Red Responds: What Business Should She Start?

Christine in Kalamazoo writes:

I am going through a very emotional time right now. I went through a divorce four years ago and I have not dated yet. I lost the last two jobs I had within two years and now I am losing my home. I am very sad that things have progressed this way. I do realize that somehow I am being led towards the next phase of my life but what is it?

I would love to start my own business but I am unsure what that should be. I have been looking into many prospects for schools and job locations but I just haven’t decided where I need to focus my attention right now. Do you have any insight into my situation? I am both excited and scared about the future and I just wish I could wrap my mind and soul around the next phase of my life.

Dear Christine,

Hang in there, girlfriend. Things may be confusing and tough right now, but your future is looking bright.

This may sound a bit unkind, but losing your home may not be such a bad thing. If you let it go, you will be free from another piece of the past, and the release offers freedom. However, there is a chance that you will be able to keep it. I see an older gentleman associated with the bank who will offer you a solution, and assist in re-negotiating the terms of your obligation. Though this opportunity will present to you, the decision is ultimately yours.

As for now, keep things simple and focus on your immediate needs. While you may go through another job or two over the next three years, it’s okay. Downsizing happens, and neither of these positions are anything you would want to retire from, anyway. However, both opportunities allow you to pay the bills and continue your education.

As far as owning your own business, it is a goal you will eventually achieve, but not in the immediate future. It will be many years before you find the right opportunity. Save your energy on that path for now, and redirect it into exploring educational opportunities. If you haven’t thought about teaching, you should. As overwhelming as they can be, you have the ability to really impact and get through to young adults and wayward teens.

When you are ready, possibly before you even realize that you are ready, love is going to enter your life once again. While I don’t see much dating for you, you are going to connect with a man with whom you will spend the rest of your life.

Keep your positive attitude and continue your spiritual pursuits, because you actually are doing pretty good! Life evolves in some strange and challenging ways, usually on its own timeline. So, keep doing what you’re doing, and everything you have suffered and lost will eventually be restored.

Brightest Blessings!
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