Affirmation Decks and How to Use Them

Affirmation Decks and How to Use Them | California Psychics

Seeking Solace

Often, when we are going through a period of difficulty, we need a little inspiration, an act of kindness, or a reminder that we are supported and cared for. We may get clarity from a psychic reading, or from receiving a call from a friend. What we are looking for in these moments is support, a feeling that we can get through a frustrating time knowing we will be all right.

Then there are the times where we want to attract something into our lives. This might be a new relationship, an exciting career change, or a project that we’d like to develop. We may have something from the past that we are trying to heal. All of these varied experiences, both positive and challenging, can bring us to the use of an affirmation deck.

Affirmations for Inspiration

All my clients know, as a psychic reader, I am very devoted to my tarot deck. I have been using the same type of deck that I studied with when I began learning at 13. But now and then I will add an affirmation deck to my readings. I’ve used several throughout the years and I believe they have an important function in inspiring my clients to move forward and create the lives they want.

Before we can talk about affirmation decks, it is important to define what an affirmation is. An affirmation is a statement that you make in present time to create or release something. Affirming in present time is very important to the affirmation process. Saying, for example, “I hope to one day have a new job that pays me well” puts the affirmation somewhere in the future – the new job may happen, but one day could be the day after tomorrow or next year!

Instead we affirm, “I have a wonderful job that pays me well” or “I am creating a job for myself that is abundant and fun!” which means that we are attracting that job right now. Affirming in the present tense doesn’t mean that the phone will ring the moment we affirm what we want, but as metaphysical teacher Louise L. Hay explains, an affirmation is like planting a seed in the ground. Every time we say the affirmation, we are watering it. We then begin to see the results of our affirmation – sometimes in big ways, sometimes small – as we continue to focus on what we want.

Making Your Own Affirmations

I will often encourage a client who is trying to bring some new experience into their lives to write their affirmations on 3 x 5 cards or post-its and place them in a few places around the house. For example, “I have a wonderful new relationship” right there on the bathroom mirror or the refrigerator door. But 3 x 5 cards usually aren’t as exciting as a beautifully designed deck, with images, symbols, and lovely, inspirational sayings. This is where an affirmation deck comes in.

Where to Look

Most affirmation decks can be found in the bookstore next to the tarot cards. Some are general while others can be related to a specific topic. For example, affirmation cards can specifically be about relationships, work, or about working on forgiveness.

One deck that I have personally enjoyed is psychic medium James Van Praagh’s, “Adventures of the Soul“ deck. The card for abundance reads, “I am a limitless being, and I can manifest whatever I desire in this physical reality.” It is orange and blue with a beautiful mandala pattern that I love to look at. Louise L. Hay, as I mentioned before, is one of the leading voices in understanding affirmations and has several wonderful decks to choose from. Some affirmation decks, like a few of those by Doreen Virtue focus on angels, guides, and psychic guidance. There are literally hundreds of decks to choose from.

Using Affirmation Decks

There is no wrong way to use an affirmation deck. Sometimes we may reach a point in our lives where we are focusing on a particular area we’d like to shift. If it is abundance we are seeking, we may put the abundance card beside our bed, or even just keep it in a pocket or purse to look at now and then. We may also do a general reading with our affirmation deck and ask the Universe what it is we need to affirm most at that time and then pick a card or two to focus on throughout the day. With the occasional negativity that can occur from our own habitual thinking patterns, an affirmation deck can remind us to focus on the positive, and on what we are grateful for.

A Helping Hand

A good affirmation deck is like having a positive friend who, when we feel a bit down, is there to say, “You can do it! I believe in you.” It is a wonderful gift we can give to ourselves. And if we can’t find the deck we are looking for, we can always create our own. Try working with an affirmation deck for even a week and see what happens!

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