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in love with a taurus

Learning to capture the heart of a Taurus, the Bull, doesn’t take much because they’re rather difficult to resist. Their sensuality is legendary, but so is their temper. Their sensuality is legendary (think Penelope Cruz, Michelle Pfeiffer, Cate Blanchett and George Clooney). Their temper is also legendary when they’re pushed too far. Nonetheless, the beautiful Bull is hard to resist. If you want to capture the heart of a Taurus, here are some things you need to know.

Get physical
Love combined with plenty of physical attention is the Taurus version of Heaven. As a super-sensual Earth sign, it’s no surprise that Taurus has a deep well of sexuality within their psyche. They may not be the most adventurous in bed, but their responsiveness is unmatched. Just caressing their hand or lightly stroking their hair will set a Taurus on fire.

With artsy Venus as their ruler, Taurus basks in a beautiful ambiance, complete with enticing music, candlelight and (think sensual again) scrumptious food and drink. Luxuriously soft sheets will keep your Taurus happy, too. What’s more, Taurus has a deep appreciation of nature, from a walk in the woods to the scent of freshly cut grass. So when pursuing a Taurus, keep in mind that they’re highly attuned to all things physical.

Be yourself
Although the Bull is their symbol, Taurus has an infallible BS detector. If you come off the least bit phony, attempting to appear more successful, knowledgeable, confident or together than you really are, your Taurus will look you straight in the eyes in a manner that leaves no doubt you’re full of baloney. Nevertheless, if your Taurus feels connected to you, either by friendship or something deeper, they will accept you just as you are. Period. That’s one of their best qualities. Rarely will they strive to change someone they care for. You can have a history of naughty behavior, failed romances or dismal professional prospects, but if you have a good heart, your Taurus will respond to it.

That’s not to say that Taurus has infinite patience. Well, close to infinite — their steadfastness is the core of their personal power — but they have their limits if you continually mess up. That’s because Taurus will only respect a partner who has inner strength and integrity. You can make mistakes and still gain their love, but you’d better be disciplined in pursuing your goals and centered in who you are.

Be consistent
An important thing to know about Taurus is their need for security. The one thing Taurus hates nearly as much as phoniness is unreliability. As a fixed Earth sign, Taurus is the least adaptable sign of the zodiac. (Scorpio comes in a close second.) They don’t do well with people who break promises, even if that promise is just a dinner date at 7 p.m. (not 7:20, mind you). If you must change or cancel a date, you’d better have an exceptionally good reason. Nothing short of total incapacitation will do.

Speaking of security, financial reliability is a must for Taurus as well. Not financial wealth necessarily (although your practical Taurus would certainly appreciate that), but they need financial dependability and stability to feel safe with you. Second only to emotional turmoil (don’t even think of cheating on them), nothing rattles a Taurus more than financial upheaval. It strikes at the core of their need for security. Your Taurus will stand by you through every imaginable challenge, but too much instability will have them reeling and will make them shut down emotionally.

Fight fair
Think your dependable, good-natured Taurus is incapable of getting angry? Think again. Whoever thought up the saying “like a bull in a china shop” undoubtedly encountered a riled up Taurus. They can lift the roof off a building with their anger, but you’ll have to push your Taurus pretty hard into a corner before they lose control. Fight fairly, without unnecessary fireworks, and you’ll be able to work through any relationship issue with your Taurus.

Perhaps most important, Taurus is ruled by Venus, the planet of love. If you love your Taurus with your body, mind and soul, you’ll capture their heart and keep it forever.

32 thoughts on “Capture the Heart of a Taurus

  1. Charlene

    I am in love with a Taurus man who doesn’t seem to notice me. I have changed myself a lot to the extent of straining myself just to attract him, but he never seems moved. After reading this article, I realize that my chances of winning the heart of my Taurus crush will increase if I become more real. I will be consistent until I get a date from him 🙂 Couldn’t be happier.

