Red Responds: She Wants a Man Who is Not Her Husband

Sam in Wales writes:

There’s a man I have wanted a relationship with for more than two years now. He plays it very cool and is rubbish at expressing his feelings. When I have tried to stop contacting him for my own sanity, he always rings me and keeps that line of communication open. I am a Leo and he is a Pisces (my husband is also Pisces). Will this man ever make a move on me or am I wasting my time waiting for him? He knows how I feel.

Dear Sam,

There is a level of interest and attraction between you and this Pisces man, but it seems as if it is going to continue falling short of manifesting into a more romantic relationship. Even though he knows how you feel, it is looking highly unlikely that he will break down and make a move.

There is a lot of romantic tension that underlies the friendship the two of you share. I don’t think your Pisces fully appreciates how deeply he affects you, even though you may think you’ve expressed it quite clearly. Because there is a friendship and a level of trust that exists between the two of you, when you back off he feels it necessary to reach out to you in order to maintain the relationship. He wants you in his life, but doesn’t seem to acknowledge the torture he puts you through.

He isn’t necessarily playing it cool, it is more along the lines of keeping the situation at bay. He isn’t looking for a serious relationship with you, nor does he want to complicate things further by indulging in a passionate tryst.

If you want to break it off entirely with him, for the sake of your sanity, you are going to have to be quite explicit. While this may hurt his feelings, it also seems to be the only way that you can fully get your point across. Otherwise, you can expect this relationship to continue to frustrate you. The only moves I see him putting on you remain in the realm of fantasy– in his dreams and in his head.

I wish I had better news for you.


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