Elizabeth Edwards: Enough is Enough

It’s being reported that Elizabeth Edwards has finally reached a breaking point in her almost 40 year marriage to former Presidential candidate John Edwards. Given the latest round of infidelity accusations (a former aide is publishing a new tell all book alleging numerous affairs), Elizabeth wants to call it quits.

Famous for standing behind her husband despite her battle with Stage 4 breast cancer, Elizabeth has a Moon Trine Mars – meaning she is assertive and deals with confrontation in a no nonsense way.

My question to you (Bloggers and Psychics) is when is enough enough? Do cheaters ever change? Is it better to stay or go?

61 thoughts on “Elizabeth Edwards: Enough is Enough

  1. Tia

    Com on Eve! What are you waiting for, don’t just talk about leaving, go on and do it, get to packing and go! One thing is for sure then you will make a believer out of him. But first you have to believe in yourself. The man is headed for destruction. 7 years! Who needs that. Good Luck

  2. Stay Focused

    Yes, it is human nature to get lonely and our mind will wonder, but it is not necessary for our minds to wonder into cheating on our loved one. There is to many positive ways to use the mind so long as you choose to use your mind in a positive way. Basically there is nothing fun about cheating on someone you love and to retaliate by cheating with someone because you have been cheated on is not the healthy attitude to have in the relationship, and this type of behavior will surely end up with someone getting hurt.

  3. Mattia

    Mattia says: It would take God and all his Angels to pray some trust back into that relationship especially if it is a marriage. The fact of the matter is you will never fully trust that person in this relationship again no matter how hard you try.

  4. Ms. Daisy

    The reason people cheat for the most part is because they just want to feel special or valid or alive and especially listened to. If you have been married for a while, and your spouse treats you like a sibling and life is just grinding along, if someone comes along that really listens and thinks you are the best thing since sliced bread, that’s a pretty hard thing to resist. We all have a need to feel connected and if you aren’t feeling connected at home………….

  5. lajaun

    What if you’ve been together for almost 25 years and you’ve literally trusted that person with your life. What if that person betrayed you in one of the worst ways–seeing someone you worked with & had a good relationship with, and really shows no remorse except “lip service” to me. HOW can I ever TRUST him again?

  6. falkonlady

    If you know he is with someone else everytime he leaves you, what do you have with this person? 4 years is a long time to let someone do that without you letting them know that you DO know…I just wonder if we are really doing ourselves or them any favors by allowing the behaviour to go on…I mean, he won’t stop if he is addicted to the behavior, but do you want to stay around and let yourself be in a relationship like this? Ultimately, you will have to either get healthy,(trust me, this is affecting you,it’s not forgiveness when he’s not stopping, it’s ignoring)healthy enough to love yourself so you can have a really good life or not. What do you want, he wants something else.

  7. Sharon

    Enough is when you lose self-esteem and can’t face the mirror.Enough is when you wake up and can no longer stand to look at the person lying next to you.Enough is when everytime you go out you can see people either staring and whispering or snickering at you or making loud obnoxious comments to each other so that you are likely to overhear..Enough is when you can only forgive yourself for caring too much.. Enough is when you decide for yourself that enough IS enough and you move forward to impower youself to take care of yourself..Enough is when you’ve forgiven all…yet moved on! Even steel wears out at some point. I’ve found out that the more forgiving I was to myself, the more loving I was to everyone else. Starting over was and is hard, but the pain and hurt I faced paled in comparison to the peace of mind I found. And I know it’s an individual choice to be made or make…It boils down to what is it that you want out of you life and are you willing to sacrifice to get it!

  8. It's not that cut and dry

    A lot of men cheat because they are not being sexually fulfilled at home. You can say what you want, but sex is an extremely important part of a relationship and if you do not give it to your husband ladies, he is GOING to get it elsewhere, period. I’m not saying it’s right, but it’s true. I firmly believe if you are not getting what you need and want out of a relationship then you should end it but that is easier said then done. I have a friend who just broke up with a boyfriend after 13 years and it cost her 10,000.00 to leave him – they have no children and aren’t married. If you are a man, who’s paying a mortgage, all the bills and necessities your family needs to survive but are not getting your emotional or physical needs met – please tell me how you can support the same lifestyle you have now for your family and then a whole other one you have to now have for yourself. Two mortgages, two sets of bills etc..It’s not as easy as everyone professes it to be.

