Email Breakup Spells Breakthrough

Not to sound trite, but my boyfriend of six months broke up with me over email. I feel like Sarah Jessica Parker in Sex and the City when her character is dumped via a “Post-it” note.

Let’s rewind to a few days ago. I drove my boyfriend to the airport. “I’m so happy to have you,” he said. Then the dreaded email missive arrived. But this wasn’t the first time he’d dismissed me via my inbox. It happened twice (!).

The first breakup lasted one day, while the next spanned one month. It happened after our five month milestone.

To decipher his wacky behavior, I called in a specialist: Psychic Phillip ext. 9485.

Phillip confirmed that part of my lesson is to learn to have a tougher skin. Ironically, in the last few years I’ve suffered from many skin allergies and lately acupuncture and meditation have been helping. I feel I’m purging toxins through my body and soul.

Thankfully, Phillip sees a reunion on the horizon but not until I work on myself and build a tougher wall around my heart.

I know my ex has some work to do, but I can’t make him do it. I have to give him the space while I nurture myself. Phillip said my ex was challenging me to be stronger.

As the eldest in a very traditional family, I’ve always been taught to put others first. Serve everyone their meal before mine — but this wasn’t working in my life anymore.

Phillip recommended a new path. Here’s what I’m doing differently: Instead of sending email after email (admittedly I’ve already sent a few but no more) I’m going to focus on me. “Intense” is a word people have used to describe me…I am intense and I’m an artist, I’m sensitive, and like anyone — I’ve had my share of pain and issues from childhood to adulthood. My biggest problem: I don’t give enough to myself.

Phillip’s words rang true when I realized one of my best friends has been telling me the same thing the last couple of months. “Take your power back” they both said.

I’m not about to burn my bra but I am about to learn to control my emotions better. I will nurture myself and focus 100% on my goals and aspirations. I want to achieve my desires, gain a calmer sense of self, and hopefully reunite with a man I love very much.

I can’t control that though, can I?

But I can work to be a stronger, better person. I feel like I am strong but circumstances have left me depleted in the last few years and I need to rebuild…like the bionic woman — I have to rise up. It would be cool to have bionic powers or be able to fly. I always feel like I am drowning, but it’s time to come into my power. After my reading I felt uplifted and that’s just the first step in ascension to my dreams. Thanks, Phillip for giving it to me straight!

5 thoughts on “Email Breakup Spells Breakthrough

  1. Kell

    Hi Marie. It is always painful but I feel like it is never pointless when you are working on improving yourself. I have definitely been experiencing the pain of focusing on myself and not only on others anymore. I have had some important realizations that include my needing approval from others to validate myself when I really just need my own approval, which I have not given myself. It has definitely affected my whole life and now I am working on giving myself approval to meet my own needs and standards and not focus on meeting what everyone else wants from me. I have always focused on others because if I can help them/make them better, etc then they will love me and that will be my validation. By focusing that way, I will never be happy or satisfied because I am being what others want & need and that doesnt always go with what I want & need. So, in summary, just know that you are definitely not alone in this. I hope that everything works out for you and that you get what you are looking for. 🙂

  2. Ziva

    Yup, I am in almost identical position! (my ex has ex issues). I used intuition,”tougher skin” came up. Also, Love yourself (to protect and firmly reject all that is hurtful). So cool to refer to flying, I’m planning a Phoenix costume for Mardi Gras! I’m so glad you shared. You know, the important thing is not to pass any judgement or blame, that’s what keeps me well and good clean at heart. Love.

  3. Psychic Maryanne Ext. 9146

    Congratulations to you-both on focusing on yourself and on receiving such wisdom from Phillip.

    “Oldest child…..serve everyone else first…” sounds very familiar to me and is definitely a potential recipe for those of us raised that way to end up last.

    You can do it-focus all of that intense on yourself and see what urgency that creates in others to be in contact with you and to celebrate who you are.

    Psychic Maryanne
    Extension 9146

  4. Marie-T

    Thanks Kell. I’m glad it helped you. Makes me feel better and like this is all not just painful and pointless. Best wishes to you too!!

  5. Kell

    Thank you for writing this article. I also have always given to others before myself and am starting to work on myself as well. This was exactly what I needed to read today. Thanks again and best wishes on your journey.


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