Tips for Your Best Reading

We put this question out to our entire psychic team! They agreed on several points to help you help yourself get the best reading possible. Callers who repeatedly have great readings are relaxed… they call from a quiet, private spot… they give themselves time to focus and many meditate prior to calling. A negative or skeptical attitude and testing a psychic with trick questions were at the top of their list of ways to diminish the quality of a reading.

Here’s what our psychics said:

Be open
“Callers, especially when they are new at getting readings, often try to direct the psychic’s answer,” says Jesse (ext. 9027). Attempting to get a psychic to give you the answers you want instead of the answers you need, will only cloud the energy you project, thus making the reading very difficult.”

“Allow yourself to receive the information. You need to be open and ready to hear the truthful answer,” says Donna (ext. 9448). “Sometimes the truth hurts… and arguing about the predicted outcome serves no purpose. Psychics don’t create the future, we just tell you what to expect based on your current path. You have the power of free will to change that.”

“Try not to censor or direct what the psychic is saying, suggests Tammy (ext. 9380). “Saying ‘no that’s impossible’ to something without allowing more information or clarity to arise, blocks energy and a better understanding of the clues the psychic is receiving. However, if the reading is taking a direction that you don’t want to go in, it is helpful to redirect it by asking for more information about what it is you want the answers to.”

Make a good connection 

“The best questions are specific. All too often I have clients who want to know ‘What’s going to happen?’ or “What are they going to do?’ says Chloe (ext. 9421). “A better question is ‘What do I need to understand about this situation, which is (fill in the blank) to help me get what I really want, which is (fill in the blank)?”

Find the perfect psychic
Finding someone you click with is so very important, our psychics say. The biographies are a step in that direction, but our Customer Service reps know us well. They are not just there for general information, they are also highly skilled in helping you find a reader that fits your personality and style!

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