Red Responds: Spirits Connected to Her Ex

Sarah in Scotland writes:

I recently had a reading with a Clairvoyant who told me I am
surrounded by spirits – which I’m fine with. My problem is that she
said all the spirits around me are connected to my ex-partner, whom I
separated from almost a year ago.
I am, as much as possible, moving on with my life, which she acknowledged, but she stated that I will be surrounded by these spirits and that neither he or I can move on properly until “unfinished business” is dealt with. I have no desire to revisit the past, or to contact him. How do I get rid of his spirits, and deal with this unfinished business?

Dear Sarah,

Even though you did pick up a couple of energies associated with your ex, they mean you no harm. However, not all of the spirits around you are reminiscent of him. You have quite a few relatives and guides of your own. The visiting energies that are now connected to both you and your ex seem to flit in and out around you, particularly when you are thinking about the past or having some lower moments. This isn’t necessarily an uncommon event.

Part of the “unfinished business” that comes with the ending of a relationship is acknowledging what that particular relationship had to teach you. Even though you are trying to move forward in your life, you are still holding on to the past. Part of you has not yet learned to let go of the pain caused by this relationship. In a way, you still define yourself through his opinions. Learn to accept that each of you bears responsibility for the bright moments, as well as the dark ones. It all boils down to the healing process, which you are still going through. Some days are going to be easier than others.

Sometimes it helps to do things a bit more ritualistic to break the energetic ties that still exist between you and your ex. Because they do still exist, it is an energetic pathway for his spiritual entourage to flow between him and you. Think of it as an inter-dimensional telephone line.

Envision and encourage the spirits that are closely associated with him – flowing through that line – to be by his side, and imagine the line snapping in two, with a dramatic shower of sparks. When the line breaks, the sparks effectively sear the ends of each broken portion of the line, stopping the flow of energetic communication between the two of you, and your associated spirits and energies. It takes a little practice, and you may have to repeat the process a couple of times, but you literally will feel the difference. It may sound stupid, but it does work.

You may also want to consider packing away – or getting rid of – some of the more powerful reminders and mementos of him. Objects hold energy, and some of that energy is his. The less you have that reminds you of him, the easier it is to truly become free.

Everybody has unfinished business of some kind in their life. If you think that it will hinder you, it will. By focusing on working through your own issues and leaving the past behind you, you are effectively taking care of much of the “unfinished business,” and clearing away the ghosts and memories that are haunting you now.

Good luck!
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