A ‘Stand-Up’ Psychic

My wife is a trained stand-up comedian, and we’ve dedicated our lives to spreading knowledge through laughter and song. So one night at a comedy club, one comic suggested that we try to laugh and worry — at the same time. I tried it, and honestly, it’s impossible.

Laughter is by far the highest vibration there is because of the way it shifts you from anywhere you are. You can listen to music and be sad, you can be in love and be sad … But you cannot laugh and be sad.

The world of metaphysics is an untapped reservoir of comedy. I wish I had a quarter every time I looked at a metaphysical situation and said, “You know this stuff just writes itself!” Sometimes a joke will get stuck right in my throat Chakra.

It is now a standing joke with some friends, where I grab my throat and say, “It’s stuck!” I always try to be reverent … who am I kidding? No I don’t!

I have found though, that laughter shifts a person’s energy faster than any other tool I have. So let me tell you, as we say in Ireland, a “wee” story will get us started. We call the stories we get “Tales from the dork side.”

Most of the comedy I come across is always at my own expense, so we can begin there. Please look very closely for the lesson, as I’m sure there’s one in every story. As a metaphysician, I am always looking for signs from the other side in everything. This is not always an accurate thing to do, but it does make for some great comedic moments.

‘PB’ are the initials of the term ‘psychic boy,’ which is what my friends and family affectionately call me. I was wandering around the living room one evening in between client phone readings. I turned to my wife and said, “Do you hear that?”

“What!” She replied.

“That noise, like a high-pitched noise,” I continued.

“Well, I did for a second, but it’s gone now.”

I started walking around to determine where the noise was coming from and said, “It’s like it’s following me around.”

My wife began to laugh at me.

“You hear it don’t you, and you are just trying to drive me crazy!” I exclaimed.

She answers, still laughing, “No I don’t hear it, but watching you is very funny.”

I was looking up, asking my guides, “What are you trying to tell me?” They didn’t answer, I got nothing. So I gave up trying to figure it out, and I sprawled out on the couch in between calls. I bolted straight up again and yelled, “There it is again, you must have heard that. It just got louder!”

Again she said, “Sorry, no.”

I went to lie back down again, very frustrated, and I realized the headset from my phone was around my neck pressed against my ears. In that one short moment, I realized that the ‘paranormal noise’ was the phone that I left off the hook!

Now, how hard do you think my wife laughed at this point? She nearly peed her pants, right when she thought watching me couldn’t get any funnier.

So you see, it is important to always laugh at yourself, because life is way too important to be taken too seriously, and there is no reset button. Make your first run at it a good one. When in doubt, laugh first, and then cry if you have to. How you travel the journey is your choice, you can be happy or sad, so choose to be happy.

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