Red Responds: Is It Really Over Now?

Jade in Newcastle writes:

I split up with my long-term partner in May 2007 – and met someone else a month later. The guy I met decided to call things off as he thought it was too soon after my breakup. We remained friends and six months later decided to try again – we then had a stupid argument and he has said it was over. He won’t talk to me now so I can’t sort things out. I just want to know if we will make up or is it over. What shall I do?

Dear Jade,

Unfortunately, or maybe I should say fortunately, I don’t see your ex giving you the opportunity to sort things out with him. He used the argument as a way out, and he really has no intentions of coming back.

Even though it may not make a whole lot of sense to you right now, parting ways with this man is actually for the best. While he may be a nice guy in terms of friendship, when it comes to romantic relationships, his inner idiot has a tendency to come out. While this doesn’t make him a bad person, it does make being romantically involved in a long-term sense next to impossible. He just isn’t ready to be that settled. He also has problems with being flexible – he has the, “my way or the highway,” attitude more often than not.

There really isn’t anything you can do to change your ex or the past, so don’t waste any more of your time or energy trying to clear up what went wrong. In time, you’ll actually be glad you let this one go.

Hang in there. This man wasn’t the right one for you, but the right one will come along. You seem to be going through a transition of sorts, so relax and enjoy what time you have alone. I see you dealing with the dating game for a while, so enjoy it for what it is. Through that process you will meet a man who sweeps you off your feet, and by this time in 2010 you just may be making wedding plans!

Brightest Blessings!
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