Red Responds: Multiple Psychics Tell Her the Same Thing

Karen from Greensboro writes:

Not long ago, there was an article about when readings differ. My question is what does it mean when you read with three or four different psychics and they all say the same thing? I felt pretty sure that it meant I could look forward to my situation going the way they had told me it would. It seemed to be progressing along, just as predicted and then suddenly out of nowhere, something happened that none of the psychics had seen or mentioned.

Honestly I was devastated and now, I’m left wondering, does it really mean anything when multiple psychics tell you the same thing? What’s the chance of them all being wrong? I suppose the ultimate end that they predicted could still happen, but it seems unlikely to me, with the new twist that developed. Thanks for your time.

Dear Karen,

Typically, when several different psychics are seeing things similarly, you can be more confident about how things are going to unfold. Just as the article you read indicated, we all work differently. We come by our information differently, so often it is very useful to speak with more than one psychic. And as you pointed out — things were on track, more or less progressing as predicted.

Most psychics have a very personal, but stringent, code of ethics. If a psychic sees something going awry, or not working out the way you would like, we will still tell you what we are seeing — even if it ruins your day. Being that you had several similar readings, it seems that there really wasn’t a glimmer of anything blowing up. But, as you have discovered, sometimes the unexpected happens. The most common reason for a devastating and unpredicted curveball is free will. While you don’t consciously know what you will be doing, thinking, or feeling two days, weeks, or months from now — very often, we psychics can find out. What we can’t do is control your will, or the will of those connected to you.

As an example, just because I see you dripping pasta sauce on your white shirt on Friday, June 18 doesn’t guarantee that this is exactly how it will play out. You may wake up and decide you want to wear the blue shirt instead. Or, you may decide that you’ll forgo the spaghetti and just have salad — that doesn’t mean you can necessarily escape a stain, particularly if your Mr. Right is supposed to be the dry cleaner that you use at 2pm on Saturday the 19th.

If it’s a concrete part of your life’s path to meet this man on this day at this time, you will. Whether it’s a stained shirt, a jacket in need of repair, or draperies that need to be steamed and pressed — you will still end up where you are supposed to be. Likewise, if Mr. Right decides that he’s too hungover on Saturday to pick up his suits, that doesn’t mean that he’ll get out of work early enough on Monday to pick up his cleaning, so he may have to use his lunch hour on Tuesday … just like you.

Details can change. Timelines can fluctuate. No one knows — or can always predict — every nuance of a series of events. But it has been my experience that when you get similar information from different readers, the outcome of destined experiences or life events will usually come back into play.


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