Channel Your Inner Lilith

Lilith is a strong and sexual female archetype, who unfortunately (but not surprisingly) has gotten a bad rap throughout the ages. That’s when happens when a patriarchal society and a threatening female force collide; they turn her into a dark menace to be feared and despised. In fact, her name literally means ‘Demon’ in Hebrew. But in reality, Lillith is a tantalizing and fiery Goddess who embodies wisdom, freedom, courage, playfulness and passion.

In the oldest reference to Lilith, she is portrayed as a Handmaiden for the Mesopotamian goddess Innana. She stands at the temple’s gateway and invites worshippers to enter. The more common myth however is the Hebrew one where Lilith is the first woman in the Garden of Eden. Yes pre-Eve. She was created out of earth and was equal to Adam, which explains why she refused to submit and lie beneath him while having sex! In protest, she took off to the Red Sea Coast. Enter a less equal Eve who – unlike Lilith – was submissive to Adam. She was not a woman “made” from the Earth but from a rib of a man.

On hearing this, Lilith supposedly returned in the form of a serpent to the Garden of Eden and tempted Eve to eat the apple from the tree of knowledge. Ah yes women, the root of all evil. The rest of the myth is well known and was used to suppress women for — oh, I don’t know — the last 2000-plus years.

Take Back Your Sacred Power
Ladies, Lillith beckons us to take back our sacred power. Have you forgotten how beautiful and powerful you are? You are a woman. You have the power to birth life. Is there anything more awesome than this??? Ask yourself: have you given your power away to someone? Your boss? The boy who doesn’t treat your right? Your peers? It is so important to stay in your center.

Lilith isn’t a damsel in distress. She doesn’t ask others, “what should I do?” She looks within and answers for herself. Sometimes, we may reach out to others simply to get attention or to get acceptance. Doing this only weakens your self.

What beliefs do you hold that deny you your sacred power? Do you think, for instance, that you’ll be persecuted if you shine too brightly? Do you believe powerful women end up alone? Are you concerned that you will use your power to dominate or manipulate? Your sacred power is the truth of you. Know this and you are free.

To connect with the Goddess energy, all you have to do is listen to your inner voice, says spiritual intuitive Malena, whose website is

“Everyone has a place in their body where they “feel” things. For many of us, it is our gut. When your body doesn’t feel right about something, that IS your inner goddess giving you direction.”

By the way, being a powerful woman like Lilith, doesn’t mean you have to be a pushy high maintenance bitch, says Malena. Everyone needs boundaries. Boundaries and being grounded are essential for all people. Lilith reminds us to speak our minds, dare to be independent, and trust in the unseen.

Find the Femme Fatale in You
Generally, a femme fatale (deadly woman in French) is regarded as a source of disruption. Nonsense! She simply isn’t a woman who falls under the traditional subservient female role. She doesn’t welcome comparison. She is a figure of power, independence and mystery, who fascinates the minds of men. She is you.

The time for integration has come. What if we, as humankind, remembered that the polarities of light and shadow, life and death, are part of one cycle, equally important? What if we discovered that there is a whole range of colors between black and white? What if embracing Lilith could make us whole?

Lately, my favorite phrase has been ‘don’t waste your pretty.’ Today is as good as it gets. In other words, make the most of your day and what you’ve got. Life is indeed short. The earth has been around for billions of years, what’s a measly lifetime compared to that? Remember that you are a woman: creative, sensual and sexy. Do you use your womanly wiles? Or do you keep it locked up in the bedroom? Flirt with life. Maybe make an effort to wear something sexy. Become conscious of your body language and your sensuality. When you walk down the street or to the printer machine for that matter, slink your hips.

What a heritage Lilith carries: defiance, rage, revenge, evil and shadow. How can anyone who is labeled a temptress and a witch still find forgiveness in her heart? And yet she does. She is free from judgment and she reminds us women how much we are capable of. She is our higher self. She is tolerant of unenlightened people. Every one is on their own path, growing at their own rate. Unfortunately, some are moving at turtle speed, but what you gonna do? You cannot force someone to evolve and grow. You can simply accept and be thankful that you are honest and truthful.

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    My spirit brought me here. I absolutely loved this. I resonated with this on a spiritual level deeply. Thank you.


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