Red Responds: A Solitary Period In Life

J.R. in Dunedin writes:

Among other things, I really don’t know where life is taking me. I took chances and moved countries years ago, got married, got divorced and changed jobs many times. Right now, I only feel that I need a change, but I don’t know what to do. Mostly I feel that the lack of affection in my life is my biggest problem. I feel very alone, it seems like I have felt this way most of my life. It is very difficult, as I don’t even have family in this country and have had some heart breaking experiences before, even from friendships. I would like to know if there is love and affection for me any time soon.

Dear J. R.,

It seems as if you are in a rather solitary period of life, not because of anything you have or haven’t done, but simply because it is the way things are currently supposed to be. I know that may not bring much comfort, but sometimes life seems to shield us from fully living while things are being lined up for our futures to unfold.

Change always comes, but not always as quickly as we’d like. Even though you don’t have family surrounding you, you can still pull on them for strength. A trip home would also strengthen your bonds, and offer you a bit of escape. Everyone needs a vacation, sometime! But, while a visit would do you a world of good, I don’t see you moving any time soon. Even though you may feel alone and lonely where you are at, you also are where you are supposed to be.

I see that you will date and hang out with acquaintances here and there over the coming months, but I don’t see you developing any fantastic romantic bonds until closer to the end of the year. In your heart, you do believe that there is someone for everyone, and in your case, it is true. You just haven’t crossed paths with your mate yet, but through the career change that is coming your way this November, you will.

I wish I could see more, but the only true detail I am getting are beautiful, medium brown, almond shaped eyes. Eyes you can (and will) surrender to, and lose yourself in. You will connect with him on a soul-level, and life will never be the same. Even though you have loved and been loved before, you have never experienced anything quite like this. It won’t take long for wedding plans to be made.

You are a very strong and independent spirit, and it’s okay that you get frustrated and tired. Some days it may seem harder than others to find contentment with life the way that it is, but these periods of struggle are an energetic invitation to change. You’ve made it this far essentially on your own, but you are not destined to go through life alone.

Good luck!
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