Red Responds: How You Can Get a Raise

Should You Stay or Go?

Edith from Richlands, NC asks:

I’ve been working for the same employer over a year now. When I first interviewed for the job, I was promised a sizable raise, which never took place. The raise was part of the hiring verbal agreement. My employer is aware of my current financial distress due to my current rate of pay. Instead of giving me the raise promised, my employer has decided to hire a part-time assistant to aide in the increase of work. I know the obvious thing to do is to seek employment elsewhere. However, local employers are advertising many positions with higher pay than what I’m already earning. I am at a crossroads here. Should I seek employment else where or should I stay where I’m at?

Psychic Red ext. 9226 Responds:

Dear Edith,

I am sorry about your current predicament. Unfortunately, your situation isn’t uncommon. Sure, we all want to believe that the people and corporations we align ourselves with professionally will honor their words, but the best way to ensure the maintenance of integrity is to have those words in written, contract form.

Your situation is a little tricky, because it looks as if, for the most part, you like your job and the conveniences it offers. It also appears that you are liked and respected. Your current position and employer do appear as fairly stable, so you have a realistic platform of job security. The downside, really, is the pay, and your feelings of resentment and betrayal. For the most part, you outwardly deal well with the emotional aspects of the situation, but there are two people who have noticed a subtle changes in your attitude. This is something that you need to be aware of to avoid increased tension, because it looks as if you will continue on with your current position for several more months, at the minimum. Basically, stay professional, continue to work hard, and continue to smile – especially when you feel like screaming. While this won’t always be easy, it will be beneficial to you.

Even though your employer knows you are having some financial struggles, your shift in mood and attitude has been looked at more along the lines of stress. So, even though you are still perceived as doing a good job, your manager is choosing to bring in outside help to assist in the workload rather than increase your salary. At the present time, the terms of your employment, which includes your raise, isn’t bearing any weight. Largely because past conversations and discussions aren’t essentially provable, and another body can increase productivity. Rather than continue frustrating yourself by trying to sway them into living up to their past promises, begin building your case showing them through your current actions that you are a huge asset to the company for the work you have done, as well as the work you are doing. Strategize to “fight” for what is due to you calmly and professionally. Keep in mind that your personal financial struggles are just that – personal. This is information you should not share with anyone at work, because as long as it is known that you need an increase in pay, you are creating an opening to have your actions and behaviors misinterpreted.

While you are making these changes at work, you really should be networking and applying for other positions. You are qualified, have a good reputation, and present exceptionally well – when you put your mind to it. The reality is, you are the only one who is going to look out for yourself and your financial health. Having a plan “B” may be a little bit of a pain in the butt, but also gives you more of an advantage. Put forth your new job search very quietly. It only becomes leverage once you are offered a position with another company, which you will be, but not until June, and that’s only if you start your search within the month of February.

By changing your attitude and behaviors at work, and looking elsewhere, you will create a pretty significant shift in energy. What this means to you is that in March, when you sit down in a formal meeting with your boss, you will be armed and ready to present yourself in such a manner that you will get a raise. Bear in mind that your company is in the business to make money, and they do have their limitations, but you will come out happily ahead of the game and your personal financial situation will become much easier. Better still, when you are offered a new job in June, which does look like a good opportunity. You may be surprised to learn that you actually are valued by your employer, because they will offer you another small increase in hopes that you will stay.

Brightest Blessings,


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4 thoughts on “Red Responds: How You Can Get a Raise

  1. hommedollars

    Dear Red.
    Thanks a million for this article.I took all my time to read and digest the content.Just as you mentioned this woman’s situation is not uncommon.I have same case too and its like you were talking to me directly.But please if you still have more suggestions,do not hesitate to drop it by.
    Thanks for the advice and stay blessed.

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  3. Vicki Hixon

    Dear RED,

    I have been looking for a job for a year now and i have lost my car due to not having enought to pay for it. I have had interviews but nothing has came through can you tell me if there is going to be one soon to come open for me please.

    I also have another question please…

    I have a friend that states that he will help me get another car but he is dragging his feet and puttung things off . I just want to know if he is going to really come through with this or not? You see i helped him in the past and he has promised to help me but hasnt done anything but tell me to give him money.

    If you can help me with this i would really appreciate it alot

    He know i have been struggling and its like he dont care but he wants me to eventually become his wife.


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