Cat’s Eye Tarot: January 5 – 11

Cat's Eye Tarot January 5-11 | California Psychics
Cat's Eye Tarot January 5-11 | California Psychics

The Power of Tarot

And now for a deep breath and an end to all the fun and exciting holiday hysteria! Just a quick, off-the-wall question: Have you ever wished you could really, really get into the mind of a cat?

Well, spend some time with me inside the mysterious and unfathomable world of cats this week. This winsome deck was created by Debra Givin, DVM. She is a long time Doctor of Veterinary Medicine who specializes in felines. It is safe to say she knows cats from her long years of watching them.

Cats by nature seem to know how to effectively look out for themselves. They seem to sense when danger is approaching in any guise. They know how to take an “end run” around a dicey adversary and can exit an unrewarding situation by scooting up a tree in a New York second.

Hey, this might be good advice for us humans doing the Saturn/Pluto conjunction right now. At any rate, we can enjoy a chuckle this week by visiting the cat kingdom through the Cat’s Eye Tarot.

See you inside.

January 5 – Sunday

The Emperor

The Emperor sits on his cozy throne next to the fire. He is a long haired grey and white cat with large blue eyes. He tenderly looks down upon a rust colored kitten struggling to make it up to share his seat. He doesn’t rescue him but lets him get there on his own because he knows that he will be strengthened in the process. He is a kind ruler, the benevolent manager who makes room for his subjects next to him. The card tells us today that a person in authority in our lives is a loving friend to us who wants to help us succeed. Who is this in your life? Have you expressed honor and appreciation to them?

January 6 – Monday

Three of Pentacles

This card asks: Are you spending enough time planning? Are you doing tasks that are most suited to your skills? The card is telling us that mastery of details is mastery of life. People look up to you and model your example. It is a day that calls for getting back to the “grind”. Through that, mastery is developing in your work or profession.

January 7 – Tuesday

Queen of Cups

Today’s energy includes a lot of psychic sensitivity. Messages from the other side will be coming through. The drawback could be that sensitivity will pull you in too many places that could drain you. You are picking up on others energies too easily. Intuition is getting much stronger. We are entering a time of growing openness, the card says. The Queen of Cups kitty sits on her red velvet couch telling us to protect our energy and rest.

January 8 – Wednesday

King of Wands

The amber colored cat is planning his next conquest as he meditates in an autumn twilight. He will begin his campaign at the right time because he is wise, calm, diplomatic, caring, and tolerant. He will take a bold and daring approach after his plans formulate. The autumn leaf resting next to him tells him it’s time to regroup and recover for now.

The card tells us to enjoy the dormancy of the cool months of the year in order to enter spring renewed. Don’t worry about being lazy because right action will come at the right time.

January 9 – Thursday

Five of Wands

The kittens, crowded together are competing, for sure. There’s a rough and tumble for space on the couch that they lie on. Do they face this challenge with fear, or with confidence? How do we handle competition today? Do we pay so much attention to what others are getting that we fail to notice our own opportunities?

January 10 – Friday

Queen of Pentacles

Financial good fortune may favor us today. The Queen of Pentacles is resourceful and trustworthy but she takes care of herself, too. If we imitate her now, the energies favor that we will be able to take care of all the cats in our barnyard.

January 11 – Saturday

The Fool

Yes! It’s Saturday, the day for faith and spontaneity. It is a mini spring. A young grey cat almost falls off a railing as she reaches for a bumble bee on a hanging branch. The landscape is gentle and rolling and full of new green (growth). The violet sky at dusk supports the feeling that the world is good and it is good to be in it. The card is telling us today to take a chance and reach for something delightful.

A Fun Spread to try when you are caught between the past and the future

The Time Traveler

Shuffle the deck thoroughly and concentrate on your position in time. Where are you, how did you get here, and where do you want to go?

When you’re ready, pull three cards randomly from the deck and place them face down in a vertical line, top to bottom. Turn over card one and begin your reading.

Card 1- The Past

What actions got me here? Clue: Actions include our mental activity. When it becomes habitual, it’s an “attitude”.

Turn over card two and continue:

Card 2- The Present

What is the objective condition of my current life? Clue: Our gut will tell us what we feel, but sometimes our feelings can deceive us.

Turn over card three for a description of what will take place if you take the action you are considering.

Card 3- The Near Future

If I make a run for it will it get better or worse? Clue: If I take the action I have in mind will it change things for better or worse?

Note: With this spread, if a card initially sticks to your hand at the beginning or the end of the reading, include it. It contains important further information. Take your time with this spread. It is deceptively simple, yet profound.

Well, I guess it’s time to return to the world of humans. Maybe, with some regret. Thanks for visiting the cat kingdom with me this week.

See you again!


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