Red Responds: Clear Away the Negative in Life

We always have negativity in our lives. Learning to deal with that and eliminate it is a powerful tool as Red explains.

Remember to Take Care of You During a “Beastly” Time

Robin from Gainesville, Florida asks:

Am I under a curse? I have had difficulties in employment, health and family for the past 12 –14 years. I am now being laid off after literally saving a non-profit from closing its doors. I was not paid for all the time I have worked there and have been told I will not get my severence pay unless I handle the transition of outsourcing my part of the work. This is after a couple of years of harassment and abuse from my boss. Of course I stay for the paycheck and am doing the work, but I am physically and emotionally sick on a daily basis. Sometime I feel as if this is the final blow to enable me to let go of my physical life. Can you give me any insight into improving my future or let me know if I have a future? Thank you for your time. If you would like more help getting the negative things out of your life call Red or one of our other psychics now.

Psychic Red ext. 9226 Responds:

Dear Robin,

I’m going to start out by saying that even though I do see you having a future, it does not negate my responsibility to inform you that if you are in any way thinking about harming yourself, please call the suicide prevention hotline at 1-800-273-8255. I’m not going to sit here and tell you that you have it easy, but I can tell you that your life—the part that is ahead of you—is worth living. Secondly, while I don’t see anything/anyone around you that indicates you are cursed, for legal reasons, I couldn’t tell you if I did. So, while I’m boldly skirting a very fine line here, let’s just say you’re lucky! Well, lucky as far as your opening question goes…

I strongly want to encourage you to have your natal chart done because it feels as if you do have some astrological influences that seem to be creating havoc. We have some amazing astrologers working on the line here at California Psychics, so I strongly suggest you spend some time looking through their bios to see if you feel drawn towards any particular astrologer. If you have any doubts or confusion, please call and speak with a Customer Service Representative, because these people are quite incredible when it comes to matching people up with the correct advisor. Don’t hesitate to reveal that you are looking for an astrologer that likes to dive more deeply into their charting and calculations of not only the planets, but also some of the more influential asteroids. I’m telling you this because I believe you will benefit greatly from deeper astrological insights. I also want to encourage you to avoid many of the do-it-yourself chart websites that are available, because they aren’t going to offer you the depth or explanations that will best serve you. You need a skilled human who will go beyond just the basics.

From a psychic point of view, I can tell you that you have a lot of negative energy hanging around you, but a great deal of that is in place due to your own frustrations and your emotional pack-rat tendencies. I wouldn’t consider this to be anything less than normal, under the circumstances. Just as cleaning the clutter from your home and closets clears up and rids some negative energy, clearing out your mind does the same thing. Meditation, yoga and breathing exercises are all quite beneficial to help clear out the mental cobwebs and lower vibrations that can attract and/or hold negative energies.

When it comes to your work arena, do what you have to do, for yourself. As much as it sucks, you need to understand that other people don’t think like you, and companies most certainly don’t and won’t think like you. Sadly, it is a dog-eat-dog world out there, especially in business. And, you have made it way too easy for far too long to take advantage of you. I know you don’t want to make waves, and you are selective about confrontations, but sometimes you have to stand up for yourself, and you have to learn to say “No!” In many ways, you care too much in an uncaring environment. While that may make you a better human being, it doesn’t afford you justice. It’s not right, it certainly isn’t fair and karma ian’t always fast-acting.

Your mind and body are trying to tell you it’s time for a change. While you need a paycheck, you also need to be balanced and healthy enough to enjoy it. And, since you actually have a pretty long future ahead of you, now is the time to start making changes that benefit you. If you stick things out at work, you’ll get your severance. They’ll make you wait for it, but you’ll get it. There’s really no wise and viable option to bring suit against your boss, the company and a couple of co-workers who deserve it, because the legal fees would ultimately break you down, and no one has your back. The good news is I don’t see you spiraling down into the dark depths of financial despair. So, while you may worry about money in the present and for the future, your financial picture will remain fairly stable and take an upswing as you settle into February of 2013. You will have another job, and the atmosphere seems much more pleasant than what you are used to.

So, for the rest of the year, spend the majority of your energy on you—not everyone else. Let go of all that hurt and anger that is festering around you. If you can’t do this on your own, don’t be embarrassed to seek out a therapist to help you overcome these blockages.

You do good work at your job, and are very good at what you do, but your job really isn’t all that good for you. If you find yourself feeling particularly ticked off and feisty one day at the office, the very moment that you have a thought that even hints at not desiring your physical life anymore, pick up the phone and have an ambulance come transport you to the hospital. Not only will you get a thorough exam, discuss all of your ailments and your anxiety, you could get a bit of a rest. Having the company pay for a “medical vacation,” may be a dramatic way to begin taking care of yourself, but it will also scare the crap out of a few people who have done nothing but abuse you, their positions and power. Sure, they’ll walk on eggshells around you for a bit, but who cares? It won’t impede your future with another company.

You may not realize it, but your are respected OUTSIDE of your company. There’s a handful of people out there who will surprise you with their concern and willingness to help. But the biggest plus is once you are being medically treated, you’ll start to feel better!

You can’t change the past, but you can change the future. This beastly time will pass, but it really starts when you start taking care of you.

I hope this helps you.

