Are You Psychic?

Ever wondered if you are psychic – even just a little bit? Maybe you decided that the best way to find out would be to call another psychic. Our intuitive team tells us it’s not uncommon for customers to wonder if they, too, might be gifted. These callers sense things, envision things, have prophetic dreams and may experience a feeling of knowingness of what might happen next.

Our psychics tell us that, yes, they can help you see your psychic gifts during a reading, though they are in agreement that we are all intuitive on some level – it’s human nature. As Sula ext. 5197 describes, “We are all wired to look beyond what is in front of us. Clients who suspect they have a gift almost certainly do. It’s simply a matter of waking up and paying attention to those classic taps on the shoulder from the Universe.”

Those “taps” might include having an uncanny insight on things you really have no way of knowing. The feeling is foreign, as if it is truly coming from a sixth sense.

“This psychic sense is an important clue, because it’s not at all like your regular senses. When you get a psychic sense you are using your inner mind, inner eye or inner voice, ” Lucrecia ext. 9326 reports, “and people who experience it often just don’t know what to make of it.”

Lucrecia often get calls from people about feelings they have, visions they see, dreams they sense might be about their future, or to talk about a spirit they have either seen or felt. The caller generally wants the psychic to validate and interpret what they already know or suspect to be true, she says. They want her to confirm that what they have experienced is out of the ordinary and that they are not imagining things. They want confirmation that they are actually having a metaphysical experience. Once established, the caller is always excited and much more confident in their own psychic abilities.

When Tammy ext. 9380 sees a caller’s third eye as a bright purplish blue triangle that glows, it indicates that their intuition is open. These clients often report having Clairvoyant, Clairaudient and Empathic experiences, yet discount these clues to their gifts and abilities as common – they really don’t know that they’re psychic.

People who suspect they might be psychic often give their reader hints in the way they describe situations or speak. Common comments include the following:

“I knew it would happen.”
“I had a gut feeling.”
“I just felt it was true.”
“I felt her pain or his loss as if it were my own.”
“My dreams often come true.”

“As they talk about their experiences these callers worry about being considered strange, or worse. Some are skeptical of their powers, while others are looking for someone to bond with. Others are frightened. I laughingly tell them to get used to it,” Joy ext. 5142 reports. Ultimately when they are reassured that they do show signs of psychic ability, these callers become more confident and open to the possibilities that come with their gifts.

Our psychics recommend a variety of ways to enhance newly discovered psychic ability.

“Listen to the first voice that comes to you,” Karmystic ext. 9457 suggests. “It’s the second voice that talks us out of listening to the first one and gets us into trouble. We all know the saying, I knew this was going to happen, or I could kick myself for not following my intuition.”

“Read whatever you can get your hands on in the areas of intuition and the psychic arts that grabs you. You will be led to the material that you need,” says Sula. “Pay attention to the small things that repeat in your life, feathers at your feet as you walk, repetitive numbers on a digital clock or music lyrics may hold a clue. Most of all, remember that there are no coincidences, so trust what your gut tells you. Take workshops, maintain a sense of wonder, play and set aside quiet time each day to ask the Universe what comes next. ”

Elaine ext. 5202 recommends writing down dreams and gut feelings to encourage you to trust your psychic senses. Jacqueline ext. 9472 believes that meditation is a strong tool to open intuitiveness and take it to a deeper level. “Meditate for at least 10 minutes daily. Ask for clarity and don’t expect full, neat messages to come through to you. They rarely come through like that even to advanced psychics. Information comes in bits and pieces and the real talent of a good psychic is the interpretation of clues, which takes years of continual practice,” reveals Tammy ext. 9380.

Knowing that you have psychic abilities doesn’t mean you need to be a psychic. Use the gift as a guide for your own life, to make your world run more smoothly, to tap into your true feelings and live to your fullest potential.

Are you looking to develop your psychic abilities? Let a psychic guide you. Call 1.800.573.4830 or click here now.

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