  2. Christina Simonton

    I am was friends with a Taurus man for 7 years he told me he unfriend me because he’s married but I was friends with him before his marriage I don’t understand this did he have a interest in me and is hiding it from me because quite honestly u don’t unfriend someone because ur married he asked me a few years ago to come over to his place he leaned in with a big smile someone that’s a Taurus male please tell what the deal is here iam confused

  3. Rys

    To be with a Taurus:

    In love with a Taurus, have been for nearly a decade.
    We fit like puzzle pieces, and when on rare occasion those puzzle pieces get put together in the wrong direction…which they do sometimes… we still know there is a very deep rooted trust, loyalty, and instinct that those pieces will eventually get put back in the right direction.

    This is part of the trust and experience of learning with a Taurus. It’s intense, it’s amazing, it’s deep, it’s real life.
    There is an unstoppable-ness about us as a pair. A constant creativity, a love, a passion, a solidarity, as well as a very respectable need for space. Each of us strives to give each other the space we each need (the respect for introversion). We try new things on our own and bring it back to talk about and inspire the relationship.

    Intimacy and sensuality are a big big big part of the communication. Taurus is almost constantly in need of sensual experience. I love this very much. There is never a question that we are connected if we take time to physically connect. This doesn’t mean sex. Sex is important, but never the only connection point (although a Taurus does crave it quite often when “in love”, and when they are unleashed they certainly are a powerhouse who goes and goes…Beware).

    In general though, caring touch is so important for the Taurus connection and stability. Less words more touch. The emotional connections are mostly made in the practical way of actions; doing things that result in a tangible outcome. Expression through actions mostly. I have a deeper need to show romantic and expressive gestures, which I know touches her…deeply I think, most of the time.
    Although that is not her natural instinct of expression, to be wordy or “romantically mushy”.
    Instead she would be the one to make breakfast in bed, make sure the sheets were clean, make the house looks amazing, cook an incredible meal that we indulge in. And maybe after all that, happily snuggle… and maybe some really good bedroom time. Mostly actions and active expression for her.

    Also, never “say” you will do something and then not follow through. First off, that’s just a bad life practice, but with a Taurus…it will destroy any and all hope of a relationship (of any kind)

    There’s no reason to even try to fake it with a Taurus. As patient as they are, they have no time for BS, it’s just totally inefficient and “below them” (at least thats true with my Taurus – it’s totally hot too.)

    Just be real, keep your word, get things done in a timely fashion, , and most important: TAKE PRIDE IN YOURSELF AND WHAT YOU DO.
    The Taurus will immediately be proud of you, and be proud to be with you.
    Commitment to loyalty and solidarity, through thick and thin, firey disagreements…life; a Taurus is in it for the long game.
    My Taurus, she is priceless.

  4. Ada

    Hi I met my Taurus amount or two ago. We have been involved sexually at least once or twice a week. Problem is I found out he is married. He said he’s crazy about me and has filed for divorce but it takes 5 to 6 months. I have tried to keep my distance until divorce parts come through but everytime he needs me I’m there. I just pray he loves me and that he is not stringing me along.

  5. Rajni Sharma

    Hi, My name is Rajni iam actually in madly and serious love with Tauras Man. I got his Interest from matrimonial site and in return i have accepted his interest .After looking at his profile i was not feel like checking any other profile for marriage for the first time …so many times when iam alone i cried for him too i really want him to be my life partner no one else as my family is looking for life partner for me through various matrimonial sites.After few days specially for him i have upgraded the membership so that i can express my true feelings and emotions ,i did the same and even he read my e-mail too but i haven’t got any response yet now iam in US for my business trip but mentally i am always thinking about him and quite worried also whats going on in his mind? Is he annoyed with me that i have expressed my feelings to him or why he is not responding me ? Iam very tensed because i really dont want to loose him i respect him and his family a lot and wanted to his better half .Please advice what to do to make him understand that i really love him a lot.

