Red Responds: Is the Story Really Over?

F.H. in Seattle writes:

I can’t meet anyone who tops off a guy I met in London about three years ago. I knew it couldn’t work because of the distance and I think it freaked him out a bit. I do find myself still thinking about him. It gets a bit frustrating because I know there’s no possible future between us. Can you tell me when I will meet someone for a long-term relationship? Or if this story between this guy and myself is really over?

Dear FH,

Even though there is a special connection that developed between you and your London love, there are many challenges that are likely to keep this story from having a happy ending. While he does still remember you, it seems as if he has moved on. Because I am not seeing a level of active communication between the two of you, there is little opportunity to rebuild the bond.

When you meet and fall for someone with whom you have karmic ties, it can be quite challenging to let go and move on. It takes time, effort and acceptance. While you will never forget him, the power of the memories and feelings they stir up will eventually fade, but it can be quite a trying process.

I wish I could tell you that I saw someone incredibly dynamic just around the corner, who will sweep you off your feet and be the proverbial cure. However, what I’m actually seeing is you meeting a couple of nice guys who you will date for awhile, but who don’t essentially top your London man. While there is potential and opportunity to take these relationships into a long-term status, I really don’t see you settling down with and fully committing to anyone for roughly two years. I know that may sound like a long time, but because you aren’t just sitting on the couch waiting, it will go by pretty quickly.

In the meantime, do what you can to emotionally let your London man go. When you stop trying to meet his equal, you may just find that you meet someone who is actually superior. There is a man out there who will bring you much happiness and joy, but you aren’t ready to meet him just yet. So have fun with those who are interesting, it helps to pass the time, and when the time is right you will meet an available man who will enchant you body, soul and mind.

Good luck!
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