Sex Q&A: All She Wants is Sex

Mike writes:

I have been seeing a girl for months, and all she wants is sex. We go out sometimes and she calls me her boyfriend — we also usually talk on the phone at least once a day, but once in a while we’ll go a day without talking. Is this normal?

I love this girl, she has no kids, never married, and is very independent. She has a stressful job, but makes good money and works on Wall Street. We are both the same age (54) — however, I feel that she doesn’t express herself as much as I do … What should I do?


Thank you so much for this fascinating inquiry. Whether you know it or not, you are one lucky fellow. I feel this woman is a lady of much substance and passionate erotic response. I sense she is a very aggressive lover — a vibrant and primal energy form just pulsating with life. She is versatile, controlled yet unbridled, and able to captivate and devour her lover when the lights are low.

I also sense that she knows exactly what her life is, what she wants it to be, and has no problem adjusting the variables as she goes. She’s competitive. She’s vital. And for some men, she’s downright frightening.

Please don’t be such a man, Mike. She likes you, she likes your spirit and your fortitude, and your solid inner strength. She’s chosen you as a mate for this season, and if you do well at work, you will be kept around for a good while.

But make no mistake … Try to restrict this one … give her an ultimatum of any sort … and she’ll be rid of you in a heartbeat. I suggest you enjoy her. Quit telling her how you feel and show her instead. This woman likes action, not words. She’s had plenty of men tell her nice things. She puts little stock in it. If you really want to impress her, insist on doing things for her … manly things. Invite her to join you in a really sweaty workout. Take her to the mountains for a weekend.

Buy her presents, because I see she has a very healthy appetite for the finer things, and even if she can afford to buy them for herself, the gesture will be much appreciated. She’s never going to be a conventional girl. Don’t try to make her one. I see the two of you together for a few years, perhaps more. She isn’t into giving up her empowerment — and never expect her to. Just by having the privilege to mate with a woman like her, you gain everything.




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