Spirituality and Psychics

Spirituality is a popular word these days. People talk about becoming more spiritual or having a spiritual practice in a variety of ways. We all know of people who practice yoga, eat naturally, meditate, do Tai Chi, follow traditional or alternative faiths, paint draw or write, live green, get psychic readings… in an effort to become more spiritual people.

But just what does it mean to be spiritual or to follow a spiritual path? Our psychics tell us that they, like most people, have personal definitions of spirituality. Don’t confuse spirituality with religion, they say, as by definition, you can be spiritual without being religious. And their psychic work, they believe, could not be done, if we did not live in a spiritual world. So just how does all of this fit together?

To start, there’s more to us than what we see. We have a soul or an energy that connects us to each other and with the universe. And it is that force within us, which compels us to seek a higher purpose, live the best life we can live (mindfully and meaningfully), question our existence, explore our souls and find peace within.

“Spirituality is the interconnected relationship that exists between the divine spirit and oneself,” Marin ext. 5113 adds. “It guides us to our greater potential, particularly when we encounter life’s challenges. As a psychic I can connect to the spirituality that lies within others. By delivering the messages I receive because of that spiritual connectedness, callers develop an awareness of their unique potential and most importantly, find ways to strengthen their own spirituality.”

“With spirituality we have a sense of knowing, an intuition, that there is something more to life because of our connectedness,” Jonathan ext. 9601 points out. “Our spiritual intelligence helps us find peace and love – the things that give us faith in hard times. It inspires us to live fully in the good – and to understand how our actions and interactions affect the world as a whole.”

The intuitive psychic adds that as one grows and endeavors to be the best person they can be, their spirituality increases. “It’s a process that continues as long as you live. We are all a spiritual work in progress… In my work as a psychic, I rely on my spirituality daily to connect with callers.”

Not only does this spiritual force within us drive us to find purpose or meaning in life, as well as teach us to respect ourselves and each other, but it also explains to the psychics themselves (and to callers) how they are able to tap into one’s path and potential.

“Having a spiritual outlook requires admitting that we do not have all the answers inside ourselves. We ponder that there may be a plan in place that we will not always understand. Having faith in things outside yourself and those things which you are able to accomplish alone is spirituality in action,” Althea ext. 9582 describes. “It is because of spirituality and the link between us all – our common consciousness – that I can peek into other’s lives – past, present and future.”

“As a psychic, spirituality helps explain what comes to me and it definitely opens the magic door of psychic awareness,” Yvonne ext. 9883 believes. “My spiritual self allows me to look within to deeper levels of awareness when my conscious self is obstructed and helpless. The same holds true when I use my spiritual self as an instrument for helping others,” the psychic explains.

Many of our psychics tell of lessons they have learned from their psychic teachers, which has deepened their spirituality over the years. I learned my whole way of being from a Tarot teacher who was 93 years old when we began working together,” Ciarra ext. 8624 reveals. “She opened my world in the most spiritual ways through teaching me the Tarot… how to care about every part of my being and those around me. I learned compassion, empathy, selflessness, humility and honor.”

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