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Sharon in Cornelius writes:

Do you have any suggestions for me on the job front? I have been out of work for a little over a year, because my mom was in the hospital, then she came home and I have been helping her. I just recently started my Master’s Degree, but I am in this new area trying to figure out if I just apply online or if there is an agency I can try out. I also am not sure even what job descriptions to put down, because I know I want something in healthcare, but not sure what job title to use at the moment. Can you help, because I really need to get working so I can purchase a place for myself and my two children.

Dear Sharon,

In many ways, it looks as if you are starting over. This rather complicates things, because you are very scattered when it comes to what position you are looking for, and what you are qualified to hold. You have some diversity in your skill set and background, so there is more than one avenue you can go down to achieve your goals. Unfortunately, the healthcare field is quite huge and filled with titles and subtitles in many arenas, so it really depends on the exact position you are applying for that dictates how your job descriptions should be presented.

I strongly want to encourage you to sit down with a career counselor who specializes in the healthcare arena. Not only will this help to evaluate your skills, it will also help to narrow your options and increase your security with the current trends. This same person will also be able to help you construct resumes geared toward particular positions. If you don’t quite know where to start, try checking with your local unemployment office for direction. There are also many employment agencies who specialize in the healthcare field.

If you are looking to start working quickly, check your local newspaper for entry-level positions or those that offer training, even though you are working toward your Masters. While these listings may be for positions that are more hands-on and not at the top of the pay scale, it is a way to gain exposure and start working quickly. There doesn’t seem to be an overwhelming availability of medical/clerical openings around you at this time, which is another viable option, but they will sporadically appear.

Any way I look at it, if you have assistance, you will be working before the end of the year. If you keep searching the local ads and the Internet on your own, you will find a job, but it is going to take a little longer. Either way, you will accomplish your goals. You just need to decide which path to take to get there.

Good luck!
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