Red Responds: What Does Her Chart Say About Love?

John in Stafford writes:

My daughter is 29 years old and has never had a boyfriend. (She is not gay.) She is bright, pretty (although she’s full-figured), funny and has a wonderful job! She said she never wanted to “waste time” with dating because she didn’t want the complications and drama that her friends have had, especially since she wanted to be free to travel and move around.

Now she is somewhat settled down in Boston, and is tired of being alone, but is having difficulty meeting men. She doesn’t know this, but when she was born my wife had her natal horoscope done and it was awful! It said she was never going to know love… etc. And it broke our hearts! We didn’t want to believe any of it, but now we’re getting concerned. Will you please look at her chart and see if there’s anyone in her future? She deserves to love and be loved by someone other than her family.

Dear John,

I took a quick peek at your daughter’s natal chart, and saw absolutely nothing that dictates she will never know love! What I saw was that she is likely to meet someone exceptional or possibly marry, around the age of 34.

Her chart does indicate some challenges in love, but not the absence of it. Astrology is as much art as it is science. There are so many different ways and styles of calculating and interpreting things astrological that it’s hard to say what your astrologer was or wasn’t seeing.

According to what I saw in her chart, your daughter requires a partner that can intellectually stimulate her, as well as challenge her perceptions and beliefs. Because of other personality traits that show in her chart, it’s going to take a special person to be able to provide these qualities without hurting or alienating her, because she can be sensitive. A couple of things in her natal point to her pairing with someone who is older, or an older soul, and more spiritually and philosophically driven. With all of her drive and real-world ambitions and accomplishments, this may not seem like the characteristics of someone who is her “type,” but that is really part of the point. She will base her love choices on mind and spirit, not the typical list of “suitable” partner characteristics.

I love and study astrology, but if you really want to go over your daughter’s chart in-depth, I would suggest calling one of the amazing Astrologers we have on the line. You may want to try Phillip (x9485), or use the Search feature on the site to read through the bios for someone who resonates with you. They’re all good, so it’s a tough choice.

As a psychic, I can tell you that your daughter isn’t going to go through life alone. She will find love, and experience the joys and pain that comes with it, regardless of how you interpret the stars. And, just to put your mind at ease – the man she does unite with isn’t an old, shriveled up weirdo or a deadbeat loser, he just lives his life based more on spiritual laws than man’s material plane. Your first impression may be that he’s a bit flaky, but he will be successful in the most important area of responsibility: he will make your daughter very happy.

Brightest Blessings!
Ext. 9226

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