New Moon in Scorpio

A New Moon is the traditional time for releasing all that needs to go: resentments, grudges, and attachments in order to clear the stage for the next chapter in your life. A New Moon in Scorpio strengthens the need to finally rid yourself of emotional patterns that prevent you from connecting intimately with others. You’ll need to honor your truth, and speak to your deepest passions to make the best use of this unusually magical energy.

It’s also a good time to examine whether you’re living your truth or trying to please someone else, or your peer, family or social group. Are you taking responsibility for your deepest desires, are you expressing them and bringing them into the world to share with others. Are you in control of your life, living your life, or letting it pass you by? Are you living out your purpose in this lifetime? At this potent astrological moment, all the planets are handing you their power to choose to live your purpose.

As with every New Moon, you may notice that you’re a little estranged or feeling distant from your love. You may be more easily agitated, more inclined to overindulge and escape, to be over-reactive emotionally and sexually. This is especially true when a New Moon falls in your Sun sign or the sign directly opposite it.

For instance, a Scorpio Sun will feel depleted and irritable on the New Moon when it occurs in Scorpio or Taurus. Similarly, a Taurus will feel edgy during a New Moon in Taurus or Scorpio. Just look a your natal chart and find the sign directly opposite your sun sign, that’s another time to watch your energy. With this New Moon, be careful not to get too controlling, too intense or too tired. Marshall your energies and use all the power swirling in the heavens above creatively and sexually.

All told, there’s rarely this much dynamic power available to make the changes that you know, deep down, so desperately need to be made. Take advantage of the transformative and deeply sensual energies of this time and you’ll long be grateful you did!

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