Red Responds: What’s the Next Step?

Dear Red,

It seems to me that I am constantly looking for the “next thing”, that I’m not content with my lot and am not sure what it is that I’m meant to do. Should I continue to pursue a higher level career in the corporate world or should I focus my energies on developing the holistic health, spiritual side? Or, can the two be complementary? Should I seek a higher role for the remainder of my time in my current role before I return to my home country?

The problems in my marriage left me shaken and unable to really focus on anything else, but I’m releasing that and moving on.

Helen in Washington D.C.

Dear Helen,

The time has come for you to chase your dreams.

While you present as successful in your career, you also feel like you are quite bored. If you chose a path to elevate yourself in the corporate world, you absolutely can achieve your professional goals. Truthfully, you can expect an increase in pay within the next couple of months.

I like that you are toying with the idea of pursuing a more spiritual and spiritually rewarding path as a professional avenue. Not only does this help you with your own inner torment, but it also can become a lucrative hobby; and if you decide to take the risk, a successful career. I’m not quite sure what all avenues of holistic healing you find to be the most fascinating, but I believe that you have a knack for working with herbs and remedies. I encourage you to explore homeopathy more deeply, along with some more “hands on” avenues.

Whether you choose to stay corporate or explore a more alternative path, it seems that you will succeed. It looks as if there is some form of additional education looming right in front of you that is going to further your career.

The most effective way to release the past is to embrace the future. You have this lovely creative energy about you, but it feels like you keep it under wraps. You need to learn how to trust yourself and your own judgment once again. It’s coming close to the time for you to step outside of the box and do what feels right rather than what has been labeled as what you are supposed to be doing. Once you learn how to be true to yourself, what comes next matters much less, because there is contentment in the “here and now.”

Brightest Blessings,
Ext. 9226

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