Attracting Love with a Letter

Sally in Wisconsin writes,

I have had a difficult time with dating and have not found anyone that meets my standards. I tend to think back to my first love and wonder if he was the one that got away, and if I can bring him back. Do you have any advice on how my spirit guides can assist in bringing me a perfect companion?

Sally, you’re not alone. There are many lonely souls out there longing for affection and permanent companionship. Is your life “perfect” except missing that one important factor, LOVE? Bring a little, or a lot, of love into your life by sending a specially crafted love letter.

When you first stumbled upon this article, you may have continued reading while you had in mind a specific someone you wanted to attract: a high school sweetheart or new online acquaintance. If you want to proceed while focused on a specific person, first ask yourself, “Is my request realistic?” Is he already married? Do you really think Brad Pitt will come after you? Do you have any personal connection or link to this specific person that will make this union feasible? How do you plan on connecting with this individual, and how will the reality of this relationship unfold? Does this person have your email, phone number, or contact information? If not, accept the reality that this exercise will likely be unsuccessful.

I strongly recommend that you perform this exercise without focusing on someone specific. Although it is certainly permissible to focus your love-drawing technique on a specific person, it is my experience and belief that this exercise will be more successful if you are focusing on attracting qualities in an unknown person, rather than in a specific person. Feel free to create the “man of your dreams.” You may surprise yourself with how inspiring this exercise can truly be if you allow yourself to get carried away in the possibilities!

This exercise is best performed on a Friday, the day sacred to the Goddess Venus, the Goddess of Love.

1) Required tools
Begin by gathering a few pieces of paper (I prefer fancy/special paper), an envelope, and a red pen.

2) Specific person or specific qualities?
Formulate your ideas and intent for this love-drawing letter. Are you going to focus on a specific person, or on qualities you wish to find in a mate? Be very specific, and become clear on what it is you want in a relationship. Do you seek compassion? Financial support? A travel companion? Someone who speaks to you in poetic grace? A loving father? Fidelity? A racy night life? Someone to grow old with? Be completely honest with yourself. If you feel happiest in a relationship in which you are financially pampered, don’t be afraid to state that. The more honest you can be in identifying your qualities, the more honest, and therefore “real” this relationship will be.

3) Love connection
Now identify the type of connection you desire. Do you want this person to fall in love with you instantly, or do you want to begin dating at a slow, comfortable pace? What will the dating frequency be? What will you be doing? Will there be instant fireworks of intimacy, or do you prefer to adhere to conservative values while refraining until marriage? Do you want him to eventually marry you? Will there be children? Monogamy or an open sexual relationship? Independence or codependence?

4) Balance
Next, it is time for you to focus on what you are going to offer to the relationship. What will you share in return to maintain a cosmic balance? Do you tend to be more selfish, or more giving? Now is not the time to falsify your qualities. If you are selfish and more withdrawn, you may attract someone with a demanding work schedule, someone who actually appreciates your independence.

Is this aspect of the exercise difficult for you in any way? Is it hard for you to be honest and unveil qualities in yourself that you may think are not admirable? Perhaps you may have not been as clear or honest about these qualities in previous, unsuccessful relationships. Identify any mixed emotions that surface about your personality and decide whether this is an aspect of you that you want to maintain, or something you elect to change.

5) The love letter
After taking the appropriate time to properly identify the person you desire, how you will connect, and what you have to offer, it is now time to write this person a letter. Don’t worry, you are not going to actually mail it, but you are going to send it … energetically! Write the person you most desire a very sincere letter. You may even want to give them a name. Explain to them what you seek in them and how you perceive them to be. Continue by explaining how you would most like to connect or meet, and lastly, let them know what you will offer them in return. Sign your name as you magically seal the energy and powerful intent in this letter.

6) Deliver the letter energetically
Place the letter in the envelope and seal it.
Now you have several options for energetically sending this letter. Follow your heart, and select a method that seems most appropriate to you.
– Save the letter and place it in a special location.
– Deposit the unaddressed letter in the US Mail collection box.
– Bury the letter in your back yard.
– Read the letter out loud (can be done once or 100 times).
– Burn the letter.
– Send it out to sea, or down a river.
– Leave it in a location where you are likely to find someone matching your request.
– Post it on an personal or anonymous blog.

Who knows? Maybe among the thousands of people reading this exercise, there are two lonely souls, destined to meet, and by performing this exercise, (and a little help from the divine) they are drawn together. Are you one of them?


2 thoughts on “Attracting Love with a Letter

  1. Kathy

    Marin, I have a question. My psychic has informed me that my grandfather (in the next realm), has already found someone for me, and is waiting for me to “earn” him. I have a few tests, some spiritual growth to do before I’ll be ready, and I’m completely looking forward to and willing to go through whatever lies ahead. But I also like the idea of writing a letter as stated in this article; it would bring some clarity… and help me admit who I am deep down. But if Papa’s already found someone, is there any reason I should write a letter? Would or might I end up attracting someone else? Would there be a “conflict of interest” in any way?

    Love and Light

  2. Angel Fiyah

    Hi Marin,
    I absolutely love this idea. In fact I have written 2 love letters to the Universe. The 1st I tore up n thru away, but the 2nd has the energy n passion that I feel is needed 2 attract the mate that I seek. So I look 4wrd 2 meeting my man real soon. I know of a lady who wrote one and met her man within 2 months. AWESOME!!!!! Thank you so much 4 sharing this info with your readers. It is life changing.
    Blessed Peace n Love


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