5 Ways to Become Psychic

Many people think that psychic ability is a natural-born gift that is unattainable to those who simply, we’re not “born” with it. But oh no, no – that is not the way it works. It’s fair game when it comes to developing and honing ability – some people might have psychic experiences earlier in life but it still requires nurturing and practice much like someone who was born with a natural ability to shoot basketballs through a hoop.

Here are 5 fun ways to get you started…

Pretend (remember when you were a kid? that kind of pretending… believe it!)
Believe it or not, this can work. Pretending you’re psychic gets you open to the idea and allows you to view situations or obstacles in a new light. Imagine that you already knew the outcome of a decision, for example, ‘should I or should I not go on this date tonight?’ If I pretend I’ve foreseen what the date will be like (and of course, it would go marvelously to suit my expectations) then going on the date could end up exactly how I predicted it. It helps immensely to play out your desired result prior to making a choice – it can prompt the universe to start moving things in the direction you want.

No more fear (Fear, fear go away, I’m sorry, you are not welcome back another day)
Fear is the enemy. There is just no way around it. It hinders us from so much! Realizing your fears (spiritually and psychic wise) will open many doors for your ability to shine. Part of becoming psychic is learning how to be completely open (both in heart and in mind) and accepting information as it comes. Don’t try to control, don’t fight the universe, and take everything day by day. Begin to deal with circumstances with no fear within strategy or result. This will develop your strength in receiving messages from the universe (which we all do but are more often then not, unaware of it)

Meditate (Too obvious? Maybe not…)
Meditation is by far the most effective exercise to practice in order to enhance psychic ability. Not only that, but it is incredibly good for you. In reality, we all should be mediating, at least twice a day. It would do the world wonders. Aside from that, meditation (when done properly) will definitely increase your awareness, communication with the universe (or God, the divine, the Spirit, the force, etc), sensitivity to energy (both your own and of others) and balance you in all three key areas – body, mind and soul. There are several forms of meditation … try different ones to see which works best for you.

Pay attention (… and listen up!)
This goes hand in hand with meditation because through meditation, you will see things in a clearer light which will lead to the “knowing” you’re looking for. Be conscious of everything going on around you – the people you meet, the signs you see, the music you hear, the feelings you get, and even the things people say. Start to view all of it as valuable information … from the universe. Training yourself to be conscious is a lot harder then you think. It means toning down distractions and allowing yourself to be present.

Study (Wake up! It’s time for school…)
Understanding psychic lingo, tools, exercises, and concepts is important. Could you imagine trying to be a better piano player, doctor, financial expert etc. if you didn’t study it? It would take you years! Start researching psychic topics via books, the web (CP!), begin to have interactions with working psychics, and even attend seminars or classes. Looking at the different tools psychics use will be helpful – begin to learn about the Tarot, Runes, the pendulum or crystals. Any information that will deepen your understanding of psychic ability will aid you greatly in working with what you’ve got!

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