  6. Dave

    My wife is a Taurus. We have been married 5 years and recently separated in the fall and she wants a divorce. Our relationship over the last couple years has declined on the intimate level – nothing serious like an affair or anything, but she felt like I was ignoring her & I felt the same way about her. I wish I had read these sites sooner. She still has feelings and cares for me just not in an intimate way; she still wants a relationship but more on the friend level. We are going to counseling, but haven’t seen any positive results. I don’t know if I can get her back. I have been trying to be more attentive to her, which she likes but nothing in return. I feel hopeless.

  7. ConfusedTaurusGirl

    I met a taurus online about two years ago. We talked on the phone and I felt an instant connection. Because of our circumstances at the time though, we didn’t meet in person. We just met late last month and the connection I felt over the phone was even more so in person. It felt like we had known each other for years. I was 100% comfortable with him. We kissed and felt each other up a bit nothing serious. Now I’m confused. When we’re in person, we’re ridiculously relaxed and comfortable. Like it’s the best feeling in the world being around him. But I can’t get him off my mind and when we’re apart, we don’t text or talk unless I initiate it and it’s seeming like I’m the one initiating us hanging out. He is receptive for the most part but I feel strange putting in all the work and not knowing if he’s feeling me as much as I am him. This taurus man is everything that I’ve dreamed of. He’s smart and nerdy but he has the coolest vibe. He’s sensual and sexy and he makes me laugh and feel comfortable. I just wish I knew what he’s thinking or if he’s as into me as I am into him.

  8. Ashley

    @miss pops, as a taurus myself, I can safely tell you that your taurus man likes you, we’re just a bit more sensitive then we put out. We’re not very good at expressing emotion and figure we’re rather boring through writing. We also like having the attention of having others text first. I’m like that too… It’s mostly because I’m not sure if my bf will be busy when I text or not, I don’t want to be a bother or get in anyone’s way, so I figure he’ll text me if he wants to or gets the chance. Hope this helped!

  9. Miss pops

    I have just found this site, i have been kind of having a thing with a taurus man, i’m a 40 yr,old scorpio, & he’s 62, may i add a very young 62, i am although living in the same house in the process of seperating from my hubby, this taurus man has me totaly confused, wen i’m with him it is completley.amazing on every level he makes me the only woman in the world, he makes me feel so wanted, but wen i leave it can be days before i even get a text & only wen i text him first, wats that about !

  10. Advice

    I been seeing my taurus man for awhile. He known each other for 10 years. So its great because we can talk & share things like friends. I’m a cap, btw.

    Well in the beginning things were great. Then it slowly decreased. The calls/text started to become less. I would only hear from
    Him once in awhile.
    We finallu talked & he said he loves me (first time he ever said the “L” word but he isn’t in the right place to be in a relationship.
    We continued to be friends. But nothing changed. We still talked & acted the same.
    I told him I’m still going to wait for him no matter what. He said don’t wait. Have fun. But don’t get attached to anyone because we’ll be together again?!
    Confusing much?!
    Long story short, i love him. He knows that. We finally did more than just hug each other. After, the text/calls increased again. He started saying I love you more, etc. but now, I’m at square one again. Its slowly going down again.
    I don’t know what to do anymore!!

  11. A

    I am seeing T for a marriage he’s go getter & won my heart in the first meeting like a prince charming… Hopefully things works out well betwen us then will be getting marreid, but i dont see that keeness to marry or the great reason to marry me… He’s got amazing personality good job… ??? I am confused as to what to do?? Pls pray for me to take right decision in my life…(your advises would help) Lol Anna

  12. Kate Friday

    Joylin, no man is an island. Don’t let any man turn into your “everything”. That will turn a man off like dousing his erection with ice water!

    Men like inependant woman that have their own goals and can take care of themselves. It turns them on!

  13. Nancy Pittman

    I met a Taurus man on an online dating sight. After a couple of weeks, many texts and a couple of phone calls, he came to my office to meet me. A month later we met for drinks and some touching and kissing. He told me I was very sexy and that I scared him.This man is ingrained in my heart after only a little time spent together. I can’t get him off my mind. The texting continued but every time I asked if he wanted to meet or hang out, he would put me off or avoid the issue altogether. Now the texts have slowed and only a call every couple of weeks. Some of the texts he sent were pretty hot and heavy, and things he told me about what he wants have sent mixed messages. It he interested and taking his sweet, agonizing time, or blowing me off?

