Red Responds: Did You Miss Your Chance at True Love?

Don’t Let Love Get Away From You

Dawn from Toronto asks:

I’m wondering why I can’t see what blocks love from me, as I do believe I met my soul mate. I always wanted him to be happy. Did I slip up or miss something, or was this karmic and it’s completed?

Psychic Red ext. 9226 Responds:

Dear Dawn,

Not all loves are meant to last. Some are simply meant to help us grow. The man you see as your soul mate isn’t truly your soul mate, but more along the lines of someone with whom you have a great deal of karma. I’m sorry to tell you that I don’t see the glow of marriage, or “happily ever after” energy between the two of you. Try to appreciate that you didn’t make some mistake that altered your course, and use that knowledge to find the will to move forward and not look back. The reality is, if the two of you had invested more deeply in a relationship, he would only have caused you more pain.

If you are truly ready and willing to make changes in your life to remove the blocks that hinder your love life, I truly wish to encourage and support you. The first step to remove the energetic blocks that repeatedly cause you romantic complication is re-learning how to love yourself. The validation you crave isn’t going to come from a relationship, or the attention that is thrown your way, but it will come from rediscovering the love and goodness that lies deep inside of you.

Your love life is going to be troubling until you learn how to let go of the past and appreciate your own value. It’s not always arrogant or egotistical to put yourself above others. And, it’s certainly not arrogant or egotistical to appreciate your own value—something you seem to be having a bit of trouble with. Work on that. When you come to a place where you can truly love and honor yourself, for all your strengths and your weaknesses, love is going to flow more actively around you. Remember to aim high, because you have a history of aiming low. Decide now that you aren’t going to do that anymore, that you are deserving of a lover who meets or exceeds your expectations and desires and you will discover that you have more options than you dreamed possible.

It’s true that some people have a much easier time with love and relationships than others. Sometimes it’s as simple as luck and timing. Other times it’s the intervention of destiny or reward of intent and hard work. Whatever the case, we all have the ability to change ourselves, and our circumstances. Things in life and love tend to fall into place, especially when we take the initiative to line up the pieces.

Brightest Blessings,


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