Red Responds: She Took His Love Confession for Granted

Angel in Quezon City writes:

Hi, this is my first time to consult my affairs with a psychic. I have been in a pool of confusion for some time now, about a potential relationship that I have not seriously thought about. Almost four years ago, a friend of mine confessed that he liked me, but I didn’t take his confession seriously and consequently took it for granted. Yet, I know that a part of me had feelings for him.

Now that I am seeing him again, he brings back the past issue of my rejection for his feelings. Naturally, I became confused since I never knew he felt that way. Old feelings of mine began to resurface and I am wondering if these feelings are still valid or do these feelings need to be forgotten already. A part of me is afraid, because I do not know what his intentions are for bringing it up. Do I give this “past possible relationship” a try or do I need to move [on] already? Thank you very much, I hope that you get to read my letter.

Dear Angel,

You need to take the risk and talk to your friend about the past, and the present. Just be honest. Let him know that you sometimes have a hard time accepting and expressing things on the emotional realm. Admit and apologize for taking him for granted in the past. He brought it up partly to clear the air, and partly to protect himself. He wants to be around you, but he also doesn’t want to get hurt.

The two of you seem to have a very special and lasting bond. Even though there is a hint of deeper, more romantic feelings within each of you, neither of you is presenting as actively trying to take the friendship to a more romantic level. That’s okay, this isn’t something that would turn out well if either of you were to push.

Your friendship doesn’t look as if it is going to evolve into some fantastic fairytale, but the friendship will remain. You will increase your bond and closeness. There will be moments when it seems more as if you are dating than just hanging out, but this relationship never seems to progress to anything more defined than friends.

Let your friend know that you cherish him, and that you care about him a great deal, and always have. Not only will he appreciate this, he will also reciprocate. Talking about it honestly may open the doors to something more romantic, and each of you will consider it, but ultimately both of decide that you are better off as friends.

Brightest Blessings,


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