Red Responds: They Need to Be Together

Dear Red,

A man I know is looking for his soul mate. I know I am it, but he is not responding. I can feel his presence and his energy. I contacted him but got no reply.

I have had strong feelings for him for almost 13 years and we need to be together. I wake up, go to bed and even when I am dreaming he appears! I know he is calling out to me. My heart races at times from his energy. What do I do?

– Dee in San Diego

Dear Dee,

As difficult as it is, the only thing that you can do is be patient.

I know how terrible that sounds, but the truth of the matter is this man is not picking up on the connection that you are feeling.

Being enlightened is not easy, and those of us who can see or feel energy and its patterns face an additional challenge in this life. Knowing, feeling, seeing… these gifts and skills are not only a blessing, but also a huge responsibility; and many days a burden and a curse. It may seem unfair and unjust at times, but the bottom line is balance. You can’t have the benefits without the detriments.

The most frustrating aspect of all, gifted or not, we are simply human. Being human, we have our own paths and challenges in this life, just like everyone else. Knowing something can give us an edge and can make our way a little easier at times, but it does not guarantee the manifestation of our desires.

Knowing that you’ve found your soul mate does not mean that happiness and romantic bliss are guaranteed. More often than most people can even conceive, the soul mate relationship is more challenging than any other. Because of the power of the connection, everything is amplified. The good is fantastic, the bad is horrendous, and for those who are fortunate enough to not only find each other but come together in a union; the bond is strong enough to endure almost anything.

In your case, this man may be searching for his soul mate, but he isn’t ready for a soul mate relationship. He’s not feeling the power and connection. Truthfully, he is very blocked to it. Just as you can’t make a person love you, you also can’t make a person see what’s in front of them; unless and until they are ready to see and receive.

All you can do at present is love him enough to support him on his path, which means putting your knowledge and wants on the back burner until he has evolved. You’ve made it through the last thirteen years; but I’m afraid you have at least another eight months before you see any positive improvement in his personal growth and journey as far as this relationship goes. At this time I can’t say for certain that things will come together the way you yearn for, but it is at that time when the door to possibilities will start to open.

Sometimes the best thing we can do is nothing, even when it hurts. Accepting things as they are can be a very difficult task, but also very liberating. When we are not consumed with the act of wanting, the end result is we usually discover that we are fulfilled.

Try and find your personal peace. Achieve that, and everything else tends to fall into place.

Brightest Blessings,
Ext. 9226

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