  9. never enough

    it’s just human nature, people get lonely, our mind wonders, along with other body parts.
    i have been cheated on, and i have done it too.
    there is fun it in when you are doing it, the rendevous, coming up with clever excuses, it’s like a game. yeah yeah.. it’s all a game till someone gets hurt right? but only when you get caught!

  10. Molly

    I cheated on my husband because he was never around so I was lonely and vulnerable to other men’s attention. After 6 years I decided if I was going to live like I was single, I’d rather be single, and after 40 years I’m still single, but I no longer cheat on partners. I think I was just too young and inexperienced. I have stronger values now and I appreciate good relationships. If someone cheats while they are young, maybe they need to learn. If someone cheats repeatedly and they should have learned by now, get rid of them because they will never learn.

  11. Roberta

    I have been involved in a long term relationship/marriage that was severely dysfunctional to my detriment, with a man who had to be involved with two women. I call it the dark years, until I resolved to say good bye without turning back and begin the healing process. I had a lot of work to do rebuilding my self esteem and establishing my identity as me and not us. I am much better now, it only hurts for a little while, the letting go is the hardest part. The realization that needs to be understood is that no matter how good a woman you are and how much you try to keep the relationship going its not your fault if your spouse has his own set of values. It better to let it all go and renew yourself, life is good.

  12. sapna

    Hi.its okay what you say .But these days times are bad and we women don’t have a choice .why we just have to learn to play the game .why should we give up our thirty or fourty yrs of marriage so that he goes scott free.and why should we ruin our childrens lives.learn to live under the same roof and be social and civil about it.why should we let the other person win .we put our whole effort into building this institution of marriage and let someone else break it.until and unless its a abusive type of relationship .then its better for everyone to separate.

  13. Joyce

    If I didn’t know better I would think that I wrote this myself. I love my children and myself more than ANYONE else. I can walk away from a cheating, lying and egotistical idiot and never look back. I don’t forgive or forget his stupidity. I have no respect for women who are so weak that they put their heads in the sand and lose themselves in some “mealticket”. As for the Edwards situation, I never could stand even looking at either of them. She’s a doormat and loves it and he’s as fake as a $3.00 bill. They deserve each other.

  14. Sassy Camilleri

    It is better to let go, I was married 18 years found out he was cheating, he left but the woman was married so it was back and forth for 2 years and then I got a divorce and moved 1200 miles away. He came back again and the interaction with her started again, he then left and moved back to her to reside with her and her husband and family. Let go time heals but when it is prolonged the pain is worse the healing longer. I finally got it, I was always way to good for him and now he gets what he deserves!!!! I am healing and looking to find a nice person to enjoy things with. NO hurry do not want to make the same mistake twice.

  15. Eve

    My husabnd hinds it so well.I helped him get a cell and I told him I better not find out that he has been calling other ladys on it that it would be over.Well the other day he said he only talks to his boss! Well I looked up his calls and there is so many calls I know some of them but there is a nother lady that I asked him about some time ago.Well I havent said any thing to him Iam thating him keep on and when I have all of it on paper then I can that him go.I have been hurt by this man for 7years and I cant go on like, Iam his maid any more.I think I needed to get this out for any one that gets hurt over and over its time to go on.

  16. done with it all

    pssssssssssssh. dont have an affair and lower yourself to these cheaters standards. and younger men pssh. they no nothing and are looking for a mommy. Grow up move on.

  17. done with it all

    Ask for a divorce after 28 years of marriage my husband admitted to cheating. I told him I was done. You are a strong woman, tell him to get out and let her take care of him and deal with his problems. He does this because he has no confidence. that is why he is a cheat. I was always afraid to leave what I felt is comfortable. But once a cheat, always a cheat. These men have no respect for women at all….

  18. Sanssouci

    I am a psychic myself. I didn’t look “intensely” at those two, but just sensing them:
    I always got the impression that John resented, or even hated his wife. And that she doesn’t just stick her head in the sand about the affairs, but about even seeing who he really is, like she is in her own world, and assumes things without actually looking at him. He doesn’t like it. It makes him feel like she is stupid.
    Then it makes him mad, then he feels guilty for being mad, because she didn’t really do anything wrong, I mean, he should tell her who he is if she doesn’t get it.
    And then when he feels guilty, he starts to hate her for it, feels stuck, like he could never get out of it.
    Its like if she is stupid enough to not see him, then she deserves to have what she wants from him, and she got what she wanted. Its like he thinks she is in play land, its not who he is, it makes him sad.
    (Sometimes its hard to explain the nuiances of energy that you see)
    When a new person comes along, he feels like she “sees” him. They sort of do, to be honest. He would like both long term, and somebody who “sees” him. Its making me think that the cliche, “she doesn’t understand me” has some sort of validity, as I do see the energy of it playing out here. Yes, he is self-centered, obviously, but she is too, thus her “vision” or lack there-of.
    However, she sees it as, he presented himself as a certain way, and she took his word for it. And how was she to know he was being devious? She is disgusted with him, sees him as creepy—and his energy is creepy!

