have.


Day (Balance – Purple; Emaciated Periwinkle): “I must create before the opportunity disappears.” Today, this card indicates a reluctance to change, according to the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards. You may be hesitating because of the past, but that doesn’t mean you should be hasty. Running toward something may chase it away.

Evening (Recovery – Purple; The Lilac Key): “Pain from our past unlocks the door of understanding.” Lilac offers detachment as you allow yourself to see the big picture. What once may have been immaturity is now about growing into a new partnership with Spirit. Therefore, step back and allow the angels to bring healing to you.


Day (Impartiality – Neutral; Bahama Beige): “I quietly listen, allowing you to color your own palate.” Today is not a time to personally shine, but to allow others to come forth with their gifts. You may find yourself in the role of neutral advisor, according to the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards. Just hold the space for others to find their own answers. Advice may not be well received but be unbiased now.

Evening (Abundance – Yellow. Gold Coins): “I only seek to give you what you ask for.” Gold represents the power of the mind to choose. However, one choice may be wise; the other foolish. Choosing well may involve temporary sacrifice in order to gain your desires. Remember that you can always make a new choice.


Day (Mysticism – Purple; A Woman Named Aubergine): “You are not to know.” Today is a time for trusting in the unknown. You already sense the answer, even if it is not apparent. Do not ask others what they see, for you alone can see into the heart of the matter. Trust your intuitive powers to guide you. The unknown is not easy, but it is no longer necessary to fear.

Evening (Gratitude – Purple; Lucy From Indigo): “I am so glad you are in my life.” Gratitude raises your vibration to a higher level. If you are unhappy in any relationship, Lucy reminds you that it’s always in your power to change it. There is certainly no mystery to being a good person. Good people just do good things.


Day (Creation – Neutral; She Shaman): “I will guide you to your muse.” Today is a time to let go of old ideas in order to allow new growth to occur. The mission you have been on may be complete, according to the Chakra Wisdom Oracle Cards. A new dawn is coming and it’s time to open yourself to divine inspiration. Let go. You no longer need to be the warrior.

Evening (Perfection – Red; Righteous Raspberry): “I have the same high standards for myself as I have for others.” Are you being too hard on yourself, and consequently on others? This card indicates protection and inner conflict between wanting to look good and having compassion for others. Remain kind and unattached to an outcome. Being right and letting others know that you are right may not support the understanding you desire.

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