  14. lis

    I’m a female Taurus. I love you.hate u. Except from u. No matter who u r in my life. I push. Challenge. Provoke. U don’t like. ? Go. No one is asking u here. U stay. U better be good. U know I don’t deAl with investment well. U better prove u cAre. Love me. U bitch. Bye. I have passion. Strength in mothering. I’m scared of getting hurt. U will b asked for.proof. l won’t bitch on u. I won’t BS u. K I commit for life. We figure out where later. Show me ur worth. Or go away if ur scared. I conquer

  15. Queen B

    I just read this article, and it was right on the money. Everything about it was true. And people say astrology isn’t true. Please!! I’ve been dating an Aquarius for 8 mths now. He was perfect for 4 and half mths. My problem with him is his inconsistency and honesty. It has fallen off significantly. I feel we r soulmates though. We haven’t gone thru anything major, but he ticks me off constantly with this new behavior.

  16. Jan

    my taurus bf is not jealous, so he says but he sure has an intense stare and he is such a wonderful guy i am a scorpio. he so far has never lost his temper and he is very balanced and in control and i am in control too 🙂 its a cool combination and he is the most caring and sensitive guy i have ever met. sensitive to my feelings and so wonderful. 😉

  17. mary

    i’m a leo dating ataurus 4several months i’m very much tuned into him . but he live so far away. we allows each other 2b themsleves n we get alng great.. yes i miss him terrible but u learn 2 except them the way they r. n yet love each other.with him i ‘ve learned how 2 bring this best out n each other it works 4 us. just b u . if it meant 2 work no sign matter wether it a leo n a taurus r virgo n a cancer.

  18. Jan

    I just read this article and I too, am a Taurus (woman), and this really rang true for me! I was in a 13 yr relationshp with a Picses, and for most of those years, it felt like “heaven on earth,” until one day it ended and I am still feeling the sting of it…I thought it woiuld last forever and with all the “romance,” that came with it. It’s going to be awhile before I get invloved again!!

  19. Mark

    Having read your description of a Taurus fits me to a perfect T. i have been dating a Libra for several months now, and life with her is like heaven on earth, she’s both loyal, affectionate, and caring as well. we have had a couple of of ups and downs but i am confidant we will overcome these differances.. i feel as if we are soulmates and meant for each other.. can any one offer any insite on our future together?? i love her with all my heart and never want to ever loose her.

  20. Michael Rhoden

    Man for ever it’s worth, This Taurus just spent 45 minutes spilling his guts out to the world and I was closing out saying GOOD BYE, and how right you were, then BOOM your website just kicked me off, man that sucked I wrote from the shattered heart that’s glued back together for the first time, and right when I was about to click the (Leave a Comment) it kicked me off, all I can hope for is somehow it got saved…..ROll Tide from ALABAMA
    With LOVE to the world,
    Michael Rhoden

  21. TBN

    This is the first time i have ever read this and when I say this is a TRUE TAURUS! I am a Taurus and you described me to the T! Love it…

  22. Dru

    Hey Joylin, I read your situation and I feel for you. I am a taurus man and I know we are not all exactly the same. If the issue between you is that you cheated on him then he is mentally not yours anymore. In that case you should try to box your feelings for him up and file them away because you do not want a taurus man who is not yours mentally. You would be better off alone. If that is not the case then he may think there is something about you that doesn’t sit right with him and until he either decides he wants you more or you stop doing what that thing is he will not come back or will come back and ruin you. My advice to you is to occupy yourself with something positive so when your orbits meet again you are more exciting then before. DO NOT DATE ANY OTHER MAN during this separation unless you want it to be over and have no intent on getting back together because if he is just experiencing technical difficulty he will see it as you cheating on him and be out again. I hope you find peace

  23. Haydee

    Well, Carrie, I am a Cancer and I was married to a Taurus for 15 years and he left me and our two boys for someone else. Now he is not with her anymore. But you are absolutely right, once they make up their mind, they are unlikely to go back. Whether they know they did right or wrong.