  19. bspeal

    Loving someone enough, with respect and honesty. Unconditional love??? What does that erally mean? I have a husband who cheats on me when he leaves me every time, mostly the same night he leaves me he is with another woman. This has been ongoing for 4 yrs. in my marriage. I still am fighting something inside me to say FORGIVE but forget is the BIG problem. So the past haunts. Letting go? What a BIG question.

  20. NT

    no excuse can be a reason enough to hurt the one who loves u and is faithful _ and is faithful because of love and not because they didnt get a chance, but they had a CONTROL

  21. Edie

    I heartily disagree with those who say that a cheater will eventually change. I married a man who was the love of my life. He cheated on his first wife, and the girl whom he was seeing when we met. I was young and naive, and didn’t realize that this behavior would be repeated, because he told me that I was everything he wanted. We were married for 20 years, and he was unfaithful to me the entire time. I left him several times, but he adamantly swore that he was not cheating, and he professed his great love for me many times throughout those years. One must realize that the problem does not lie with problems in the marriage, as we truthfully had none except his running around. My ex-husband had severe intimacy problems from the day of our marriage, and they never improved. After our divorce, he married a woman who had 8 previous husbands. They have been together for 15 years, and she is well aware of his unfaithfulness. He is 61 years old and is still exhibiting the same behavior. He is a multi-millionaire, so his wife doesn’t really care as long as she has the money. My psychiatrist and counselor friends, to a one, all told me that it was nothing that I did, and that he was the one with the problem. I think some individuals have an inherent need to seek others outside the primary relationships to fulfill a need relating to self-esteem. My heart goes out to Elizabeth Edwards, as I know how hurt she is by these revelations, especially when she is in the final stages of her illness. I have terminal cancer, also, and there are many nights when I think of my failed marriage and what I could have done to save it. The answer is: nothing. I was not the one with the problem.

  22. Audrey

    Some women view the husbands cheating as her day off. I suppose all aspects of life can be negotiated if the benefits including financial of being married to the jerk outway the negative aspects of cheating then dismiss it. Many women need to learn how to seperate their need for sex and their need for a husband have a few flings of your own but dont get emotional, try a much younger man.

  23. Leigh

    My first time posting here. I am just an average person, 42 yr old female. Single mom. I just spent the last year bonding with a man who has recently cheated on me. Just glad I did not allow him to bond with the children. Sure a couple outings, dinners together that was it. they knew him, but not a live in situation.Never had any role in their lives directly.
    Guess what? Once was enough for me. Life is to short, my children are gifts and I will not allow anyone to hurt them or me.
    Am I sad? Yes I am. I am also disappointed in myself for not seeing the signs before now.
    I am one of those people who will be honest, loyal, loving caring and giving. Untill it is taken advanttage of.
    I am worth more in this life, and so are my children. I will not allow another person to hurt me. There is no 3 strikes with me. One strike your out!
    I am not talking little things. I am talking the big things like lying and cheating, phy, or emotional abuse tward myself or my children.
    I can open up and love someone, but I love my children and myself more.
    I would rather be single than to be with someone who does not truly love me.
    That may sound selfish, but in my opinion One can not raise strong minded healthy children in a two parent home when one adult is dishonest, or disrespectful to the family.
    One can not, as a single parent, raise a healthy child if they allow people to hurt the family and show disrespect or dishonesty. Also the adults can do thier best to keep things from the children, but children are smart. If mommy is hurting inside no matter how hard she tries to hide it, they see it. If Dad is quite and stand offish, they see it. If the adults in the family are not bonded together then the unit is broken. Why bother faking it for the childrens sake, it will only hurt them in the end. As far as haveing a healthy relationshipe of thier own.
    If childre sees a parent cheat, they will grow to think it is ok to treat their partner that way or that it is normal for this to happen, Allowable? Not in my House!…. Earth or planetary….. :0)
    So i guess in the end, like was said here, it is a matter of how much a person is willing to deal with. How many times they wish to forgive.
    My issue is not being able to forgive, it is being able to forget. Lots of things can be repaired, however once a heart is broken things will never be the same. which means for me I am done without looking back.
    Do unto others…

