Red Responds: Should She Be Working Isaac too?

Dear Red,

I’ve been working with an analyst/therapist/facilitator (not sure what to call him) named Isaac, on and off for over a year now. He came highly recommended to me from several friends who have been working with him and experienced tremendous success and positive change in many aspects of their lives as a result. I even referred a friend of mine to him. As a result of her work with him, she is experiencing career success that dreams are made of. Goals she’s had for over 10 years are all coming to fruition with big money attached and seemingly effortless ease in their attainment. Here’s the thing, though I’ve had some good sessions with him over the time I’ve been seeing him, but I’m experiencing great doubt about whether Isaac is actually the right person for ME to be working with. Most of the work that I’m doing with him is centered around me and attracting a wonderful, healthy, long-lasting love relationship/life partner.

There have been times when I actually feel that we are mutually attracted to each other and that is distracting (not sure if it’s only me though and not him at all). I’m also unsure if I’ve already done so much work with other facilitators that what he has to offer me is just not enough; or if he is really the right person for me to be working with and it is my own inner resistance keeping me from doing the work with him which will really attain results. Is he the right person for me to be working on my stuff with? Is he attracted to me too (in a way that is preventing our positive collaboration)? What are your overall thoughts on this?

Thanks so much,
Looking for love

Dear Looking for Love,

Even though you’ve had some good sessions with Isaac and he is very skilled in his field, there are barriers and limits as to how far you can progress with him. Some of this is due to your own inner resistance, and some of this is due to his methodology. Bring these two factors together, and the end result is a challenge rather than change. Not all people respond to certain methods in the same way, and Isaac doesn’t quite know how to “get through” the barriers you’ve spent much time reinforcing.

Ultimately, he is not the miracle worker that you’d hoped, but there is still benefit to you to continue working with him until you find the “right” facilitator. I believe there is one in your vicinity that you have not worked with that can greatly help you. It is a female with dark hair and eyes, most likely of Indian decent, but born and raised in America. Keep your ears open, because you will learn of her by passing comment rather than direct referral.

Isaac does think of you fondly and there is a mild attraction between the two of you; but nothing that will manifest or blossom into a romance. Don’t take that as a let-down. In fact, it is a blessing. You will attract that healthy, romantic relationship that will stand the test of life and time… when you are truly ready to embrace it.

Brightest Blessings,
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