  24. Meadow

    I’ve been reading the comments about Taurus posted here. One thing important to remember is that an old soul or younger soul really does not have much bearing on the character of any particular sign. You can not judge a sign by its sun only. There are many planet alignments at the time of each persons birth, which have great bearing on their character and personality. How old your soul is does not come into play. It is a direct correlation of the energy that was present at your birth. I have heard that fidelity, can be an issue for many taurus males. This does not seem to affect female Taurus’, NOR all male Taurus’. You also will see a transition in every human being, regardless of their astrological sign, from birth to adulthood, based on how they were raised and their personal experiences.

  25. Lupe

    joylin i just read your story and i wish you the best, if he really loves you he will come back to you, you are lucky somehow because the two of you are taurus our sign of love. i am a taurus and want to meet another taurus. I am having the same problem like you , i met a man in sept. i felt in love but he has to leave Canada, went back to Mexico, he told me that he loves me a lot and we talk on the phone everyday, he used to say , he never met a woman like me who made him feel really well in every way and he will never leave me no matter what, but since he left on nov.20 he haven’t called me and i am getting angry and don’ t want to think about bad think are happening. If I were you, i will wait for him after work and see what is going on nothing is better than the truth even if is really painful, wish you the best

  26. Lee

    Thats not good he is not returning your call if he is stil interested in you he would return your call. I have ben a relationship with a Taurus for sometime now, I had to put him out, however he constanly call me, I talk to him but would not let him come back. He has to make changes in his life. I can’t wait for that to occur so I have taken other steps to make me happy. I am doing constructive things that keeps me busy. I am now focus and things are moving great.The key is for you to BE HAPPY WITHIN YOUR SELF.

  27. Lee

    Most of the things you said about a Taurus is true. However being a Cancer I donot like one lying to me ,promise you can’t keep and being disrespecful. HE have not settle down yet. What makes him unable to recognize this himself? I had to put him out but he keep calling me. I always talk to him when he calls. He keep making excuses as though I am to blame. I can not take him back until he make changes in his life and realize this. Until that occur he cannot come . What is your advice?

  28. Carrie

    Well Joylin, with Taurus, once they make up their mind, they are unlikely to go back. The small issues–were they repeated issues that you both had discussed? It does not matter how long you have been in a relationship with a Taurus. I was married for 19 years and we had issues that came up yearly. No real resolution, finally I left a man who I loved, but could no longer tolerate the issues that were ultimately hurting my family (my children and I). It could be that he has found someone else who he has fallen in love with and when Taurus falls, look out. I think a married Taurus would think things through before leaving one person for another, however, an unmarried Taurus might think they had some ‘wiggle room’–especially the male version of a Taurus. I think there are great differences between the male and female signs and of course, there is a difference in human spiritual development, which may alter a sign’s characteristics. If he is not fully evolved, he may not be exactly what you think. I am an old soul and very much a Taurus–the good points most of the time. My mother was a young soul and was many of the negative aspects of the Taurus sign. I used my mother to know how not to act.

    Don’t pine. However, as a Taurus, I know you will, for a long time perhaps, but you will eventually move on if this does not work out and later you will see the significance of this moment.

  29. joylin

    I am going through a problem with my Taurus boyfriend, am also Taurus myself. we are in a relationship for the past 5 years and planing to get married soon, till this April some small issues came across and since then i have not heard from him, and he did not even say whether is over or not, whenever i call his phone he does not pick my call neither reply my mail since. i send him message to apologies many time but he does not want to talk to me, i even report to one of his closer friend and he said to his friend that he is busy and will get back to me when he is less busy. I want advice what should i do, i really love this guy and i dont want to lose him, i notice that he is my everything and without him i look empty. please i need advices of what to do to get his love back so that peace will come between us. waiting for everybody advices thank you all


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