  24. Betty Hamline

    Regarding cheating, I am sure some people cheat
    because they don’t have “confidence” in themselves and just need their ego built up.
    With others, it is a physical attraction and
    maybe the wife is focused completely on the
    children or other interests. Some people just
    need to grow up.
    However, I will tell the “ladies” this – handle
    the situation maturely and wisely if at all possible. Set yourself up financially so you
    can handle the situation without great financial
    difficulty. Especially so now that jobs are
    hard to find. If one acts emotionally and just
    walks out because their “guy” is a complete jerk,
    one is simply victimizing themselves again. Of
    course, one would have to make sure they don’t
    get pregnant again. However, two adults should
    be able to live in the same house until things
    are better financially and they can go their
    separate ways. Too many young people are reacting
    emotionally instead of wisely. This is understandable to a certain degree but with
    the cheating and financial loss…that is double
    trouble. Life is not easy and it definitely isn’t
    when a person is going through this “ell” but
    just remember that this too will pass. Life
    can get better and happier.

  25. linda

    certainly go, its not good for your health, you need to enjoy the rest of your time on earth, this is not worth it.find yourself again and be the person you want to be, dont let anyone tear your soul apart.this is not a normal relationship, how can you keep trusting someone who rips your heart out each time he cheats, how much heart have you left for yourself?

  26. sunny

    Its over…why hold on to something that has so little value to either one…why hold on to someone who doesn’t love you, want to be with you? For what? Release each other if you have one ounce of caring for the other and let that person find someone who can really adore, cherish and turn them on. Marriage should not be a DEATH SENTENCE…married until you die or want to die prematurely! The time for Joy in this relationship has run its course, expired…its time to move on so both of you can search and hopefully find fulfillment outside of this relationship that has run its course.

  27. Claudia Gomes

    Dear All,
    Your post hit me like an answer from the “stars”! Thank you.
    I’m a pisces. I believed in fairytales and that everybody was good. I’m not materialistic and when something hit’s me, I react spontaneously. And I’ve been learning my lessons the hard way.
    We’ve been living together for 6 years and the only thing I ever, ever requested from him was HONESTY. I always told him: “If you cheat on me, let me know. It is better knowing from you than knowing from a stranger. I will never forgive you if that happens and I will leave you”. You know what, he swore on his son’s life (from his 1st marriage) that he would always be honest. And I believed, like a good pisces does. I wanted to believe. I needed to believe.
    3 Days ago i found he was cheating on me, and not just a weekend affair. He’s promising to marry her and professing his great love to her. He even stole lingerie from our store to impress the lady(men, what they do to get laid!!)
    Nevertheless, I did not confronted him and silenced myself.
    I believe I have to learn from this somehow.
    I had to turn this into my benefit.Enough being the nice girl that lost everything due to him (family, house, car, job, seld-esteem) and now works for him with getting paid for that, that takes care of his child (the mother is too busy doing nothing as he gives her money), without being a mother herself (he always says: as soon as our life get’s better) and that has been a stupid victim of his dominance.
    I decided I HAD TO CHANGE, because he wasn’t going to.
    I confronted him last night, with very calm voice and calm temper. I told him a friend told me he was cheating and gave him details (I LIED. I found the text messages on him mobile, which he religiously keeps with him). He swore, for HIS SON’S LIFE, that he wasn’t cheating on me and I was the only woman in his life, like always.
    I pretended I believed in him and I studied his “relief” face. Oh Lord!!
    I’m trying not to react as I’m trying to gain time to reorder my life without him and as soon as it is done, i’m leaving him.(hopefully, new year enters, new life begins, with my effort and the help of the “stars”)
    What I learned? I still don’t know but I don’t care. Enough is enough when we have the courage to say “ENOUGH” and walk away. It depends on each one to see we deserve better, and that there are many men (or women) out there that could make us happier than we were before. We just need the guts. And each person takes more or less time to find that guts and walk away. The guts come when YOU are prepared to deal with it, not before, not after.
    I hope this helps the person’s that are suffering right now and see no light at the end of the tunnel. My advice is:
    Because this sort of “men”(or women) DON’T change, and they LOVE behaving like this. It gives them power, yes. They have the power because we give them that power. And we can take that power back!

  28. Sea Turtle

    Very well said…
    “If long term damage is occuring to one’s self-worth” or causing sustained depression, It’s better to go.”
    That is something for those of us struggling in our relationships/non-relationships to seriously think about.
    Thanks for sharing.

