Red Responds: A Complex Question

Pat in Boston writes:

I’ve had many readings over the years that always predict the same outcome, yet nothing has ever happened. Is it possible that when I’m being read, the psychics pick up my belief that something will come to fruition, instead of reality?

Dear Pat,

You have posed what seems to be a simple question to answer, but there are so many variables that your question is actually quite complex. There are many reasons that predictions can fail to manifest, and picking up on your beliefs rather than the truth certainly can be one of them. The odd thing is that you’ve had several readings, with different psychics – they have similar predictions. The outcomes that have failed to come to pass as predicted could also be related to timing, or influenced by choices and events that weren’t presented during your readings. The bottom line is, there are many plausible explanations, but what is going on with you and your readings is very hard to diagnose through a write-in column.

Some people are much more challenging to read than others, and not every psychic connection is a “good” one. Because psychic readings are dependent on a free-flowing exchange of energy, it is a good idea for you to tell the psychic you are working with that the past predictions you have received haven’t come to pass, and that you are concerned that psychics are picking up your beliefs. By alerting the psychic, the psychic you are working with can do their best to identify what could be a projection verses what is valid information.

Since every psychic works a little differently, through experience, you may find that certain reading styles are more accurate for you. Since Tarot is hard to influence, you may want to try a reader who uses this tool. Because it is your life, you may find that you have more success with a reader that can talk to your spirit guides, as well as their own.

A medium or someone gifted in channeling is also another very good option, because they can directly connect with someone close to you who has passed on. Also, do what you can to prepare for your readings. Take a few minutes to try and still your mind and seek out a quiet, non-distracting place to receive your reading. Try and be as relaxed and open as you can, so the energies can flow freely. (Oddly, I have found myself asking those who are a bit more challenging to read to please sit comfortably, with both of their feet flat on the floor. It seems to really help me out by boosting the energy flow of a client.)

Even though I don’t have a definitive answer to your question, I hope that what I have shared with you will help you to get a more accurate reading, with definitive results. By trying different things and different readers, you will find the methodology and psychic who works for you.

Good luck!
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