A Psychic Predicts Exotic Trip

I’ve had my fair share of readings, however my most recent reading with Psychic Charlie (who specializes in aura and energy work) was the first to send chills through my body and cause goosebumps to appear on my arms. I decided to try a newer psychic and Charlie had tremendous reviews … I was about to find out why.

Right away, Charlie read my aura. He said it was blue which I found out is linked to healing energy, and reflects a calm, peaceful person with lots of personal integrity … I liked the sound of that! Before I told Charlie anything, he surprised me with plans of an upcoming trip.

“A trip is coming up for you … somewhere far enough that you have to fly.” I agreed, bewildered that he caught on so quickly — I had been looking into vacation packages to celebrate my birthday at the beginning of July. “You’re going to Punta Cana.” Goosebumps trickled over my arms and down my spine as I sat in awe. I had just stumbled across this foreign piece of the Dominican Republic that very same morning. I had never heard of Punta Cana before and had a tab open on my computer full of Punta Cana resorts, as I spoke to Charlie.

“It’s going to change your energy field. Being by the water will loosen you up … when you get back, everything will be clear.” Charlie revealed. “Don’t let anything stop you from going on this trip — don’t delay it, don’t change the destination.” I was impressed by how certain he was and excited to abide by his rules.

As he tried to read more into my energy, he asked me if my legs were crossed. Indeed they were. “Ah, I can feel that. When you cross your legs, it blocks energy getting in.” He also told me I could do this when I’m in uncomfortable situations, or any other time I want to block out other energy. He said my angels are very protective of me and that I myself, posses angelic forces.

Charlie then proceeded to use Runes to confirm more details about my upcoming future. He asked me to close my eyes, and tell him when to stop picking the 10 Runes. They read that a lot of progress was coming up in my life and in my work. He cautioned me to be mindful of speaking, thinking and surrounding myself with any negative energy. When it came to love, interestingly enough he came up with the same description, right down to the name, that I had received in other readings. “It’s very possible you could meet this man on your trip.” I felt encouraged but didn’t want to get my hopes up … I guess it’s just another reason to commit to my Punta Cana adventure!

4 thoughts on “A Psychic Predicts Exotic Trip

  1. Justine

    Loved this! It’s always exciting when a psychic is dead on … way to go Charlie!!! I feel very excited for you Marjorie, sure sounds like there is a lot of confidence behind this trip. Regardless, I’m sure you will have an outstanding time.
    All the best 🙂

  2. Kell

    What a wonderful story. One of my friends went to Punta Cana and loved it. She said it is very beautiful. I hope you have an awesome trip.


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