  29. Sea Turtle

    Hi Joseph,
    I totally agree with your thoughts on this topic.
    I think that another reason men/women cheat is that they are not feeling happy or fulfilled and are hoping that “someone else” will fill that void within…which, in fact, does not usually work.
    We must all face our own demons and fears…and in the end..unless they are addressed and resolved…the same issues will re-appear with our new partner.

  30. Fran

    Hello, everyone…
    An old country preacher had a teenage son, and it was getting time the boy should give some thought to choosing a profession. Like many young Men his age, the boy didn’t really know what he wanted to do, and he didn’t seem too concerned about it. One day, while the boy was away at school, his father decided to try an experiment. He went into the boy’s room and placed on his study table four objects.
    A Bible…
    A silver dollar…
    A bottle of whiskey…
    And a Playboy magazine…
    ”I’ll just hide behind the door,” the old preacher said to himself. “When he comes home from school today, I’ll see which object he picks up. If it’s the Bible, he’s going to be a preacher like me, and what a blessing that would be! If he picks up the dollar, he’s going to be a business man, and that would be okay, too. But if he picks up the bottle, he’s going to be a no-good drunken bum, and Lord, what a shame that would be. And worst of all, if he picks up that magazine he’s going to be a skirt-chasing womanizer.”
    The old man waited anxiously, and soon heard his son’s footsteps as he entered the house whistling and headed for his room. The boy tossed his books on the bed, and as he turned to leave the room he spotted the objects on the table. With curiosity in his eye, he walked over to inspect them. Finally, he picked up the Bible and placed it under his arm. He picked up the silver dollar and dropped it into his pocket. He uncorked the bottle and took a big drink, while he admired this month’s centerfold.
    ”Lord have mercy,” the old preacher disgustedly whispered.
    “He’s gonna run for Congress.”

  31. Sea Turtle

    Hi Gina Rose,
    Hmmm…really? I thought I saw a side to him that was wanting to be loved…
    But, then his behavior pushed me away…
    No call. No contact.
    I know he sees other women.
    Maybe I’m just not his cup of tea…
    Hoe did your date go?
    Hope we can talk soon.
    Sending you a hug,

  32. Phillip# 9485

    I absolutely agree with you Josepha. My first wife was the love of my wife. But she was cheating on me from the beginning. 10 years after our divorce I discovered that I came in as a people pleaser and was destined to have to learn how to take better care of myself. I got there in stages with my further relationships. It was a step by step process and I attracted it all to myself. Often the point at which the person cheated on says NO MORE is precisely the point to which change in the person cheated on was to get to. One concept we were always taught in seminar work is that it is never about the other guy. It is ALWAYS about us.

  33. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    Hi Josepha,
    Yes, I agree…you made some very good points as well.
    And yes, every Doc or Therapist I’ve read for has taught me that as well…they would agree with you, Josepha….as do I.
    Every case is different….it is not good to lump all cheating cases into just one box…..there are hundreds, maybe thousands of reasons, why a person cheats.
    Blessed Be )O(….Gina Rose ext.9500

  34. Josepha

    Hi Ladies,
    A controversial thought for you. What about the thought of something in our vibration has attracted this cheater into our experience? I realize it’s a big thought to wrap our mind around, and I have to admit that the only time I came across it as my own experience was when I was 12 years old. However, being metaphysical we should realize that our experiences are a results or an attraction of our vibrations. It could perhaps be a subconcious fear of being cheated on.Or it could be a problem we have with rusting fully. Not to say that it’s acceptable but it requires inner work on the the part of the person that was cheated on, as well as the actual cheater.

  35. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    One more thing though…..there is a big, gigantic, difference between a ” serial cheater ” and somebody who say , cheated only once because special circumstances.
    Serial cheaters/addicts fall into the same group of other compulsive addicts….those who are addicted to alcohol, drugs, gambling…or as in the case of cheaters…addicted to sex and the ” conquest ” that goes with sex.
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  36. Psychic Maryanne Ext. 9146

    Hi, Corinne,
    It does seem like we are all on the same page on this topic. I definitely agree with you that it is possible to recognize when someone is just a natural-born, perpetual cheater. (Eek,
    Everyone has their own sense and timing on stay or go and is definitely entitled to follow their own timing and heart.
    I wonder how many of us here are able to follow our own advice:) I think we all fall down on that from time to time.
    Glad to work with you,