Brightest Blessings,


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8 thoughts on “Red Responds: Clear Away the Negative in Life

  1. Mary

    Hi Robin, congratulations! I say this not to be sarcastic but to extend to you hope in your new beginning that is being offer to you. I’ am writing a book on “Help During Life Crisis”. Like you I have been through some real difficult circumstance with my health, job and relationships. I worked for a non-profit and was very successful at it, was appreciated and adore for by my former bosses and then shortly after they left. And one of my subordinates became my bosses, you can only imagine the stress and the strain on my mental, physical and emotional health that was. My work, which was beyond measurable because the outstanding work that I did was all of a sudden poor according to my new bosses, although I had measurable positive outcomes. I had great relationships with the community and I was resented for that. But one day I went home after being told my these new bosses that I did not look happy, I was honest and responded that they were correct and I need to pray. Got home and got on my knees and prayed and ask God to show me what I needed to see. Well not knowing what I was going to do next I went into the job 3 weeks later and gave in my resignation, I had to consider the fact that without health nothing matter. When I resigned the roof caved in because my new superior wanted to drive me to the ground for resigning because even though they resented me they were fully aware that my impact in the community and with the clients was a very positive on but I guess they saw a personal lost in that for them.

    My approved two days vacation was rescinded a couple of days before it was suppose to take place, although it had been approved four months prior, forcing me to cancelled my get together with my elderly parents whom were traveling from another state. I pleaded and reached out to HR and their superior and they gave me the run around. My work schedule was changed everyday when I showed up for work for the last three weeks and I was required to work 7 days up to 84 hours week because I was part of management. I became the ugly duckling in the pond, after two and a half week of that rigorous schedule I call in and resigned effective immediate and was denied pay for some of my annual time and the remainder of the month as it has been customary for salary employees. I was told I could never be hired by this company again, but that was fine with me because I had no intention of ever looking back at that organization. I pray and held no resentment instead I asked God to bless them because if I got angry I was only going to hurt myself. believe me it was not easy but I know deep in my heart it was the right thing to do. It took me almost two years to get back on track and to regain my health that had been damage from working sometimes two shifts and no proper rest or nutrition. Today I can honestly say I am well my health is a lot better not quite where it use to be but I have become a very happy person with myself and the world. I have become more compassionate toward. I have began a small inspirational and scripture phone text group of ex-coworkers, friends and family who I know are in need of a little support in facing everyday challenges.

    Trust me is in those dark places of our lives that we learn who we are and can find blessings. I thank God that he put me in that uncomfortable situation because other wise I would not have made much effort to reroute my life to find true love and meaning. Believe me, comfort is our worst enemy because we become complaisant to our needs and the needs of others.

    Girl! take this opportunity and run like a mad woman and trust that if you have made it this far, you are only a survivor but a WINNER. Don’t look back, instead plan for a better tomorrow because nothing is promise to us. Just remember that Jesus Christ was crucified for bring us salvation, we are not above him.

    The Sun always comes up in the morning meaning that nothing is forever not even the difficult times in our lives. Go start researching your new path, new life and stop wasting time in feeling sorry for yourself or thinking negative thoughts that takes too much energy. Go take actions and make something good happen. Good Luck and God Bless You!!!!!

  2. goldie

    as i read the letter to red i seen myself like back up 15-20 years, i felt in the same place and was,a lot a negativity and sick stuff around me,i had to physically do the same thing red told her to do. today i feel very blessed, but it took a lot of work working with the psychics in working to get rid of negative thoughts and energy, and i have to say to day 20 years later i am blessed, and i know it and continue to b blessded, once u take your thoughts and ask the universe and then thank the universe for the good it has sent your way, it will and has bread more good my way.

  3. Marc from the UK

    Wow powerful and insightful stuff, I would say to the person in question, sometimes when you feel like your actually losing it all, it’s the opposite, like walking into another room, accept change, embrace it, and maybe you will realise it was fates way of making you change rooms to save you!! However the key here is YOU have to work at acceptance for it will free the shackles that is your current that’s making you I’ll! Be brave and change :/) and you will look back and realise it was the right thing to do!

  4. Angela

    I like this advise to the person that wrote this letter. She is a very valuable asset and its right on point take care herself first and far most. Good advise across the board. Thank you.

  5. Jan

    What good advice Red…. I identify with Robin but on a different level. My life has been upside down the last 2 years, lots of changes happening, so from what I thought was a happy fulfilling life, I now find it isnt what I thought it was. I seem to be learning loads of lessons lately, mostly to do with me. Unfortunately trying to be me, be free to be me, even, is causing lots of problems. The funny thing is, deep in my heart, I know the changes happening are needed, regardless of the hurt that is coming with them, so each day I give thanks for them and hope at the end of it, I will have learned something. The planets are affecting me, Uranus in particular, I was scared at first, but now not so much, if it ends up that I get to be who I am meant to be, then it will be worth it, and like Robin, thought I was cursed, but now know its not so. Its hard at times to remain positive, but I am trying hard. The part I dont like, is one other important person in my life is getting hurt, but I have to let him figure out his issues for himself, and hope it doesnt mean I lose him, but if needs to be, then so be it!!! Keep your chin up Robin, life is good and for the living, and the lessons you learn, well they are worth learning, even when they hurt you!! This too shall pass.!

  6. Lakshmmiprasad v a s

    Dear Robin Hi, It’s nice reading the above message which is exactly same of mine. I am having a daughter aged about twenty two years old who never gave a problem till now have suddenly discontinued her masters degree stating that she has reached saturated point and also she has expressed her liking towards a boy who happened to be from a different religion. And now she is asking me to accept the boy who is not highly educated for their marriage. At home none of us have accepted for this. And we are all undergoing a big shock. At the same time at my office front I am facing lot of pressure since the situation of my field is really bad in my profession. And at my neighborhood I am not peaceful since they have lodged a police compliant. I really not able to understand why everything is working against on me. Is that a curse or bad karma. Many nights before sleep I used to think if death comes to me I welcome it. How long this phase continues. Do I get some good time in my near future. My family contains old parents wife and son. Whether I can give good life for them. I badly need a good advice from you. With lots of love I remain. Lakshmmiprasad v a s


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