  37. Gina Rose ext.9500Gina Rose ext.9500

    From reading for Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and therapists for so long….some who refer their patients to me…..I can say that 75% will cheat again.
    However, for the other 25%….
    ….I HAVE seen people change for the better and never cheat, ( or touch alcohol or drugs, or gamble ) again. Those are the few who really want to better themselves and are willing to make the effort, invest the moeny in therapy, and…do the work.
    As far as Elizabeth goes….she reached the point of no return…the point when she could no longer live in a state of denial and keep her head buried in the sand. Her idiot husband, going public with his affair, was the straw that broke the camel’s back.
    You go Elizabeth !!!! With her Moon trine Mars…she has the strenght to carry on and find happiness.
    Her soon to be X-hubby though will go on to reap what he has sowed over the past many years…and it isn’t pretty.
    Blessed Be )O(…Gina Rose ext.9500

  38. Corrine Ext. 5194

    Hey Maryanne,
    I used the same term “serial cheater” before I read your post lol(it’s cool how we’re all on the same page with that). I like to believe people change, but there really is a psychology behind cheating, you could tell from reading your first paragraph. I agree each individual is different, and it really depends on the person, but they’re are some people you have that natural intuition with where you can just feel they’re not going to change. Those people are the “serial cheaters” I think… 🙁 I just wish people would learn from their mistakes, and I don’t feel people who cheat upwards of two times have that ability. I agree people should move on Vs. wait in cheating scenarios, but like you said everyone is different. I know if my husband cheated, I would have that tendency to wait around almost forever, I would be able to help myself. “the heart wants what it wants.” I guess in that sense I wouldn’t be able to take my own advice. :P. I’m such a loyal person, I just have that tendency to stick by people I’m with…but I wish I would have read this post years ago!! Instead of learning things the hard way on my own.
    -Corrine Ext. 5194

  39. Corrine Ext. 5194

    My opinion is that 90% of the time in relationships chronic cheaters will continue to cheat without remorse by definition, a chronic cheater would be someone who cheated upwards of three times during the relationship. Men and Women alike have the ability to change and become faithful in relationships if they’re emotionally investing themselves enough. Bottom-line, partners will continue to cheat until they feel remorse and guilt for cheating in the first place. If your partner will never feel remorse then they will continue to cheat. In my experiences personally and professionally, if you show your partner how devastated you are and how you’ll never be the same in a sense you could say “emotionally scarred” then usually they change their actions and stop cheating. However, if your partner doesn’t realize they made a mistake and keep living in the relationship as if nothing happened things will continue to be the same and nothing will change. Counseling helps the process, but nothing will ever “be the same” between you and your partner unless your working together to resolve the issues at hand. Motivations are different for everyone, some cheat because they’ve been cheated on, some because they’re searching for something better. The motivation behind the act isn’t important, I feel, the most important action would be showing your partner how devastated you are, show them your not going to take it and your out of the relationship for good. If they change it was meant to be and you’ll live together after you work out the issues happily. If they walk away like the relationship didn’t matter and show no remorse or guilt, you probably have a “serial cheater” on your hands and you’ll be better off healing. A person isn’t going to change unless they change themselves and have that strong drive and motivation. Some will realize their actions others won’t until it’s too late.
    -Corrine Ext. 5194

  40. anonymous

    I would really like to believe that people can change – if you love the person enough you will. But it’s been my experience that if a person cheats on you once, they’re bound to do it again. There was something either in the relationship on in the person himself (or herself) to make her cheat in the first place. Unless that is fixed, then the person will go on cheating.

  41. Psychic Maryanne Ext. 9146

    Enough is enough is different for each individual. Has the behavior of another caused us to lose self-esteem-not just for a day or two, but a long-term loss of self-esteem? Is the individual receiving any emotional support or love from their partner? Has the partner shown any efforts to change behavior that is damaging to the relationship or acknowledged that there is problem behavior occuring? These are the parameters for each individual to decide when enough is enough.
    After 39 years of working with people as a professional psychic, I must say I do not believe cheaters change. I would agree that there may be a small percentage of people who have cheated once or twice over a long marriage or relationship who may be able to change their behavior, but a serial cheater…..sad to say, but I don’t see change for a serial cheater.
    It does seem that people in powerful positions are vulnerable to becoming “seduced by the power” which may lead to destructive behavior of various types, including serial cheating.
    Whether it is better to stay or to go once again is a very individual decision. If long-term damage is occuring to one’s self-worth or causing sustained depression, it’s definitely better to go. My personal belief is that it is better to go and, in time, find a relationship where one is loved and cherished.
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